One night after a fierce sparring match between each other Raph patting heavily on his knees looked up at his older brother who was breathing heavily as well but was standing tall in front of him. Splinter declared Leo the winner and dismissed his sons for the night. But to Raph the match was not over, pulling out his sai he tried to attack his brother in the heat of the moment. With his guard down Leo was tackled to the ground and in one swift moment Raph sliced downward and nicked Leo across the cheek. Leo pushed Raph off him enough to land a blow to the head with his fist. Leo clutching his bleeding cheek as his two younger brothers ran over to him. Raph panting on the ground was about to stand again when their father intervened and commanded Raph to stop. Leo pushed his younger brothers away saying it was just a flesh wound and went over to Raph. Lowering his hand down while the other was holding his bleeding cheek, Leo offered a helping hand but Raph just slapped it away. Cursing at Leo he left the dojo telling Leo he wished he was dead.

Donnie and Mikey looking at Leo who looked at them with no emotion on his face ran after their older brother to try and talk to him. But Splinter knew those words hurt his eldest son. Though he was able to hide his emotions from his brothers the slight shaking of his shoulders and the tightening of his hand on his cheek showed Splinter his son was very hurt to hear from his younger brother whom he thought was his best friend to tell him to go and die. Leo left the dojo to deal with his bleeding cheek.

Walking in he saw Donnie wasn't inside and he couldn't hear his younger brothers anymore. Leo washed his hand and cheek off. The bleeding stopped slightly but enough he knew he didn't have to bandage it and there hopefully wouldn't be a scar. Leo walked out of the lab and asked his father about his brother but all Splinter could do was shrug his shoulders unsure of their whereabouts himself. Splinter told Leo to go after them and bring Raph home to get a lecture. Leo bowed and obeyed his father's order. Grabbing his swords and placing them on his back Leo ran out of the lair and into the streets in search of his brothers.

Outside Raph was with his younger brother letting everything he had built up from his match with Leo onto them. Donnie and Mikey were used to this and just sat watching Raph move from one side of the rooftop to the other for twenty minutes. They were worried about Leo and Splinter but Raph reassured them that Leo or Fearless a nickname he gave him was fine taking care of himself. Raph finally finished venting when they heard the sound of two hands clapping behind them. A cold shiver ran down their spines as the two younger brothers turned around and Raph looked up to see their arch nemesis standing above them laughing at them. A large army of foot ninja appeared around them.

They were cornered with no way to leave. Raph, Donnie, and Mikey pulled out their weapons and readied themselves for battle. But deep down they knew they had no chance to win. Shredder commanding his ninja to attack but the order was different from the usual, kill them. Shredder though asking his ninja to attack he was ordering them to capture the three brothers alive. No time to call for help each brother engaged the large army.

Donnie and Mikey tried their best to fight each and every foot ninja that came after them but exhausted from their training today and the amount of ninjas that appeared after one was knocked down grew too strong. Mikey, bashing every ninja that circled him with his nun chucks was finally taken down when one of his arms was grabbed from behind and a barrage of ninjas took this opportunity to inflict massive amounts of damage onto the defenseless turtle. Barely conscious with bruises, fractured ribs, and a dislocated shoulder Mikey was dragged to the Shredder's feet. Arms bounded behind his shell with the foot of the Shredder resting on his shell. The Shredder laughed at Mikey then looked back to the battle to see Raph was behind held down with by a group of his ninjas.

With Raph's arms and legs spread out his ninjas held Raph down as one took one of his sais hovering it over his head. The foot ninja with no hesitation struck downwards and impaled the sai into Raph's hand until the hilt met with his skin. Raph scream out in pain but the ninja didn't stop as he stuck once again in Raph's other hand with the second sai. The sai went through both hands, the three prongs went clean through the muscle even the bone and concrete behind. Unable to pull himself up from the pain Raph was forced to watch his younger brothers being beaten and their arch nemesis watching and laughing at them. Raph tried to use his legs but the ninjas were smarter than him. Taking out his own sais the ninja who impaled Raph with his own weapon walked over and struck downward into Raph's ankles until the metal was not showing. Vision shaking Raph was about to drift off when he hear the pleas from his younger brother, Donnie.

Raph moved his head towards the screams to see Donnie on his knees, bleeding from his mouth as a row of ninjas took their turns punching him as two other ninjas held his arms behind him and got him back onto his feet only for him to be attacked again to fall once again to his knees. The cycle continued for what felt like forever. Raph could not look away; everything that was happening was his fault. Mikey watched with tears flowing from his eyes as the ninja holding Donnie threw the unconscious turtle to the ground into a pool of his own blood. The Shredder orders his ninjas to back off and disappear. Mikey frozen in fear couldn't move or even feel the weight of the Shredder taking his foot off his shell as he walked over to his brothers. Kicking Donnie away from his path the Shredder walked over to Raph, bending down he started to laugh at him. Telling him now all he has to do is wait. Raising the arm that had his claws he was about to slice down at Raph when he heard someone yelling at him. Raph with wide eyes knew the voice he looked over to see Leo standing with his shoulders moving up and down. The Shredder looked at Leo laughing at his incompetence to protect his younger brothers. Leo took out his swords ready to fight but the Shredder had the upper hand placing his claws at Raph's neck he gave Leo a deal. Give himself up in exchange for his brother's lives. Raph couldn't let Leo do this and tried to stand up but with his limbs being held down but his and the ninja's weapons the pain from them forced Raph back to his plastron.

Leo looked at his brother's with only sadness written on his face. Leo took his swords and threw them to the ground. The slide to the Shredder as Raph, Mikey, and the Shredder watched as Leo moved closer to the Shredder with his arms raised in the air. The Shredder started to laugh at his softness to his brothers. Motioning with his head foot ninjas came over and grabbed Leo by the arms pinning him to the ground with no resistance on his part as his arms were bounded behind him and chains were tied over his plastron. The Shredder nodded his head ordering his ninjas to take Leo away. Raph and Leo looked at each other. Time froze as their eyes locked Leo mouthing his last words to his brother as he was taken; sorry.

The Shredder laughed as he watched Leo being taken away. Looking back at Raph he moved his claws away from Raph's neck only to slice down at Raph's face. Raph gritted his teeth trying not to cry out because he knew Leo could still hear and would try and fight back to get to them. Mikey looking away with a quivering lip tried to get out of his chains. The Shredder stepped away from the bleeding Raph, looking at the blood dripping from his claws the Shredder swiftly in a downward motion flicked the blood away onto Raph's face. The Shredder walked away leaving the turtles on their own on the rooftop. Raph lying on the ground with blood pouring off his face stayed there until the blood loss got to him. Mikey crying out with each movement as he attempted to free his arms. Unable to stay awake Raph closed his eyes unsure of what was about to happen next.

Raph slowly opened his eyes but felt a sharp pain from his left. Moving his head slowly in a haze looked over to see two blurred figures lying next to him. Another blurred figure entered his vision trying to speak to him. But their words fell onto deaf ears. Unable to keep his eye opened he fell back to sleep, waking up two weeks later to hear the news of what happened after he slept.

Waking up two weeks later to see his hands and legs bounded by gauge moving his hand towards his face he felt a softness over his left eye around his head. Trying to sit up Raph felt a sharp pain from his chest. Gentle hands were placed on his plastron and shell easing him down. Raph looking up blinked a few times to see it was April with a sad but relieved look on her face. Raph tried to speak but his throat and mouth was so dry that nothing came out. April place a hand on his lips and shook her head. Walking out of his field of vision April called for help. Moment later Casey came in and helped April get Raph in an upward position as she went to get him water. Drinking slowly from a straw Raph asked what about his brothers. April looked behind her to show Raph, Donnie and Mikey sleeping on spare cots. Donnie had bandages across his entire plastron and an oxygen mask over his face.

Mikey had one of his arms bounded to his plastron with gauge and where his ribs were located on his plastron bounded with gauge around his sides. Raph confused for a second had a flash of memories pass his eyes. Looking around he tried to find Leo. Calling for him in a panicked voice Casey and April eased him down, calling for Splinter as they did their best to calm and hold Raph down so he didn't reinjure himself. Raph forgetting the pain moving it to the back of his mind desperately called for his older brother. Splinter came rushing in and placed a hand on Raph's plastron shaking his head. Raph calmed down a bit now feeling the pain from his hands and legs. April noticing Raph shaking looked to see that his bandages were turning red. Casey and Splinter left the room so April could see what she needed to do for Raph. April had to stitch his wounds closed and bandaging them again. Dismissing herself Splinter came in and took April's place beside his son's head. Raph pleading and asking about Leo as tears started to form. Splinter could only look at Raph with despair written all across his face.

Splinter told Raph that Leo was gone. Along with himself, April and Casey were called by Mikey to come and help them. When they arrived they were horrified at what they saw. They gathered everyone into April's van and brought them home. Mikey fell unconscious the moment they arrived and Raph woke up when he was placed inside the lab. Taking a deep breath Splinter told Raph about their injuries.

Mikey had fractured ribs, two of them were broken, and a dislocated shoulder and kneecap. Swelling across his face Mikey has been sleeping and waking up for a few moments for the past two weeks.

Donnie was a different story. If something wasn't broken it was fractured. The blows to his plastron were too much and two of his ribs went inward and punctured his lungs. It was touch and go for the first week. Dependent solely on a breathing tube and each of them had to take turns because Donnie would start convulsing and coughing blood. They had to wait and see if his mutagen genes would heal his lungs. He just started yesterday breathing with the mask but he has yet to awake.

For Raph the sais impaled in his hands and legs destroyed some of the cartelize in his knuckles and they are unsure if he would ever hold his sais again. The bones in his ankles were destroyed and he wouldn't be able to walk for a long time. But for his eye there was no chance of saving it. They had to sew it shut and behind the bandages was an ugly scar that reached the top of his head downwards across his eye to the top of his neck.

Raph asked again about Leo. Remembering Leo being forced to his knees with his arms bounded by chains. The look on his face and his final words before he disappeared. Splinter with tears starting to form told Raph that after they were all stable Splinter with Casey went to where Leo was last seen. A bloody mask of his eldest son and his broken blades were the only thing that remained of him. Raph moved his head to the side and looked up past Splinter's body to see the familiar blue color on the hilt of his brother's blades. Raph letting his emotions out and tears now flowing from the corner of his eyes down the sides of his face cried out that it was his fault. Everything was his fault. Splinter tried to calm his son but even through his own pain and grief couldn't hold his son down. Splinter held his son's shoulder and cried onto his shoulder. Raph moved his head closer into Splinter's neck. His face tickled by his fur cried until he couldn't cry anymore and fell asleep.

One week later

Raph was in a wheelchair watching Mikey go through rehab with his shoulder and knee. Donnie was still lying in bed but thankfully woke up. He was still dependent on the oxygen mask but his breathing was improving and he was hopefully going to be off it soon. Raph watched April help Mikey stand with him leaning heavily on April's shoulder trying to step with his bad leg first. Raph looked over to see Casey was nearby in case Mikey needed help while Splinter retired to his room. Ever since Leo's capture by the Shredder and each of his son's battling their way back to life Splinter has looked twenty years older. The stress of what has happened to his family and the untold horrors of what is happening to his eldest son was slowly killing him. Raph using his hands to move his wheels of his wheelchair. Wincing at the pain from using his hands Casey moved to help Raph but he shook his head.

Determined to move on his own Raph pushed himself until he made his way to the pond of the lair. Raph slowly lowered himself down until he met with the water's edge. Casey, April, and Mikey watched as Raph took off the bandages around his eye. The bandages fell onto his lap, peering over the edge until his face was in clear view of the water Raph moved one of his hands over the long scar across his face covering his bad eye with his hand. Remembering what happened with his fight with Leo his body started to shake a bit, memories of the fight, the words that fell from his mouth; everything. Everything in detail was engraved in his mind and he wanted it to be like that. He didn't want help from others or even himself.

This was his way for pence for the life he took. He may have raised a blade in a nonlethal attack towards his brother but the words he flew out were the finishing blow. Leo was gone and all Raph now was sit in a chair and watch his family slowly try to recover not from their physical wounds but the wounds to the heart. Wounds that would never heal no matter how much time passed.