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Natsu could still remember the day.

Lisanna had stepped up, lead singer, lyrics memorized and Natsu right behind her. She had smiled, gripping onto her microphone as hundreds of eyes blinked and stared at her and her band. And then, she launched into song.

"Hey fairy, where you going, I'm trying to assemble all this light," she sang, Wendy softly playing along to the gentle tune. "I'll shine it down and make tomorrow bright!"

Immediately, Natsu, Gray, and Erza started to play. Gray's hands flying across the many drums that stood before him. Erza was playing backup guitar, Wendy's small fingers dancing across the black and white keys of her keyboard, other hand adjusting the tune so that it fit exactly with the song. Natsu gripped his red pick as his electric guitar roared to life. A deep and loud sound ricochet out the speakers, filling the whole room with a booming noise. Natsu aimed a smile at Lisanna.

The crowd cheered as Lisanna pranced up and down the small stage, singing beautifully. "Oh, yeah!" she sang, Wendy and Erza backing her up. "Do you hear the voices calling out your name?"

"Oh, yeah," hummed Erza and Wendy. "Because I lost my voice while doing the same!"

"Oh, yeah!"

Lisanna sang with the grace of an angel, white hair framing her face as she hummed out the lyrics. "I'll never quit until I feel your beating heart. Oh, yeah! Oh yeah!"

Natsu whipped his hand back and forth on the cords, aiming a high flat. It echoed through the room, matching with Lisanna's voice. He aimed a grin at the crowd, making them scream.

"The sun and moon have joined in celebration!" Gray followed that up with a loud bang on his drums. "Have you forgotten our affiliation?" Erza let out a loud chord that sizzled the air. "When you're not here to share your laughter with me, I just can't find the inspiration-"

Once again, the entire club nearly exploded with the sound of noise that filled the air as Natsu's flaming red guitar thumped, a beating sound ricocheting off the walls. Every gentle stroke letting out a blast of noise.

"Now it's snowing, keep going, be honest, keep smiling, 'cause we're approaching, the clock keeps on ticking, and it never stops," belted out Lisanna with one breath as her bandmates ripped out the chords and beats of their instruments, entire club roaring with applause.

"Hey fairy, where you going, I'm trying to assemble all this light!" shouted out Lisanna, smiling wide. "I'll shine it down and make tomorrow- bright!"

And with that last word, Natsu and Erza's hands were barely visible as they boomed out the rest of the song, Gray keeping them on beat while Wendy kept the song mutual. With a last chord, Natsu ended the stunning song, club exploding with applause.

Lisanna grinned as she tossed the mic over to Natsu, who caught it with ease. "Thank you all for coming!" he shouted, as the background screeched with feedback nobody heard for the air was filled with whistles, roars, and claps. "This song was dedicated to this amazing club, Fairy Tail," he smiled as the noise level grew. "Now, we would like to first wish everyone a happy Christmas," he said as the crowd hollered. "And this was our present to you- Snow Fairy! Thank you all, and goodnight!"

Backstage, the group gathered around. "Nice job guys! We owned it out there!" Natsu smiled cheekily. "'Night guys! See you at school tomorrow," they waved goodbye to each other.

"Hey, Natsu?" Lisanna looked at the pink-haired boy. Natsu grinned. "What's up?" Lisanna smiled. "That was a great night, right?" Natsu's smile got wider. "'Course it was. What else?" Natsu started for the door.

"You know I'll always have your back, right?"

Natsu stopped.

He raised a hand. "Of course I do. And I'll always have yours. Got that?" Lisanna went up to him, smiling wide. "Yeah."

Before she was out the door like the others, her lips brushed the side of Natsu's face. "Merry Christmas, Natsu. I love you," she whispered before she backed out.

Natsu stood there, blinking, a faint blush on his cheeks. Then he snapped out of it and grabbed his precious guitar. He had smiled. What a night.

What a night it was, indeed.

Lisanna had been walking out the front door. She spotted Mira walking down the same road.

She ran up to her sister, smiling big. "Hey, Mira! How was our performance?" Mira sniffed. "It wasn't trash, for Erza's work." Lisanna made a silly face. "You know, I made the lyrics." "I knew it."

Lisanna kept walking, turning the bend. "Hey, do you know where Elfman's gone? I needed to give him his birthday present," she said as she warmed her hands up. Mira tch'ed. "He's probably off drinking somewhere, whining about his pet dying. He's never gotten over that old parakeet, did he?" Lisanna frowned slightly. "Even so, it's worrying…"

A honking horn sounded in the distance.

Mira made another face, then wiped Lisanna's face. "You're sweating. How are you sweating after singing?" Lisanna laughed slightly, a tinkling sound filling the air. "It's stressing, Mira. Have you ever sang?" Mira sniffed and turned away. "I never had the reason to."

They kept on chatting, turning this way, crossing over that, until they stood in front of their apartment. Mira kept on going in. "Let's go."

Lisanna stopped her. "Mira, we need to wait for big brother Alf. He would want to see us, right?" Mira pursed her lips. "He's not here?"

Lisanna frowned, worried.

Just then, a screeching sound echoed through the neighborhood. Mira startled and started heading towards the noise, but Lisanna gasped as a monster truck came into view. She realized who was the driver in a split second.


It was like suspended animation- like time stood still. Mira was standing, frozen, in front of the monster truck, eyes wide with fear and shock.

But then time unfroze.

Lisanna charged in front of Mira. "ELFMAN!" she screamed as she pushed Mira out of the way.

But it was too late.

As the truck swerved and skidded, Mira had time to duck down and roll as Lisanna stood in front of the truck, arms open.

The truck came a close second to hitting her as she smiled faintly and whispered, "I love you."

And it hit its target.

Lisanna flew a full thirty feet and slammed into the side of a house before landing down, hard, on the snowing ground. Mira, who was barely missed, was hit by the bumper of the car and skidded ten feet.

Blood was pooling under Lisanna's white hair, staining it cherry red. Her eyes stared up blankly at the sky, arms pinned to her sides.

Mira screamed and ran to her, ignoring her broken leg and arm as she scrambled up to sprint towards Lisanna.

Her mouth was still poised in a smile.

Lisanna looked peaceful, calm- like she was about to go to sleep. The owner of the house shouted and called the hospital. Mira cradled Lisanna's bleeding head.

Before Lisanna passed out, her mouth twitched, as she rasped, "Keep smiling."

And then her voice was silenced forever.

Natsu was sitting in the hospital, eyes wild, hands holding Lisanna's cold ones.

They explained what had happened kindly. Lisanna had been hit by a car, flew at least twenty feet before landing a seven feet fall. Even if they could have gotten to her quicker, it would have been impossible to get her awake in time.

She was stuck in a coma, eyes open and blank, a fan expression of shock on her face. Mira had sobbed, pounding her fists into the bed and screaming that it should have been her on the bed, her that was granted eternal sleep, her that died and Lisanna living.

Right now, Mira was inside the hospital, taking something for sleep and shock.

Elfman was also inside, brain damage severe. He had been drinking that night and tried to drive as well, resulting in hitting his sister.

Natsu felt like he was breaking into pieces over again.

His trembling fingers brushed the still-warm spot where Lisanna had kissed him that Christmas. He couldn't believe that Snow Fairy was the last song that she would ever sing.

As tears started to refill his eyes, he slammed two hands on the drawer as he recalled her last words to him.

I love you.

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