AN: Just a little thought? 3/26 was the day httyd was released, and then november foxtrot is NF, which stands for Night Fury. By the way, if someone gets hissypissy because I messed up on a couple radio communications, I'm not a pilot. I'm going to continue when I get free time, for now my main project is Into the Wasteland.

Chapter One : Stunts

The engine roared to life, the props sputtering as they began to spin. Clicking the headset on, then hailing Air Traffic Control. A slightly nasally voice announced, "Raven's Point Tower, Mustang Three Two Six November Foxtrot, at line service, requesting permission for take-off Northbound at five thousand feet."

"Three Two Six November Foxtrot, taxi to Runway Two Four."

A few minutes later, the nasally voice came over the radio, "Raven's Point Tower, Three Two Six November Foxtrot. Ready for take off."

"Three Two Six November Foxtrot, Raven's Point Tower. You are cleared for take off."

With that, the pilot gradually pushed down on the throttle, insuring that he doesn't lose control on the ground. Before long, the black P51D-30 Mustang was climbing high into the sky, the pilot looked across the black wings with three red stripes, taking in Berk and the surrounding sea stacks as a whole. Proceeding out of radio range, the Control Tower contacted him again.

"Three Two Six November Foxtrot, Raven's Point Tower, radio service terminated."

Sighing contentedly, Hiccup leveled out at five thousand feet, just under a mile in the sky, yet he felt as if he were at the mile high club, the monotonous droning of the spinning prop soothing to his ears. He thought himself, 'This is Berk, it snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three. We have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunsets. The only pests here are the school bullies. I guess you could say I'm a celebrity around here, in school I'm known as Hiccup the useless, but in the skies, I'm known as Night Fury. Berk has annual air races with people of all sorts from the neighboring islands of the Archipelago come to. I never knew my parents, they died in a car accident when I was younger, and since then I've been raised by Gobber, a close family friend. I still kept the Haddock name, since it was pretty much the only part of my parents that I still had, other than an old viking helmet, was the family axe, used in celebrations and whatnot. The P51 was my mother's, inherited from my grandfather after he fought in World War Two. Over the years, Gobber helped me restore it, sure it has taken years, but heck, it's under my name. Since I don't really need a car, I use a 2010 Yamaha FZ-09 to get around when I'm on the ground.

Noticing a small crowd at the center of town, he knew they were waiting for the 'Night Fury' to do something. He pulled into a steep climb, stalling as he reached nine thousand feet, activating the combat flaps for better control, he dived back towards the Earth. The speedometer reading 380mph, retracting the flaps since they couldn't handle the speed, he pulled up at two thousand feet. A minute passed, before he descended once again, activating the aerial acrobatic smoke before pulling off barrel rolls and backflips. Hiccup leveled out again, heading away from the sea-stacks, rolling his plane until his was suspended by the harness, he was met with the sky underneath him, and the world above him. Pulling up on the flight stick, diving towards the ground for a mere second before the plane righted himself .The spectators watched in awe as the Night Fury was flying towards the sea-stacks at high speed. Pulling his auburn hair out of the way at the last second, Hiccup smirking as he bobbed and weaved through the perilous maze as if it were second nature. The last turn came into view, banking a hard right, the maze opened up into the vast blue ocean. Performing an Immelman, he set course back to Berk after launching a series of flares as fireworks as he zoomed past them.

Glancing at the fuel gauge, Hiccup realized he only had about ten minutes left. Heading back to the runway, he checked in. Requesting to land, he was directed to Runway Two Three, which ran parallel with Runway Two Four. Upon landing, Hiccup reached behind him, pulling on a familiar helmet , with three rows of small spikes that acted as antennas to broadcast radio messages. Usually he would use a normal 2-way radio headset for casual flights, yet whenever he landed he made sure to wear the helmet along with his flightsuit to make sure no one discovered his true identity. Taxi-ing to a private hangar, paid for by his winnings in the races, he cut off the engine as he rolled to a stop.

A small group of teens were watching him disembark, hoping to find out who he was, turning around, he saw Astrid Hofferson, Scott Jorgenson, Timothy 'Tuffnut' and Rachel 'Ruffnut' Thorston, and Frank 'Fishlegs' Ingerman. To make the situation worse, all of them went to the same high school. He never spoke as Night Fury, so rumors had started about how his tongue got in the prop as the engine started, ripping it clean from his mouth. As gruesome as that sounds, it was untrue.

Through the green aviator goggles, he glared at the other teens while pointed at the door to leave. As they made to leave, Astrid turned around and saw him writing in a notepad, and then ripping the page out. He crossed the room quickly, the black helmet and the green eyes making him suspiciously menacing. He held the paper in his hand as she quickly read, "Enter this hangar again, and I will make sure you and your group are banned from this season's races."

Not waiting for a response, he dropped the paper into her hands, and then turned and stalked off to check on the engine.

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