Chapter 12

Blade and Raph circled each other. If one took a step the other stepped as well. Donnie and Mikey were sitting on the outside with the growing fear that they would lose another brother to the Saki family. Blade and Raph charged at each other, Raph was doing his best to fend off Blade's attacks but Blade was just playing with Raph. Blade was very talented with his twin katanas but Raph knew that he would never measure up to Leo. All he had was speed but Raph had heart. Raph pushed Blade away and sliced across Blade's chest. Blade wince a bit Raph got him in the side. Blade was not amused but he was impressed, no one has been able to draw blood from him in a long time. The only person to do that was his father when he received the scar over his eye. Blade smiled at Raph telling him he was happy to find someone able to draw blood on him. Blade's eye changed from playfulness to full serious. Blade and Raph exchanged a barrage of punches and kicks. Raph thrust his fist into Blade's stomach like he did to Karai but Blade was able to uppercut him in the jaw, sending him flying in the air. Raph rolled on the ground but got up quickly. Donnie and Mikey started to stand up and walk over to Raph but Raph yelled at them to stay down. Raph growled and charged once again at Blade.

Blade threw his swords to the ground and charged at Raph. Raph and Blade continued punching and kicking each other until Blade was finally getting annoyed with the whole situation. Blade punched Raph in the cheek with one hand then used the gauntlet with the two sharp blades on it and sliced across Raph's face. Raph's face was bleeding as he fell backwards onto the ground.

Donnie and Mikey couldn't stand by watching as they lose another brother.

As Blade raised his hand to strike down onto Raph again Donnie and Mikey came running with their weapons drawn. Blade chuckled at Raph as he held his bleeding cheek calling him weak. Blade caught Donnie's bo staff with one hand and used it to help throw Donnie onto Mikey. Mikey caught Donnie but the two fell to their sides. Blade with Donnie's bo still in his hand broke the bo staff into two and twirled it between his fingers. Walking closer to Donnie and Mikey he raised them over his head when he looked above them.

Donnie and Mikey followed with their eyes to see Rio was standing behind them. Growling and snarling at Blade Rio jumped and pounced onto Blade. Blade tried to fight Rio off but Rio held onto Blade's arm with his teeth. Donnie and Mikey used this time to get up and run over to Raph. Donnie took some bandages and tied them around Raph's face. Mikey turned around when he heard a yelp.

Mikey watched Blade finally throw Rio to the ground and started to kick him repeatedly in the stomach. Taking the broken bo staff he stabbed Rio; one in the neck and another in the stomach. Mikey shook watching Rio cry out until he finally stopped. Mikey stood up while Donnie tended to Raph and ran towards Blade with tears flying off the corners of his eyes. Raph and Donnie yelled at Mikey to stop he this time he wasn't going to be protected. Blade rolled his eyes and ran towards Mikey. Blade went to punch Mikey but in a spilt second he could feel his heart stop for that one moment. Mikey saw this and took this as his advantage. Bashing Blade in the skull with his nunchucks Mikey kicked Blade in the stomach and pushed him far away from his brothers and Rio.

Mikey panting heavily ran over to Rio and removed the bo staff from him. Cradling Rio's head on his lap, Mikey cried holding Rio's head against his cheeks. Rio started to fade away but not before leaving Mikey with a parting gift. Rio nudged his head against Mikey's cheek and as he faded away the two pressed their foreheads against each other. Rio and Mikey with tears in their eyes smiled leaving an everlasting memory of something good from something bad.

Mikey turned to Raph and Donnie and said he was gone. Rio was finally gone. Mikey walked over to his brothers but in a split second Mikey turned to see a small knife being thrown at him. Without time to stop it or defend him, the knife came flying and cut Mikey in the neck. Mikey covered his neck with his hands as blood started to fly out. Donnie and Raph yelled Mikey's name. Donnie and Raph ran over to Mikey. Raph held Mikey's head as Donnie applied pressure to Mikey's neck. Donnie had to tell Raph that the blade hit a major artery and he needed surgery to survive. Raph looked down at his baby brother and watched him struggle and cough blood up. Raph turned to see Blade laughing and walking over towards them with his swords in hand.

Blade told Raph and Donnie they would never leave alive. Blade ran towards them at great speed. Donnie had to remain where he was to keep Mikey alive so Raph had to defend his brothers again. Raph ran towards Blade with his sais in hand. Raph and Blade were about to collide when Blade jumped and flipped over Raph. Raph stopped and changed direction as Blade ran over to Mikey and Donnie. Mikey tried to push Donnie away but Donnie held on strong. Donnie watched as Blade ran over with his swords in hand. Blade jumped in the air and stabbed Donnie in the back with both of his swords. Donnie yelped and cried out. With one good hand he touched the swords that were perturbing from his chest. Donnie looked down at his baby brother who was shaking and crying in fear and smiled at him. Donnie wanted Mikey to remember his smile even if it was his last. Donnie took in a shaking breath and coughed out some blood onto the ground behind him. Blade went to remove the swords from Donnie's back when Raph came charging and tackled Blade to the ground. Raph went to help Donnie but Blade threw himself at Raph.

Raph and Blade circled each other Blade wasn't going to let Raph near his brothers. He wanted someone to tell his story even if it was for a moment. Blade strike down at Raph's head with his gauntlet. Raph held back the attack with his sais. Blade delivered a devastating blow to Raph's stomach again. Driving his fist into Raph's stomach both Raph and Blade knew he was breaking his ribs. Blade left Raph on the ground so he could watch as he finished his brothers off. Taking Raph's sais he wanted Raph to watch as he used his own weapons to finish his brothers off.

Raph couldn't move he could barely breathe all he could do was watch as Blade made his way to his brothers. Raph closed his eyes in shame. He whispered to Leo he was sorry for breaking his promise. Raph looked up when he heard Blade yelling. Blade was moving his arms and body around yelling he couldn't move. Raph looked around but no one was there.

In one instant Raph closed and reopened his eyes to see Leo holding Blade's arms above his head. Leo turned Blade's body towards Raph and told him to kill him now. Raph couldn't feel his broken ribs or his struggle to breath. Raph grabbed the two swords on his back and ran towards Leo and Blade.

Blade demanded for Leo to release him. They were blood they were family. But Leo said no. Raph, Donnie, and Mikey were his family, Blade may somehow be his son but he is also a problem that needed to be taken care of. Leo held tighter onto Blade as Raph ran towards them screaming with Leo's twin katanas stretched out in front of them.

Raph ran straight into Blade's chest with Leo's swords. Embedding them until they were the hilts hit his chest. Blade looked at Raph and told him he would regret what he did. He was the last connection to Leo, their brother and his father. Raph shook his head and said the memories of his brother are in heart. Nothing can change that.

Raph looked over Blade's neck to see Leo smiling. Leo nodded his head and disappeared just like Rio did.

Blade collapsed on the ground with his eyes still opened to the world and blood trickling from his mouth and the swords perturbing from his body. Raph looked over to his brother; Mikey was silent and no moving. The only thing holding Donnie up were the swords coming out of his body.

Raph was alone in the world. There was no family or friends to turn to now. Raph looked at Blade who finally passed and started to cry. Holding the body of Blade in his arms Raph started whimpering to himself and looking around to all the death in the room he whispered to the world and himself;

"You're free. You're finally free."


After the death of all his brothers and his nephew by some measures. Raph returned home to collect the bare essentials. Raph turned to the television and watched the story of the fire collapsing the Saki Tower. Raph only took his brother's head bandana leaving their bodies to burn along with everyone remaining in the tower. Raph took each of his three brother's bandanas and tied them around his arm. Taking just a backpack and a coat Raph set the self-destruct button to the lair leaving his old home and past behind.

Raph went around the country exploring new environments and people. Raph didn't talk to anyone even if they were like him.

Raph nothing to say anymore.

Years of traveling Raph finally made his way to the Ancient One's house. He could tell the old man had finally passed on but he did leave his house to someone who knew there were more people in this world than humans. The young man welcomed Raph into the house and let him leave there for the rest of his years. Raph and the young man never exchanged too many words but each day they would sit on the porch dressed in warm clothes and watch as the sun set behind the mountain tops. Raph still wore his brother's bandanas around his arm.

And on his death bed the now old man sat beside Raph's head as he finally passed away in his sleep. The old man cleaned and wrapped Raph's body up in white cloth. Carefully constructing with sticks a table to hold Raph's body he placed two very old swords that were had very worn blue cloth tied around the handles but clean metal that shined from the moonlight on the wrapped body. The old man burned the body and watched it until the flames finally died down and all that remained was smoke. The old man looked up at the night sky and smiled finally Raph could be at peace with himself and the world.

In the afterlife an old mutant turtle name Hamato Raphael was walking on a single path until a white light incased him. Raphael covered his eyes and looked up to see his three brothers looking over to him. Raphael ran as fast as he could towards his brothers. Raphael cried as tears flew pasted him. His oldest brother surrounded by their younger brother had his hand stretched out towards him.

"We've been waiting for you Raphie."

The two oldest turtles collided together into a great big hug with the two youngest joining in. They were finally together again and this time no one was going to break this link, this bond, this brotherhood.