Scratching the Surface: Fiery Awakening

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                "A little bit more Rikku, just a little longer." Lulu murmured softly with a thin sheet of sweat glittering down her forehead, panting heavily the young Al-Bhed continued with her assault, Rikku's legs were starting to buckle and her body was slick with sweat as she pushed further and finally fell forward with exhaustion. The tall black mage smirked as she walked over to the young blonde on the ground.

                "Did I do it?" Rikku wheezed as she looked up into the older woman's red eyes, Lulu shook her head and held out her hand to help the younger guardian up.

                "Sorry, but you still haven't be able to break the final seal to unleash your magic abilities. You almost had it there for a minute if only you could have held out for a few more seconds, I am sure you would have been able to do it." Lulu stated with a soft apologetic smile, Rikku pouted fiercely as she allowed herself to be all but lifted up by the mistress of the black arts.

                "Lulu, I'm never gonna get it! I have been trying to break my seal for almost a week now and the only thing I am getting out of it is being sore as heck!" Half shouted the blonde Al-Bhed in a deadpan voice that only seemed to make the ebony haired witch burst out laughing for some unknown reason, Rikku folded her arms over her chest and gave the older woman a deeply wounded look before she caught on to why the mage was laughing at her. "Lulu, you are horrible! You know that isn't what I meant!" Yelped the young girl in an embarrassed tone as her face flushed a bright red.

                "Trying to break your seal for a week now? I could possible help you with that little problem." Declared the pale sorceress in a low sultry voice as she looked at Rikku with a passionate gaze, blushing a shade of red ever before seen the young Al-Bhed licked her lips and wrapped her arms around the older woman's waist.

                "You know that isn't what I mean Lulu, but if you do want to…." Rikku grinned shyly with hope dripping from her words, smiling Lulu moved her left hand so it rested on the young guardian's exposed midriff, silently purring the blonde Al-Bhed shut her cool blue eyes slightly.

                "I want you," Whispered Lulu as she kissed Rikku gently on the neck. "But," She paused causing the blonde girl shut her eyes tighter because she hated the word 'but' especially when the black mage said it so suddenly. "You know we have to wait until tonight, you don't want anyone to see us making love right here in the open do you?" Lulu murmured lightly as she flicked her tongue out and traced the outside of the blonde Al-Bhed's ear, shivering Rikku swallowed the lump in the back of her throat.

                "If you keep that up I just might not mind…Lulu your making me so…" Rikku's face flushed as she stopped herself from saying anything perverse, grinning the black mage slipped her hand from the young Al-Bhed's stomach and into her shirt, slowly making her way up to the younger girl's breast. Rikku gasped loudly and leaned into the touch of her magic lover, Lulu grinned and moved her pale hand away.

                "I make you so what Rikku? If you don't tell me I might not stop whatever it is I am doing." Lulu stated in a low hushed voice that was teasing, whimpering pitifully the young Al-Bhed pressed her body closer to that of the older guardian.

                "You make me so," Rikku whispered in an embarrassed voice, as she blushed more. "…Warm inside." Rikku murmured lightly and nuzzled her head against the taller woman's shoulder; sighing lightly Lulu released the girl from her grasp and stared into her eyes.

                "Your still so innocent and pure Rikku, it's almost baffling at times. How can someone so sweet be so damn seductive at the same time?" Lulu inquired as she bit the bottom of her lower lip to keep from sounding too turned-on, smiling innocently the young Al-Bhed placed her hands on her still developing hips and made a show of licking her lips before she spoke.

                "Seductive huh? Hmm, I never really saw myself as being the seductive one." Rikku stated in a low whisper as she dramatically swayed her hips as she walked around the bemused ebony haired sorceress, smiling lightly Lulu slowly reached out and grabbed Rikku's wrist causing her to stop her playful escapades.

                "Tsk, tsk, tsk, you're teasing me again young lady. What have I taught you about that?" Lulu inquired with a forced stern look, cocking her head to the left in mock thought the young blonde girl smirked lightly.

                "It gets me nowhere, but it does get you hot and bothered." Rikku stated with a sly wink and slowly started to gently bite the older woman's bare shoulders, Lulu suppressed a soft moan and she stroked the petite guardian's tangled tresses.

                "Correct. And do you know what happens when I am hot and bothered as you put it?" Lulu asked while feeling Rikku tenderly sneak a short lick on her collarbone.

                "Um, no not really. Is it something good?" Replied the young Al-Bhed with a slight look of confusion on her face, grinning from ear to ear the dark haired mistress of the black arts wrapped her arms around the younger girl's waist and moved behind her so her chin was gently digging into the blonde thief's shoulder.

                "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But for now I want you to close your eyes and concentrate, take in every thing that I say and do…relax and let your senses expand and envelop you completely." Lulu whispered and gently placed kisses up and down Rikku's neck as her left hand gently cupped the young blonde's breast and her right hand firmly rested on her cute stomach. Rikku leaned into the taller woman's grasp and moaned slightly.

                "Ur kut, bmayca tuh'd cdub Lulu!" The young Al-Bhed whimpered slightly and opened her eyes barely into a squint, gripping the blonde girl harder the ebony haired witch took Rikku's earlobe into her mouth and suckled on it with vigor.

                "Un-un-un, close those beautiful eyes Rikku, and just enjoy what I am doing to you." Whispered Lulu as she slid her hand from the young blonde's stomach to her slightly exposed thighs.

                "But Lulu it feels so good, I want to turn around and kiss you." Begged Rikku as she closed her eyes and obeyed her dark haired lover, smiling Lulu gently rolled the younger girl's hardened nipple through her shirt and let her long fingernails scrape over toned flesh.

                "Hold out your right hand and concentrate all of your energy into your palm," Breathed Lulu in a passionate tone that made Rikku's cheeks turn crimson. "Let me bring you to the edge so you can break the last barrier." Declared the sultry voiced sorceress as she tenderly rubbed the younger guardian's breast and skillfully slipped her hand between the girl's cream coloured thighs.

                "Oh gods Lulu, oh…please…mmm…take me!" Rikku begged as she arched her back in a catlike stretch but kept her blue eyes closed tightly, smiling sweetly the ebony haired witch teasingly grazed her fingertips over the soft exposed skin on the younger girl's legs causing whimpers to escape from the back of her throat with each stroke of her fingernails.

                "Just concentrate, focus everything you feel into your hand then release it…please try." Murmured Lulu as she lowered her lips to Rikku's neck and gently began to suckle on one of the many erogenous zones of the young Al-Bhed, trembling slightly the blonde guardian let out a weak moan as she forced herself not to lose the sight of the older woman's sensuous lesson. Grinning wickedly Lulu could feel Rikku's thin digits begin to twitch with raw unexplored powers as she let her tongue trace up and down the young Al-Bhed's shoulder and neck, the whimpering grew louder as Rikku felt sparks fly from her fingers sending her mind reeling with a sudden burning pain that made her temples pound and her stomach twist up into a frigid knot at the base of her gut.

                "It hurts...Lulu it hurts." Whispered Rikku in a shallow tone that was laced with pain, blinking lightly the dark manned sorceress pulled her mouth away from her young lover's warm flesh and slowly wrapped her arms around the younger guardian's waist.

                "Just a little bit more, you almost have it, just release your energy." Lulu declared in a low tone as she pulled Rikku close to her body pressing her breast into the blonde girl's back, timidly the Al-Bhed flexed her fist closed then opened it letting forth a flash of red light and a sweltering heat. Rikku gasp as she felt her body jerk forward as sweat dripped into her pale hues causing them twitched and began to water from the stinging liquid, suddenly a floodgate of overwhelming relief washed over the young thief causing her body to go limp in the ebony haired woman's arms.

                "Did I do it?" Inquired Rikku in a shallow voice as she lowered her eyes to her shaking hand that was lightly scorched and blood red, a soft sigh escaped Lulu's pale lips as she reached out and gently took hold of the younger girl's petite wrist bringing it up to her face where she tenderly began to administer fluttery kisses to the harmed areas of her thin digits and palm. A warm smile effortlessly crept across the mistress of the black arts face as she shifted her gaze from Rikku's injured hand to her blue whorl pool like eyes and suddenly found herself lost in their depths.

                "You broke the last seal, now your magic will be able to flow effortlessly. I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you about the 'kick back' of your first spell, it only happens once so you don't have to worry about it happening again." Murmured Lulu in an apologetic tone as Rikku turned around without letting their bodies lose contact, giving the older woman a half smile the blonde Al-Bhed snuzzled her face in the crook of Lulu's neck causing the older woman to let a soft throaty purr rumble from her mouth.

                "Hehe, I guess you did help me break my seal. It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would." Retorted the young blonde as she looked up with a sly wink that caused Lulu to blush from the sexual innuendo, Rikku's smirk widened as she leaned in so her nose touched that of the other woman's.

                "Glad to be of service," Lulu murmured lightly as she dipped her head down and brushed her lips barely against that of Rikku's but pulled away teasingly with a impish grin on her pale face.

                "Waa? Lulu," Whined the blonde guardian in a high-pitched voice that was childlike and slightly nerve wrenching, brushing an ebony braid behind her shoulder Lulu darted her tongue out and licked the younger girl's mouth catching her off guard, blinking back a shocked look the slender thief threw her arms around the dark haired woman's waist and all but knocked her down. "Revenge is a dessert best served on a sliver tray." Giggled Rikku as she pressed her lithe frame against the dark haired witch's body, Lulu let out a soft laugh and cupped the Al-Bhed's cheek lovingly.

                "You mean revenge is a dish best served cold, although I would like a little dessert served to me on a silver tray. Mmm, the yummy things we could do with chocolate pudding." Replied Lulu with a deep glint in her red eyes that caused Rikku to flush a dark shade of crimson, slowly a devilish smirk replaced the expression of shock on the young Al-Bhed's face as she raised a slender brow and forced the dirty thought from her mind.

                "Lulu, what I'm I going to do about that overactive libido of yours?" Inquired Rikku as she cocked her head to the left and gave a mock look of thought, with a sardonic frown the fair skinned sorceress tapped her young girlfriend's nose playfully.

                "I could name a few things." Simply stated Lulu as she dropped her serious act and beamed a hopeful smile, Rikku pursed her soft pink lips and suddenly gave the black mage a look of utter innocence.

                "Do they involve chocolate pudding?" Whispered Rikku out loud in a light tone that made heat rise on pale woman's cheeks causing her to look at the ground as if she were a small child caught in the cookie jar.

                "Maybe, maybe not," Declared Lulu in a soft voice as she lifted her line of vision from her feet back onto the thin blonde girl's face finding her smiling almost wickedly at her. "What?"

                "Oh, nothing, it is just that it is getting late. Maybe we should head back to the inn," Rikku dropped her voice and leaned into the older woman barely brushing her lips against her ear as she continued. "Think they have room service, cause I am really looking forward to a Lulu sundae." Rikku purred in a sultry voice as she gently took the black mage's hand and lead her away across the springy grass plains towards the inn they were staying at, as the wind kicked up Lulu finally found her voice again after Rikku's naughty implication, letting out a soft cough the ebony haired witch wrapped her arm around the younger guardian's waist as they strolled across the sweet smelling blades of grass and neared the small run down inn that was run by an Al-Bhed man named Rin.

                "Rikku?" Lulu whispered as she felt the young blonde lay her head on her shoulder, the young thief wrapped her arms around the older woman's waist hugging her awkwardly causing some difficulty as the two walked.

                "Hmm? What is it Lulu?" Inquired the young Al-Bhed as the sorceress suddenly stopped and brought the girl into a tight embrace.

                "I love you, I just want you to know that, you make me smile after I thought I would never be happy again. And, I just hope I make you feel the same way." Lulu muttered in a tone that was low and slightly quivering with emotion, Rikku blinked confusedly for a few moments before she reached out and slowly brought the black mage's face close to her own so her eyes met that of wine red.

                "Lulu, I love you too, you mean the world to me. And I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you here with me, you make me whole Lulu, you make me complete."

                "Whoa, I don't mean to break the touchy moment or anything but Yuna needs to talk to you two, ya." Wakka suddenly said as his stout figure emerged from the doorway of the inn, he gave the two a stern yet knowing smile as he watched the two guardians look his way with careful on edge grins. Lulu gave a short wave as Wakka's face softened a bit as he remembered when the black mage slapped him across the face with a ice spell and gave him the longest lecture on why he was the world's biggest jerk for being close minded and prejudice against different races, he smirked wider and winked at the two women before turning around and walking back inside the inn. Rikku cuddled against Lulu as she stifled a soft yawn.

                "What do you think Yunnie wants to talk to us about?" Rikku asked as she leaned in hanging on the older woman's shoulder like a sleepy child, with a gentle hand Lulu stroked the younger girl's tangled tresses with her slender fingertips.

                "We will just have to go and see." Stated Lulu as she and Rikku stepped away from each other, it was one of the promises that they made to the group, the two guardians promised that they would keep their personal relationship in the bedroom and not to flaunt in front of the rest of the team. As the two guardians entered the small inn their eyes instantly met that of Yuna's green and blue orbs, the young summoner smiled warmly yet her face seemed troubled, it was after all a trait only she possessed.

                "Lulu, Rikku, I have some important news to tell you two. Well, more so Rikku than you Lulu, but that is only because we are going to spend some time on Cid's airship. We are starting to run out of Gil and your father was generous enough to let us stay aboard the Highwind." Concluded Yuna as she looked at a nearby fireplace that crackled as the flames danced weakly.

                "T-t-t-that's nice. I c-c-c-can't wait to see d-d-d-dad again." Stammered Rikku as she suddenly turned paler than the ebony haired sorceress, Lulu twitched slightly as she felt her hands ball into tight fist at the thought of being at the same place as Rikku's older brother.

                "When are we leaving?" Lulu asked in a voice that didn't betray anything she was feeling, blinking back a startled look the young summoner paused a moment before she answered.

                "Tomorrow morning, Cid will come and get us at around seven so both of you be ready." Declared Yuna as she bowed her head and slowly walked away from her cousin and the dark haired witch, as soon as the young summoner was completely out of sight Rikku clung onto the older woman and forced herself not to cry.

                "Lulu, what are we going to do? I don't want to be around him, and…and…and what are we going to tell my dad?! We just can't drop in and go 'oh yeah by the way Cid we're lesbian lovers, just though you ought to know, if ya don't need us we will be in my room for a while.'…what're we gonna do?" Rikku whimpered as she buried her face into Lulu's ample cleavage, with a shaking hand the black mage stroked the blonde Al-Bhed's soft locks of loose braids as she searched her mind for the right answer.

                "I don't know Rikku, I just don't know."

To Be Continued…

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