Hello readers! This is my first Delena fanfic idea and I am a bit nervous and excited at the same time. Its just an idea that I randomly got and had to write it out. This is mostly a prologue for the idea that I have for this story and I would love to know what you guys think and if I should continue. The next chapter will start several years before this certain point in the story and will go from there.

Disclaimer: I do not own TVD or the characters, I am just messing with their world a bit with an idea of mine.

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"Are you sure this is even what you want?" Stefan asked as he watched Damon stood in front of the mirror tying his tie.

"I'm sure of it, brother." Damon said looking at Stefan through the mirror.

Stefan sighed and shook his head. "After everything she has told you and everything she has shown you, you really want to go through with this marriage?"

"Elena doesn't know her like I do." Damon said turning and facing Stefan. "She doesn't even want to give her the time of day to get to know her."

"How could she when Rebekah has done nothing but treated her like crap since she came home."

"You have been against her since her family has moved into this town." Damon shook his head. "For all I know, you could have called and told her all about how much you don't trust her or how much you hate her."

"Are you even listening to yourself?" Stefan shook his head looking at Damon in disbelief. "Elena has listened to every gut instinct you had about everything. And the one time she is telling almost the exact thing I have been telling you, you decide its best to ignore her."

"So you're telling me I should listen to her while everyone is downstairs waiting for us to get married." Damon said pointing towards the window.

Stefan shrugged. "We tried telling you before all of this, but you know what you did Damon? You pushed her away and told her to leave."

"And?" Damon asked. "I've done it to her before and she has still been here."

"Well, where is she Damon?" Stefan asked walking towards the window and drawing back the curtain. "Do you see her out there at all?"

Damon rolled his eyes and walked over to the window and looked out. As his eyes scanned the crowd, he saw almost everyone they had invited except Elena. Damon shook his head and stepped away from the window. "No one is forcing her to come."

"No one is stopping her from getting on a plane and leaving back to California, either." Stefan couldn't help but notice how Damon's eyes widened a bit, but didn't say a thing.

Elena had been looking out the car window as Isobel drove her to the air port. Isobel looked between the road and Elena and could clearly see that Elena was already second guessing her decision. "Are you sure you want to do this?" She asked bringing Elena out of her thoughts.

Elena nodded. "I think it would just be better if I went back." She said giving Isobel a small smile. "Even though everything in me is telling me I should stay," She shrugged slightly. "I just can't."

"Eventually he is going to see that you were right." Isobel said with a nod.

"And when that happens I am sure I will be the first one he calls." Elena said shaking her head before looking back out the window. Isobel nodded and a few minutes later, she pulled into the air port. Isobel parked the car and got out to help Elena with her bags.

"You'll call when you land right?" She asked as she handed Elena a suitcase.

"I will." Elena looked at her watch. "If you leave now, you can make the wedding in time."

"I don't care about the wedding, Elena." Isobel said shaking her head. "What I care about is if you are making the right decision."

Elena looked over at the entrance before looking back at Isobel. "This is the right decision." She said with a nod. "If it wasn't, he would have told me not to go."

"You know how he is, Elena." Isobel said sighing. "You two have been best friends for so long and you know him enough-"

"I don't think I do any more." Elena said shaking her head. "It's like he was this completely different person." She looked at her bags before nodding to herself. "I'm going home and he won't be here to stop me from doing it."

Isobel nodded and understood. She gave Elena a hug before she watched as Elena walked away. She just hoped that her daughter wouldn't stay away longer this time.