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"Where is Elena?" Katherine asked confused the moment Isobel had pulled up to the house without Elena. She didn't even know they had left earlier until Stefan had told her she seen them leave.

Isobel sighed. "She's at the airport waiting for a flight back to California."

Katherine's eyes widened a bit. She knew Elena said she wanted to go home but today? "So she just left?!" Katherine asked as crossed her arms.

"What was I supposed to do, Kat?" Isobel asked shaking her head. "Tell her no, she couldn't leave? That she had to stay here and be miserable while the rest of us were happy? We both know this isn't her home anymore."

"But you left her alone at an airport, mom." Katherine couldn't believe that Isobel would just drop her off and leave. "No one is there saying goodbye to her." Shaking her head, Katherine ran into the house and grabbed her car keys. She didn't care if she would miss the wedding. Her sister was alone in an airport without anyone there to see her off.

As she got into the car, she noticed two envelopes taped to her steering wheel. An eyebrow raised as she pulled off the smaller one and opened it. Seeing Elena's writing had made her sit back in her seat and read the letter.

Dear Katherine,

I knew this would be the first place you would go once mom told you where I was. By the time you get to the airport to say goodbye or even to try talking me out of this, I'm sure it will either be taking off or may have already left. I am sorry I didn't tell you that I was leaving. It was easier to just leave without any attention. Everyone has been so focused on the wedding that I didn't want to take anyone's attention off of it. I can't stay in Mystic Falls anymore. I would have stayed for the wedding but seeing as my invitation was revoked, there was no reason to stay. I tried convincing myself that I had been doing the right thing by trying to tell him everything I knew, but that backfired in my face and I couldn't do it anymore. He wasn't going to listen to me. Not when she was giving him every reason not to believe me. In the envelope attached to this is the proof that he had wanted me to get for him. But he's been blinded by her. I didn't have the heart to leave it behind for him to find. I had tried. That was all that mattered to me. When he asked me to leave, I couldn't be that person that would just destroy it all. So I am leaving them with you Kat. You aren't as involved as I am. Its your choice to make on what you want to do with them. Throw them away or show him. I'll leave that completely up to you.

Maybe one day you can come out and stay with me in California. Get yourself away from that small town life just for a few weeks. This isn't a goodbye Kat, I'll call you when I get back home. My home.


Katherine stared at the other envelope for a moment before pulling it off her steering wheel and opening it up. The contents that spilled out onto her hand had caused Katherine's eyes to widen. After a moment of looking at what the envelope held, a devilish smirk played on Katherine's lips as she got out of the car. She started making her way next door.

"Where are you going?" Isobel asked as she watched Katherine make her way towards the Salvatores.

Katherine turned and smiled at her mother, keeping the envelope behind her as she continued to walk. "Attending a wedding."

"What was that Katherine?" Isobel asked. She noticed the moment Katherine had hid it.

"A gift to the bride and groom." Was all Katherine said before she walked out of Isobel's sight.

~A Year and a five months ago~

So tell me everything! Caroline said over the phone as Elena was beginning to unpack her things in her new dorm.

"Nothing like Mystic Falls, I can tell you that." Elena said with a small smile even though Caroline couldnt see it.

What are the dorms like?

"Pretty much just like the pictures showed on the website, pretty spacey. I have two roommates that I haven't met yet." Elena turned to the other side of the room looking at the two other beds that had been occupied when she had walked into the dorm earlier that day.

Do you at least know their names?

"Nope, not yet." Elena said as she carried a box over to a dress by her bed. "They are still enjoying their summer. Classes don't start for another two days." After Elena had arrived in California, she spent the majority of the month with Jenna. She spent some time showing Elena around as well as them going to the beach and a few amusement parks before the summer was officially over.

For now, Elena was still staying with Jenna. The University allowed Elena to start moving things in early and Elena liked that she could get things settled before hand instead of trying to unpack and search for things before having to rush to classes. It was different than what she was used to back in Mystic Falls. While she was used to having to drive to Richmond for the mall and all the shops that their little town didn't have, here in California it seemed that it was right there at her fingertips.

"Are you and Bonnie getting settled at Whitmore?" Elena asked wanting to know what they were doing. Ever since Caroline called it had been nonstop questions about how things were here. She needed some kind of information about them.

Not yet. We have everything packed and ready to go though. I'm sure that it is probably not as nice as your dorm room but I'm sure with a little bit of decorating it will feel just like home.

"You were able to be roommates, right?" Elena asked.

Of course. It took some persuading but we were able to get us in the same room together. Classes on the other hand, not so much.

"Well you both have different majors, your classes aren't going to be the same, Care." Elena laughed as she put the last of her clothes away into the dresser.

I know. Its just different from high school where we had several classes together.

"Just be thankful that she didn't decide to go up to New York instead." Elena grabbed opened up a smaller box with picture frames. She started pulling them out one by one and placing them on top of the dresser

That would have been horrible. I'd be all alone.

"Imagine how I feel." Elena shrugged to herself as she broke down several of the empty boxes she had on her bed.

Hey, you chose to go there. No one forced you to go.

"I know. I just..." Elena sighed.

Just wanted to get away from the small town life. Caroline finished for her.

This had been exactly where Elena had wanted to be even though there were several people she wasn't going to be able to see for a while. Damon especially. She could spend some time away from the others, but spending this time away from him it was different.

"Exactly." Elena said as she plopped herself on the bed and looked around the room. This place was completely different than what she was sure Bonnie and Caroline were going to be looking at. This was going to be home for the next few years and she knew she was going to have to adjust to it. It would just take some time.

Before Caroline could say anything next, the door to the dorm had opened and it caused Elena to jump up. The same reaction had happened to the woman that walked into the room when she had seen Elena, causing her to drop the bag she had in her hand.

"Caroline, I have to call you back." Elena said before hanging up. She stood up and watched as the woman picked up her bag.

"You must be the new roommate." She said as she closed the door behind her and walked over to Elena. "I'm Lexi. And I am sorry for scaring you like that."

"Elena." She said with a small smile. "Same. Though I am sure you didn't even think I would be here until Monday."

"That's for sure." Lexi said with a smile. "Usually Freshmen are still out enjoying the summer before starting the college life."

Elena laughed. "I was actually eager to get away."

That had caused Lexi's eyebrow to raise. "Let me guess, unpleasant home life that you had to get away? She asked as she walked over to her side of the dorm and threw her things on her bed.

"Nothing like that." Elena said shaking her head. "I'm from a small town that was a bit suffocating."

"Ah, I know that feeling all to well." Lexi said with a nod. "I'm from a one horse town and I just had to get out of there. I didn't want to get stuck like everyone else in my age group seemed to be doing."

"That sounds about right." Elena said with a sigh. For a few years she had watched students that were older than her go off to college just to come back to Mystic Falls and do exactly what they had been doing before they left. "I want to be that person that actually gets away and not look back."

"Even though I agree, there is always something to go back for." Lexi said as she sat down on her bed. "Family, friends, boyfriend, there are reasons to go back home."

Elena looked over at the night stand. Her eyes landed on a picture with all her friends and her in it. Damon had his arm over her shoulder and they had all been laughing as the picture was taken. "All of the above for me." She said with a small smile.

Lexi watched as Elena looked at the photos. She smiled knowing that was exactly how she had been when she had first came out to California. "What are you doing tonight?" She asked.

Elena looked back over to Lexi and shrugged. "Honestly, I don't know."

"A bunch of us are getting together for dinner and drinks. Want to go?" Lexi offered. "You'll get to meet a few people before the semester starts and have some fun." Elena hesitated for a minute. She didn't know if she should go out or just finish what she was doing. Sensing her hesitation, Lexi got up from her bed and went to sit next to Elena. "It wont hurt to go out and meet a few people. They are the best friends I got out here and something tells me you'd fit right in with us."

Elena smiled at how Lexi was already trying to include her in her plans. It made her feel welcomed and she knew she should accept the offer. If she did, she knew she would never hear the end of it from Katherine. Katherine was already worried about Elena being a loner and if she declined now, that is exactly what she would be.

"Okay." Elena said with a nod. "But I'm going to have to stop by the house to get something to wear."

Lexi grinned as Elena had accepted the offer. "Great. We are all meeting downstairs at 7." Lexi got up once more and walked over to the desk that was in the corner of the room. Grabbing a pen and one of the post it notes that were there, she quickly wrote down her number. "I have a few more things I have to do, but if you need me for anything, you can call me." She said walking back over to Elena and handing her the post it note with number on it.

"Thanks." Elena said taking the post it not and placing it on the back of her phone. "I guess I'll see you at 7."

"Yes." Lexi said as she walked towards the door. "Oh, its nothing fancy so you don't have to go full out or anything. Just come comfortably."

"That's good to know." Elena said with a nervous chuckle. She probably would have done just that and would have really felt like the odd ball out.

"I promise it will be fun." Lexi said as she opened the door. "You'll even get to meet the other roommate later as well." She said with a nod before walking out of the room.

Elena sighed softly as the door closed. She looked around at the boxes she still had yet to unpack before looking over at the clock. The red numbers displayed 2:30pm. She had a few hours before she needed to start getting ready. For now, she'd finish unpacking the few boxes she had left before heading back to Jenna's house to get ready.

The last month had felt completely weird to Damon. He was so used to being able to see Elena in person almost every day. Now, he was reduced to seeing her on his phone or computer screen when ever they had a video call. He was used to her coming over after he got off of work to spend some time with him. Even the lunch dates that they had on Saturdays were gone and he wasn't used to it all. He'd even find himself waiting for her to text him that she was on her way with lunch. This was definitely going to take some getting used to. He wasn't sure how people could do this so often. She had only been gone for a month and it was already killing him.

"You look miserable." The voice had broke Damon out of his thoughts and made him look towards the person.

He smiled slightly as Lillian stood there looking down at him. "Just thinking is all." He said with a nod.

"Thinking about Elena?" She asked as she took a seat next to him. "It is different without her here." Lillian admitted. Even she had been so used to seeing Elena around. It felt different without the old routines.

"I honestly hate that she left." Damon admitted as he ran a hand through his hair. "It's definitely not the same without her. I keep waiting for her to show up here or to see her in general."

"It will take some getting used to." Lillian said with a nod. "I know she felt the same way when you left for that semester. But she'll be back for breaks and summer right?" She asked. She remembered hearing from Isobel that it was Elena's plan.

Damon nodded. "She'll be back for Thanksgiving." But even then, that was still months away. And his mother was right. For those few months that he took off to NYU Elena had been as miserable as he was. He could hear it in her voice any time she called or came for a visit. When you've had someone in your life for so long, not having them made things...miserable.

A thought crossed Lillian's mind and she smiled. "Your father is going on that Business trip to Sacramento in a few weeks. Maybe you can talk to him about tagging along to go see Elena."

The idea was the best thing he had heard in weeks. He knew Giuseppe would more than likely agree since it involved Elena. His parents loved and adored her and would do anything for that girl. "I'll have to call and talk to Elena about it first. Thanks mom."

Lillian smiled at him. "If it keeps you from moping around the house, I'd gladly give you any ideas to go and see her."

"Are you going out?" Jenna asked as she leaned against the guestroom door frame.

"Surprisingly, yes." Elena said as she was looking in a mirror, deciding on if she wanted to straighten her hair or leave it wavy.

"So you've made some friends today." Jenna said excitedly as she walked into the room and sat on the bed.

"I met my roommate today." Elena said nodding her head as she picked up the straightening iron and plugged it in. "She invited me to go out and meet her friends."

"I'm glad you said yes to that." Jenna said watching her.

"I believe between you and Katherine, I wouldn't live it down if I had said no." She said with a smile.

"Well, this has been a big change for you, Elena. I'd hate to see you not have someone to talk to." Elena may have not been family by blood, but she had known Isobel for some time before she had moved out of Mystic Falls. Elena would always be family to her no matter what.

"I do have you though." Elena said giving her a smile through the mirror.

"That isn't what I meant." Jenna said giving her a look.

"I know." Elena sighed as she picked up the straightener and began straightening her hair. "It is so different out here. I know this is what I wanted but what if things don't work out the way I want them to? What if I make friends here and just change my mind about being here?"

"That is all a part of life 'Lena. You'll meet knew people, you'll travel places and you'll get your heart broken. If nothing works out how you planed it and you hop back on a plane to Mystic Falls, wouldn't you want to look back and say you at least tried and not just left because you were afraid of change?"

Elena nodded. She knew Jenna was right. She was already all the way out here and while there was a chance to abandon ship, she couldn't do it until she at least tried. "I'll stay until the semester's over. If I feel like this was mistake, I'll go home. Otherwise I'll stay and continue what I've planned to do."

"Sounds like a solid plan."Jenna said giving her approval. "I'll let you finish getting rea-" The sound of Elena's phone ringing interrupted her. "Now you definitely wont finish getting ready." She with a chuckle as she watched Elena dropped the straightener on the vanity and run for her phone that was on the bed.

Elena gave Jenna a smile before answering the phone. Taking that as her que, Jenna got up and walked out of the room.

"Yeah, hold on." Elena said as she pulled the phone away from her ear and switched to face time.

"Much better." Damon's voice came through the phone's speaker. He took a look at her and smiled for a moment. "You look like your getting ready to go out."

"I am."She said as she walked back over to the vanity and propped the phone up so they could both see each other. "I meet my roommate today and she invited me out to meet more of her friends."

"Your making friends. That's good." He said as he watched her pick up the straightener and continue where she left off.

"Would you believe I'm nervous?" She asked looking back and forth between the mirror and the phone. "She said that I would fit in, but I still feel like this is just going to be awkward."

"Isn't the beginning of any friendship awkward?" Damon asked and he watched as a smile grew on her face.

"Not always." She said with a nod. "Caroline and Bonnie weren't awkward. It was like we were meant to be friends."

"Ours was." He admitted. "And don't say it wasn't."

"More like embarrassing." She said laughing. "Who just throw's a football at a girl's head?"

"Hey, its still not my fault that you weren't looking where you were going." He smile had grown to a grin.

"I was walking to the moving van. How was I supposed to know some kid had crappy aim?" She said shaking her head slightly.

"Who said I had crappy aim?" He asked acted offended.

"Stefan was in the street in front of you. I was in the yard off to the side. I say that's very bad aim." She said as she pointed the straightener at the phone screen.

He laughed and shook his head. "Alright, I admit my aim was shit back then. At least its gotten a hell of a lot better."

"They never would have allowed you on the football team if it hadn't." She said as she looked at her hair making sure everything was straightened before turning it off.

"Alright Gilbert, you are starting to wound my ego here." That had caused Elena to laugh.

"Starting to? I thought I've been doing that for years." She said as she picked up the phone and moved toward the closet. "Unless the month I've been gone has just made me lose all my hard work."

"Possibly." He said with a smile. But Elena could hear the tone in his voice change.

"How is everything out there?" She asked wanting to know if anything had changed while she was gone.

"In ways they haven't changed a bit. In others they have changed drastically since you've left." It caused both of their smiles to fade.

"Would you believe me if I said I miss being there?" She said looking at the clothes in the closet and pulling out a few things.

"What?" Damon said acting shocked. "The girl that said she wanted out of the small town says she's missing it?!"

"I'm just as shocked as you are." She said smiling at him. "But Jenna made a point and I'm gonna give myself until the end of the semester to decide if this is really what I want."

"That is exactly what I did remember?" He said and he watched her nod. "But it is still your choice, Elena."

"I know." She said with a nod. "That gives me six months to decide. At least I'll be able to go visit in five months."

"Speaking of visits." He said moving the phone a bit closer to him. "Dad is going to Sacramento in a few weeks for a business trip. I was thinking of tagging along to come for a visit."

A smile grew on Elena's face and Damon didn't miss it. "I would love that." She said with a nod before a thought crossing her mind. "What about work and when you are here what are you going to do while I'm in class?"

"I have time saved up from work so that won't be a problem." He said with a nod. "I'm sure I can find a way to keep myself entertained while you are in classes."

"Are you sure you want to be spending most of your time doing nothing?" She asked a bit worried. She didn't want him to hate coming out here.

"It will be fine Elena." He said noticing her worry. "After your classes we can go to dinner or something. I'm sure we'll figure it out."

Elena sighed and nodded. "Okay. I just don't want you to be bored the whole time you are here."

"I won't be." He promised. "It will be a week just to see each other."

She nodded once more. "It will be a good week."

"I figured if Dad has any business trips out that way in the future, I could tag along. It might make this whole long distance thing a little easier for us." His words did make sense. It would be easier to look forward to a business trip than a holiday.

"You'll have to thank your dad for me." She said nodding.

Damon laughed. "You know all I have to do is bring up your name and it would be an automatic yes."

"I know. Just like if I asked mom anything that involved you, she'd say yes." It was definitely the perks of being friends for so long and the fact that they were neighbors. That was maybe one of the plus side of living in a small town.

Elena's eyes wandered over to the clock hanging on the wall. Noticing the time, her eyes widened and Damon noticed it. "Are we running late?" He asked and she nodded.

"I have to be back at campus in a half hour." She said starting to panic.

"Go finish getting ready. I'll text you." He said knowing she still needed to change and get to the campus.

"Alright. Hopefully I'm not late." She said looking around a bit before looking back at the screen. "I love you." She said with a smile.

"Love you too, 'Lena. Have fun tonight." He said giving her a smile.

"I will." She said with nod.

They said their goodbyes and Elena hurried to finish getting ready.

It was 6:50 pm when Elena arrived back on campus. How she even managed to do that was well beyond her but she did. Getting out of Jenna's borrowed car, she went through a mental checklist to make sure she had everything before locking the car. If Elena had to be honest with herself, she was still nervous. But She could remember Damon's voice in her head. The beginning of all friendships are awkward. It made her feel a little bit better about doing this.

By the time she reached the meeting spot, it was almost 7. There were also several people waiting there. At first she didn't see Lexi and was afraid to join the others. But Lexi had spotted her before she began to panic, and called her over.

"Alright guys let me introduce you to the new roomie." Lexi said to the others as Elena walked up to the group. "This is Elena." Elena gave a slight wave to them all before Lexi went around introducing everyone. "This is Charlotte, Hayley, Liam and Lizzy and this is our roommate Bex."

Elena tried to keep up with the names and faces. But for the moment she focused on Bex since this was supposed to be her new roommate. She was a bit taller that Elena and had long blonde hair. But while Elena gave Bex a smile, she noticed the look that she gave Elena before looking at the others that made her want to hide.

"Alright lets get going." Lexi said as she put her arm around Elena. "We are going to have some fun."