"Man I'm going to be late for school.... again!" Joey exclaimed running down the street. Little did Joey realize that he should be looking where he's going because he didn't even see Mai coming from the other direction. Herself not looking what was infront of her, all of a sudden... CRASH! They knocked right into each other.

"Hey Joey! Watch where you're going!" she belted.

"Sorry Mai, I was in a hurry fo..."

"I don't care Joey. I'm in a hurry too," Mai said.

Joey got up and dusted himself off. He turned around to grab his books when he saw Bakura walking down the street. "Hey Bakura!" Joey yelled waving.

"Oh, hello Joey," Bakura said looking behind Joey at Mai. "Uhm, hello Mai."

"Oh. Hey, Bakura," Mai said trying to remember him.

Joey looked harder at Bakura to see what was different. That's when he saw the millennium ring. "Hey, Bakura?" Joey asked worriedly.

"Yes Joey?" Bakura replied.

"Isn't that the millennium ring?"Joey asked as he pointed to it.

Bakura had a look of surprise on his face as he looked at the millennium ring that he forgot to put under his shirt. "Um, yes?" he said with a worried smile on his face as it slowly got serious.

"I thought Tristan chucked that thing as far as he could?" Joey said thinking back.

"Well Joey. You were going to find out about my millennium ring today anyway," Bakura said now looking and sounding like the evil Bakura that they had met at the Duelist Kingdom.

"I was?" Joey asked confused.

"Yes Joey. Only you," Bakura said. "See Joey, ever since the Duelist Kingdom, I've been looking for a new hosts body and after Yugi won against Pegasus I couldn't take Mokuba. Plus, Tristan interfered. (yeah Tristan interfered all right. he knocked him out and threw the ring out the window!) So I chose to inhabit a host with a weak soul."

Joey thought about it for a minute. Than it hit him, "You're that evil spirit that lives inside the millennium ring and what you meant about (he's trying to sound smart) the ring when you said 'Well Joey. You were going to find out about my millennium ring today anyway'" he said with a mocking EVIL BAKURA voice, "was that you were going to give me the millennium ring so I could be your new host body... which means you think that my soul is....

:blank stare:

"HEY!!!!!" Joey exclaimed.

Evil Bakura began to chuckle. As Mai sat there as surprised and confused as Joey. "Correct Joey," Bakura said looking into Joey's eyes.

"Well, I don't want to," Joey said crossing his arms and turning his back to Bakura. (You know... the little "I don't want to" thingy. stuck up and snobby "I don't want to" thingy)

"You don't have a choice Joey," Bakura said as Joey was turning back around. "Bakura didn't have a choice," he said using his logic. "Besides, I know how to make you want to."

"How?" Joey asked.

Bakura took out a blank soul card. "This," he said simply.

"A white Duel monster's card?" *insert major Brooklyn accent here*

"No you dolt!," Bakura yelled. "a blank soul card and I plan to take someone close to you."






"No." (i wish he would though...)


"No, but if you don't shut up I will." In one instant Joey was struck silent. (for once) "Someone your conscience mind doesn't even expect," he said looking straight at Mai.

Joey then looked at Mai. "Why are you looking at Mai?" Joey asked densely. "OOhhhhhhhhhhh," he said as it hit him again.

He looked up at the Narrator (me) and asked, "Can you please stop things from hitting me like that? It's starting to hurt."

Narrator: well than stop being an idiot, k?

Joey: I'm no idiot.

whole YGO cast: Yes you are!!!

"But I don't care about her," he said.

Mai looked at Joey first with an upset expression that quickly changed to that of an angry one. "Joey, I thought we were friends?"

"We are Mai, but it's a little more complicated than that and besides he's bluffing. He wouldn't do it."

He looked back at Bakura and found that the millennium ring was glowing. "Or... maybe he's not bluffing."

Bakura walked over to Mai.

He's really gonna do it, Joey thought. He began to look nervous. "NNooooo!!! Stop!" Joey yelled as he ran and jumped at Mai.

"Joey, you saved me."

"Yeah. I did," he didn't even realize that Mai was coming after him. All of a sudden her lips touched his. He was very surprised, then began to blush, and then he began to look sick. He pushed her away saying," Mai what are you doing?!"

"Um.... would you believe a weak moment?" she said trying to cover up her true feelings. "Joey, you saved me," Mai said trying to change the subject. "You know what that means don't you?"

Joey stood up and said, "Yeah. I do." He turned around and looked to Bakura.



acting girl: well that's the end.

Luraia: WHAT?! what's gonna happen next?

acting girl pulls out a sheet of paper "The Rules to Being an Author" : this piece of paper says that I can't tell you.

Luraia grabs paper away from AG: let me see that. AAAAhhhhhhhh . I didn't know there were rules. Crap. Now I have to start my story over. wait... hehehe.... I don't want to ... so I won't. MOOOOO!!!!

Acting girl: and what do you care about Joey, Bakura and Mai anyway?

Luraia: I don't :/ It's just the suspense.. dun dun dunnnnn hehehhehe

Acting girl: sorry people. she's a little hyper right now. anyways review review review. and I forgot the disclaimer but here it is instead,

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