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Outside Abandoned City

Starscream couldn't believe the outcome. Of all things to happen, the Allspark choosing its Vessel was something he'd never thought he'd see. Seeing Megatron get killed by the human girl turned Vessel, who also became a Cybertronian for a short time, was something he never thought of. Witwicky girl, she was more then what she seemed to be. Getting shot with the energy ball she shot at him which revealed him to the F-22 pilots also annoyed him, where he was hit aching.

And it was just great as well, that he would be the last Decepticon alive on this planet to report back. Starscream grumbled. This was Energon signal, a Decepticon Energon signal. Alive.

Starscream turned, flying in the direction the signal was coming from. Away from the abandoned city, was a familiar Decepticon who was leaning against a rock, looking up at him as he held his wounds. Well, at least some con was also alive beside him.

Starscream transformed, landing in front of Barricade. Barricade narrowed his optics at him, glancing back in the and behind him like he was expecting someone else to follow him.

"No one else is coming," Starscream huffed.

Barricade gave him a look, "And why is that?"

"They're dead," Starscream stated, crossing his arms, "You and I are the only two alive."

Barricade paused, taking in what Starscream just said. When he did, his optics wide before he shot up, grabbing Starscream's throat with a clawed hand. He growled in the second-in-command's face.

"Dead?! Last two?! Megatron died?! How?!"

Starscream shoved Barricade off him, aiming his missiles at him.

"It was the human girl! She killed him!"

"How can the human brat kill him?! She's weaker, smaller, and easily killable!"

"Not anymore! She's the Allspark now!"

"WHAT," Barricade couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was Starscream off spouting lies again?

"The Allspark or Cube chose her! She used her power to kill Megatron! I saw it happen!"

"Your lying!"

"Does this wound look like I'm lying?! Add on to the fact to the fact we can't sense the Allspark anymore?!"

Barricade paused, taking in Starscream's wound and point. As much as he didn't want to believe it, the wound wasn't made by a Decepticon or Autobot weapon. And if the human girl was indeed the Vessel, then...

Barricade sighed, shaking his head as he forced himself to calm down. Starscream lowered his arm, taking a look around and seeing someone who wasn't there.

"Frenzy," Starscream asked.

"Dead as well. Our connection is broken," Barricade revealed, dropping his hands.

Starscream winced. That meant that he and Barricade truly were the last ones sent here. If that was the case, then it meant giving the report would be easier, but taking it on the other hand.

"We gonna give our report," Starscream told Barricade.

Barricade shuddered, imagining and knowing how that will turn out. "I almost rather stay here on this dustbowl of a planet, but I don't want to be here any longer. That and if we don't leave, others will come for us. And we might not make that out unscathed."

Starscream nodded, "Let's not waste time. Sooner, the better."

Starscream jumped and transformed, but didn't take off, staying in place. Barricade grabbed on, holding on tight as Starscream flew off into the sky, past the clouds and Earth's asthenosphere. Starscream normally wouldn't give rides, but the more people giving the report meant less anger focused on him. But it still didn't change the fact that-

"We are so doomed. I hope my memory banks are enough proof about what happened," Starscream groaned.

Hoover Dam

Abelia groaned as something shook her, feeling the warmth on her shoulder and a voice near her ear.

"Abelia, wake up. We're back at the Hoover Dam."

Opening her eyes, Abelia looked around. Spotting Will, she rubbed her eyes and yawned, sitting up. She stretched, looking out the window. Indeed, they were back at the Hoover Dam, the other soldiers and Epps were standing in front of Simmons, who looked glad that they were alive. Bumblebee, Jazz, Ratchet, and Ironhide seemed gleeful about something as they looked at the soldiers. She looked over the soldiers and noticed that some of them looked queasy.

Looking at Will, she raised an eyebrow, "Why do some of your soldiers look like they are sick? Is it because of the battle?"

Will grinned, shaking his head. "No, apparently while you and I were asleep, the others wanted to know how fast the Autobots can go."

Abelia sniggered, "And?"

"We got here faster than how we left, well, they did, Optimus only went a little faster since we were sleeping."

"My Autobots were only faster because we reduced our speed to keep up with the jeeps you were in," Optimus's voice came. Abelia giggled, feeling slightly mischievous for an odd reason.

"At least Ecker doesn't need to worry about injuries, only upset stomachs," Will commented.

Abelia raised an eyebrow, "Ecker?"

"Jake, the medic who wrapped your leg," Will stated, pulling Abelia up, "Come on before the others start wondering if we were taken hostage."

"I wouldn't take you hostage," Optimus exclaimed. Abelia choked at the miffed feeling going through her.

"It's an expression in a way," Abelia told Optimus, rubbing her chest, "Any reason why I should feel strange feelings?"

"I'll...tell you when everyone is together," Optimus said as Will stepped out of his cabin, Abelia following. Honestly, Optimus was a little worried about how Abelia would take it since in his race's history, Vessel's or Primes would deny the bond. It wouldn't break, but neither side would feel a thing.

When Abelia and Will were far enough away, Optimus transformed. The three of them made their way over to the rest. Simmons looked at them, waving his hand with a grin.

"Glad to see you in one piece," Simmons looked at them some more before giving a little frown, "Where's the Cube thing?"

"Umm, it dissipated," Abelia slowly said, rubbing the back of her head, "Tell you when we get to Keller."

Simmons nodded, waving his hand, "Follow me, there's a hanger we can talk in. Glen and Maggie managed to help Keller get word to the Pentagon. Keller said he's gonna talk to the Autobots, enemies of the Decepticons who attacked us, first before you guy's plan anything. Keller says he has something to say to the soldiers that that will make their day."

The hanger was big, big enough for Optimus to stand fully and not hunched over as he did in the tunnels because his head almost hit the ceiling. It had a platform so the larger bots like Optimus, Ironhide, and Ratchet could stand without hunching over. Next to the platform were some old looking trailer trucks and a tank.

Maggie, Glen, and Keller were sitting around a table on top of the platform. Food and drinks all over the table. Maggie was eating a sandwich, a bottle of water next to her. Glen had some donuts and a hoagie, also with bottled water. Keller was eating a sandwich as well, a cup of orange juice next to his plate as well as a folder.

When they saw the Autobots, the three of them stopped eating, which made Abelia laugh since Maggie and Keller had food in their mouths and Glen dropped his hoagie. Abelia's laugh snapped the three out of their dazes.

Maggie, Glen, and Keller introduced themselves to the Autobots and since they were in battle anymore, Abelia learned Butch's last name was Wenn, the dark-skinned soldier who said the jeeps exploded was named Trevor Davey, the two soldiers who were in Ironhide's cabin were named Chad Devin and Andy Zue. The last soldier, Abelia didn't see, but he was with Epps with Jazz was named Michael Jeeves.

After the Autobots introduced themselves, the standing humans each took a spot at the table, grabbing something to eat and drink. Abelia taking a seat close to the railing, Will and Epps sitting next to her. Optimus was standing close as he could to the platform, Ironhide leaning against the wall, Ratchet was looking at the computer on his arm, Jazz was standing on the trailer of a truck so he could be seen, and Bumblebee was sitting on a tank.

The silence that filled the room wasn't uncomfortable, it was just one people didn't know how to start. Abelia, not liking tension, spoke up.

"You know, this reminds me of going to school for the first time. The other kids were young and were wondering why a kid two years older than them was in the class with them instead of with the older kids," Abelia stated.

"Why were you," Maggie asked, looking at the teen.

Abelia paused before she was about to take a drink, looking over at the analyst. She huffed, shaking her head, "My parents didn't let me go to school when I supposed to. I wasn't as smart then I was now. I got smarter before I have moved up two grades, the one I was supposed to be in."

"Why didn't they let you go to school," Glen asked, confused.

Abelia looked down, taking a quick drink before setting down her cup, "I overheard them saying I don't deserve in class with other kids cause my circumstances. In fact, I think that's when I started rebelling a little bit before outright started doing things my way instead of the way they wanted me to do. I realized that they were holding me back."

Will grumbled, displeased. Epps shook his head. Everyone else was looking at each other, taking this in. The Autobots were mad but hid it well. Abelia, however, felt anger coursing through her. She rubbed her chest once again.

Simmons looked uncomfortable when Abelia mentioned her parents, looking at his pocket. He clapped his hands, getting attention.

"Well, the four of us managed to get the word out, but Frenzy attacked us," Simmons told them.

"Are you alright," Ratchet asked, looking up from his computer.

"We're fine," Keller waved his hand, "He shot these disc-blades at us, but he lost track of one and it took off his head. We found out that Frenzy was the Hacker who attacked Air Force One. Simmons placed his head in a case to prevent him from doing anything else. Abelia mentioned she cut Frenzy's head off, which how did you?"

Abelia giggled, "I found a buzz-saw."

The Autobots looked up what a buzz-saw was before letting out their own laughs. The soldiers, Maggie, Glen, Simmons, and Keller had a hard time trying to keep their laughter in. But everyone made a little note not to get on Abelia's bad side.

"Well, Banachek was placed under arrest for trying to stop you and for making sure no one came to help us while we were under attack by Frenzy. He's got his own little room," Maggie told, smiling a bit.

Keller opened the folder and grabbed a pen from his pocket, "Now, what happened on your end? I gotta write this down."

"What happened to the Cube and Megatron," Simmons asked.

"I'll tell you. When I woke up, the Autobots filled me let on the battle," Will sat straight up. He took a quick look around at his team, the Autobots, and then finally, Abelia. He looked back at Keller.

"After leaving with the Cube, we rendezvoused with the Autobots on route to the abandoned city. Optimus fell back to buy us more time and to take care of a Decepticon closing in. Minutes passed once we entered the city, but the Decepticons ambushed us. Abelia ran off with the Cube to protect it and us since Decepticons were closing in and Megatron just arrived. Ironhide and Ratchet ran after her as Bumblebee and Jazz stayed with us. Optimus was on his way."

Keller took notes, paying attention to what Will was saying. The Autobots were as well, letting Will take the reins and waiting for him to cue them in if he did.

"Ironhide and Ratchet found Abelia being attacked by Blackout, the...same Decepticon who attacked the Qatar base," Will paused, looking down a bit. Abelia placed a hand on his should, feeling bad for Will and his men who lost their fellow comrades.

Will shook his head, lifting it again, "After Ironhide and Ratchet saved Abelia from Blackout, the three of them were attacked by Starscream. Abelia was forced to run off alone again. She came across Optimus and Megatron fighting and ran off to escape Megatron. I think this part Abelia can tell."

Abelia looked surprised but understood. She took a deep breath before speaking.

"I ran inside a building to escape Megatron, who left his fight with Optimus to get me and the Allspark I was holding. I ran up the stairs to the second floor, but the stairs to the third floor was blocked so I had to run across the second floor to find another set of stairs. I can remember the floor behind me shattering as Mehatron broke through it. He tried to grab me, but I slipped away. I got to the roof and saw some choppers, but I also saw Starscream. I tried yelling at them to go away and look out, didn't matter."

Abelia sniffed, rubbing her nose. She couldn't save them, even after trying to change it, they still died. Everyone looked at Abelia in pitty, but the Autobots even more-so.

"Seers can't stop everything. You're not the only one who tried," Optimus spoke in his language so only Abelia could understand him. Abelia weakling smiled at him.

"After that, Megatron broke through the ceiling and Starscream was watching me. I took cover behind a statue, but those statues are at the top of the building and on the edge. Megatron told me if I handed over the Allspark, I would live to be his pet."

The Autobots didn't hide their growls or their anger this time.

"Disgraceful," Ironhide stated.

"Megatron," Optimus simply said, holding and shaking his head.

"I refused and Megatron tried to knock me off the building with his Mace, but Optimus was there so I jumped. Optimus caught me and started making his way down. Megatron jumped and pulled us down the rest of the way. Optimus shielding me. Optimus and Megatron fought and I hide, watching the fight. The F-22's helped and by that time, Will and his men and the other Autobots caught up and we worked together trying to defeat Megatron. During all this, I got tired."

Keller nodded, "I can understand that. You were probably running for long periods of time."

Abelia shook her head, "No, not sleepy. I was just tired of running away, of people getting hurt. I didn't want to do that anymore. What happened after that, I didn't expect."

"What was it," Keller asked, finishing on writing a note.

Abelia looked at Optimus, wondering if it was alright. Optimus nodded, raising his hand and placing it on the railing. Abelia looked back at Keller.

"The Allspark started glowing. It felt like it reacting to what I was saying. Its energy flowed around me and went inside me. I could feel the power coursing in me. Suddenly, I was taller and metal. I'd somehow become a Cybertronian as tall as Ironhide. I shot a ball of energy, taking him down. Megatron flew into a rage. He tried attacking me, not stopping as everyone fired at him. He grabbed me, said the Allspark was his and...and..."

Abelia couldn't get the words past her mouth. She bit her lip, ignoring the shocked looks Maggie, Glen, Simmons, and Keller were giving her.

It didn't matter Megatron was a tyrant who could have killed her, who killed many before that. She killed him in anger. She wasn't a killer. She bowed her head, placing it in her hands.

"Abelia got mad," Will took over, "She shot some energy at Megatron's chest and killed him. After that, we all made our way back here."

Maggie, Glen, Keller, and Simmons looked shocked at Abelia. Abelia could feel their stares but didn't look up at them.

"Are you alright? Do you feel different," Simmons asked, looking concerned.

Abelia sighed, "I'm fine and no, I feel normal. The Allspark became part of me. I don't feel any different, but I do feel it inside me. I know it's there."

"I don't understand. The Allspark belongs to your kind. Shouldn't the Allspark go inside one of you instead of Abelia," Epps asked.

Jazz shook his head, "The Allspark doesn't work like dat. It has a mind o' it's own. Dat's how it chooses its Vessel."

"What," came the most received response. Bumblebee stepped up.

"From what I was told, the Allspark chooses it's Vessel's based on their soul and spirit. The more they want to protect others than themselves or protecting the Allspark from those who would misuse it, the more likely the Allspark would choose them. Vessel's also become protective of the Allspark inside of them. As it protects them, the Vessel will protect it. If anyone voices their intent on using the power for themselves, based on how much intent will decide how angry the Vessel gets. Megatron had a lot of intent, and Abelia's anger got him killed. Did I get it right," Bumblebee looked at his friends at the last bit.

"Yes, Bumblebee, you did," Optimus said.

"But Abelia's human, not your kind," Maggie said, "How was she able to become a..." Maggie stumbled over the word, "Cyber-Cybertrona-Cybertra-"

"Cybertronian," Ironhide rumbled, "And we don't know."

"Actually, we do," Ratchet said, pressing a final button on his computer, "Abelia is part Cybertronian."

Abelia gasped, snapping her head over at Ratchet. Everyone else also looked at Ratchet, shock and disbelief in their eyes and optics.

"What," Abelia choked out.

Ratchet raised a hand to his version of a tumble, a hologram appeared in front of him. It was Abelia, only one half of her looked human while the other was the Cybertronian form she took in the abandoned city.

"Abelia is a Hybrid between a human and Cybertronian. How? I do not know. But Abelia had been a Hybrid all her life, probably where the Energon inside her came from or why it doesn't hurt her. The first time Abelia had a vision was most likely caused her Cybertronian half to awaken."

"What," Simmons asked, looking at the eighteen-year-old in question. Abelia looked at Optimus, who nods his head that it was alright.

"I'm a Cybertronian Seer. It's how I know things people don't expect me to know," Abelia says, "I passed out in my classroom, only to wake up in Colonel Sharp's head. But that was the future, I could only watch as Blackout started his attack. Then, I end up in Will's head, which is how I meet him. After a couple of visions, including one where Sector Seven comes to the house, I found that in past or future visions, I was in my own body, but in the present vision, I was in someone's head. So far, when I wanted to see something, I saw it."

"Shocked me a lot," Will stated, "But when I saw Abelia was just as confused as I was, I realized that she had no idea how she ended up in my head. We started talking after that."

"As for the Energon," Ratchet started, "It's like acid for humans. If any of you were to accidentally touch Energon, you would get burned or it could go right through your skin. It's how Bumblebee found Abelia in the first place, the Energon signal she gave off. We thought if we could find her, Decepticons would as well. When she had a connection to the location of the Allspark, we knew she had to be protected. Only, we didn't expect her to make the move and contact us after having a vision of Blackout attacking the base in Qatar."

"Please note that we are trusting you with this information," Optimus said, "This is not to be handed to anyone for in the wrong hands, Abelia could end up hurt or worse. We are telling you and trusting you not to tell anyone else, including your superiors."

Keller nodded, "I understand. I swear on my life I will not tell anyone."

"Me too," Simmons said, "Abelia deserves it at that very least."

"I will to," Maggie said as Glen raised his hand saying, "Count me in."

Abelia looked down at her hands, flexing them. Now that Ratchet said that, she could feel the other side of herself. She could feel her other half. She transformed into her other side when she got the power of the Allspark. How about now?

She kept an eye on her hands, thinking about transforming. At first, nothing happened. Then, her hands shifted, changing from flesh to metal. She looked down, feeling her clothes and found they were metal now. Moving hands though her hair showed that were tiny metal taking the sharp of her hair.

She looked up, seeing everyone was watching her.

"I just.. thought about it," Abelia stated.

Abelia looked at her left hand and moved it her away from the table, pointing in down at the floor. She thought about the blade or the blaster appeared before. Nothing happened at first. Abelia had to struggle to call them forth and even then, the blade and the blaster disappeared only after a second. Abelia sighed heavily, feeling weak, and held her head.

"My head, it's killing me."

"Killing you," Bumblebee said, alarmed.

"It means I feel weak," Abelia spoke.

"Transform back to your human self," Ratchet ordered, "Right now!"

Abelia transformed back into her human self. She breathed heavily, leaning back into her seat. Her other form took a lot out of her. Will handed her drink to her, Abelia taking a drink.

"Your other form needs Energon. Your human half is keeping you awake, but as I said, you need fresh Energon or you'll slip into a coma," Ratchet said.

"She was fine earlier," Jake said, "When she changing the first time."

"That's because she was getting the Allspark's power. Now, Abelia can create Energon as previous Vessel's could, but that takes years of practice. Abelia doesn't have that much time. We can make it, but the time it's on our side," Ratchet stated.

"Coma," Glen asked, "You could end up in a coma?"

Abelia nodded, finding the strength to sit up again, "Yeah. Without Energon, my body will shut down. Without it, I can't live. The Autobots promised to help me."

"I can see that Abelia needs to stay with the Autobots," Keller says, "This is a good reason."

"You would try and help Abelia," Maggie asked, looking at the Autobots.

"Yes. Abelia is a friend n' we want ta help her. We've otha Autobots fall from da lack o' Energon n' die. Dat's a painful way ta go. We don't want Abelia ta share their fate," Jazz spoke.

"Honorable," Butch said and his friends agreed.

Optimus sighed, remembering Autobots who fell because of the lack of Energon. He did not want Abelia to share their fate. His spark just got used to their new bond.

Abelia rubbed her chest, feeling sadness plague her. Deciding that now was a good time to ask, Abelia looked at Optimus.

"Optimus, why do I feel emotions that don't seem to be mine," Abelia asked.

Optimus looked at Abelia, knowing that she deserves to know the truth about it. He could only hope she took it well and not freak out.

"After Prima, the Goddess of Life, Vessel's and Prime's started having bonds. It was a sibling bond. Even though they weren't true Primes, they still bonded. When Abelia became the Vessel, our bond came to exists. We were already friends which sped up the process. We feel what each other feels. The bond can be rejected if one or both don't want the bond. But in human terms, Abelia and I are brother and sister now," Optimus said.

Abelia looked at Optimus, shocked, "I was feeling what you were feeling."

Optimus nodded, keeping his optics on Abelia only. He only wanted to know what she was thinking. If she accepted the bind, then everything is fine, but if she rejected the bond, then he didn't know.

Abelia was silent, taking in what Optimus told her. A brother, she had a brother now. She could feel the nervousness coming through from Optimus's end. He was nervous about telling her. But why would he be worried about her rejecting the bond? He cared about her, more then Ron and Judy did. If anything, she was happy.

"Optimus, I'm glad that we're siblings now. But I believe even without this bond, we would have been on our way to that," Abelia stood up, pointing her finger at Optimus, "But if you thought I wasn't gonna accept this bond, you're so wrong!"

Optimus smiled, laughing. He was glad that Abelia accepted the bond. Abelia walked over, placing a hand on Optimus's metal hand. Optimus brought his head down a bit, letting Abelia place a hand on his face and lean her head on his.

"Thank you," Optimus said.

The Autobots cheered, clapping their hands. They were clearly happy at this. The humans, while not knowing as much, smiled for the clearly happy two. Abelia backed up, wiping the tears from her eyes. Optimus did the same thing, wiping the coolant from his optics.

Seeing the alien leader cry of happiness made the humans see just how like the Autobots were, considering the fact the other Autobots were hiding their faces. Abelia turned to Will.

"This okay with you," Abelia questioned.

Will chuckled, "Abelia, this is something important I'd tell you. Family isn't an important thing, it's everything."

"That, I agree with you," Optimus nodded his head to Will.

Keller smiled, looking down at the notes he made, some of which he crossed off and wrote on the other paper, planning on burning the original after to prevent the wrong hands getting it.

"A peace treaty will have to be set up, but is there anything you Autobots don't want to share with us or want done? It will be easier for tomorrow when we talk to the World Council."

Optimus nodded, knowing what he wanted.

"We will not share our weapons. We will not share our weakness unless to those we trust. If we don't want to tell humans about something of our history, respect that and leave it be. Unless they choose not to, the soldiers and humans who helped us can be with us. We will not be experimented on in any way or form. The power of the Allspark will no longer be researched unless the Vessel says otherwise. Abelia Witwicky is to stay with us, no questions about that. These are the important ones, the rest and can wait."

The soldiers were shocked that Optimus wanted them to stay. Abelia wasn't for she knew the last part was coming.

"You want us to stay," Will asked, looking at the Autobots.

"Of course we do," Ironhide exclaimed, "It's not everyday Autobots make new allies from different worlds"

"Even more when they surprise us. You all showed that we can trust you on the battlefield, so we can trust you off it," Ratchet placed his hands on his hips.

"After all, trusting you will be a lot easier than trusting people who are not you," Bumblebee stated, smiling as he waved his hand.

"So unless you want to go, you're stuck with us," Jazz gestured to his comrades.

"Unless you want to leave, we won't stop you," Optimus added.

Will looked at his men. They all shared and silent conversation before smiling, letting out laughs and chuckles. Epps looked back at the Autobots, giving them a thumbs up.

"And it's not everyone you team up with beings from another world! We're staying," Epps exclaimed.

Keller nodded, "I understand your points. I'll also tell the World Council that the only team you'll work with is the one you fought alongside with. I guess Maggie, Glen, and, Simmons are also in?"

Optimus nodded. Maggie and Glen looked trilled, smiles so big Abelia was worried that their cheeks would hurt. However, Simmons shook his head, declining the offer to join.

"As much as I like to, and believe me I do, I think going home to my mother is what I'm gonna do. I haven't seen her in years. Sector Seven isn't gonna last and I'll be out of the job. Going home is my plan, I'm sticking with it," Simmons said.

"I understand. I wish you luck," Optimus stated. Simmons smirked.

"Well, if that is all, then we can-" Keller started putting the notes away but was interrupted by Abelia, who moved away from Optimus and was now standing near the table again, raising her hand.

"Hold on a moment," Abelia spoke, looking at Keller, "The Autobots are gonna need a speaker, a liaison, an ambassador; someone to bridge them with humans. I'm human and I'm Cybertronian and I've known the Autobots longer than anyone else. I want to be the one in that role."

The Autobots let out sounds of surprise, not expecting that. Keller thought it over, rubbing his chin. After about a minute, he spoke up again.

"It won't be easy. The World Council will want someone they would choose, but if the Autobots say they want you to be, then I guess they will have no choice but to accept that. But you will need to prepare yourself to prove that you can do it without the Autobots help or the World Council will think you're just letting them do everything," Keller said.

Abelia smirked, crossing her arms, "Let them try and tell me not to. I'm gonna be the liaison for the Autobots and humans. Nothing they say will stop me from that."

"You're sure about this, Abelia," Will asked, worried for the girl, "I know it will be stressful."

"And stress can cause a coughing fit or something else while you are like this," Ratchet said, reminding Abelia of the danger.

Abelia huffed, "If I ran from things that can cause me stress, that alone will give me stress. Yes, I want this. Let me do this."

Will sighed, smiling a little. He looked at the Autobots and shrugged, "We know her enough to tell that we can't stop her. The best thing we can do is stand by her side."

"I agree," Optimus said, turning his gaze from Will to Abelia, "But on the condition that Abelia will be careful and we'll tell us when she is feeling stressed, no matter how small."

Abelia sighed but nodded, "If that's the only way to ease you all, then yes, I agree."

"Then it's settled," Keller said, putting the folder away, "My only question now Abelia is what are you gonna tell your parents?"

Simmons coughed and grimaced, pulling a laptop out from under his seat, grabbing the hard drive from his pocket and plugging it in. A play button appeared on the black screen of the laptop, but Simmons did not press it. Simmons hated to ruin the good mood everyone seemed to have. Oh, this was not gonna go well and from how close Captain Lennox and his team and Autobots were to Abelia, it will not be good. Or how Abelia was gonna take it.

"I hate to ruin the good mood everyone seems to have, but Abelia, there's something I got to tell you," Simmons said, "It's about your parents."

Abelia froze, dropping her arms. She did not like the way Simmons said that or the way he's face closed off. Neither did everyone else, shifting uneasily.

"What is it," Abelia says uneasily.

Simmons sighed, raising a hand to his head.

"We brought them in after you called the house. We thought they might know something and how they acted when you called got our attention. We asked them questions about you, to see if we could find you. When they were being questioned, they had enough and said something."

When Simmons didn't speak, Abelia yelled at him, not able to take the tension and discomfort, "What did they say?!"

"They disowned you."

Abelia choked, stumbling. Will caught her before she fell.

Disowned. Ron and Judy disowned her. Why? What did she do? What had she done that made them disown her? Why did they disown her? Don't they care that she's technically without parents now?

"What does disowned mean," Bumblebee asked, "Why does sound so bad?"

"Because it is," Will growled, holding Abelia close, "Disowning means refusing to acknowledge or maintain any connection. By disowning Abelia, her parents no longer declare themselves her parents."

"What," Ironhide growled, optics flashing red.

In fact, all of the Autobots optics were flashing red. They looked truly angry now.

"Why are your eyes flashing red," Epps asked.

"Our optics change color with what we feel. Most of the time, their blue, but when we're angry, they turn red," Ratchet explained, clutching his hands, "When they flash, it means that we are trying not to lose control. If we do, we'll go on a rampage."

Abelia looked at the Autobots, seeing their anger and feeling Optimus's, "Don't lose it for me."

It took a couple of minutes, but the Autobots calmed down enough for their optics to stop flashing. Abelia, turned back to Simmons, looking at the laptop.

"Why the laptop?"

"I believe you deserve to know the reason they disowned you."

Abelia stared at the laptop, the very thing that held her answers. Does she dare find the truth? But if she doesn't, it will haunt her.

"Play it."

Simmons pressed play and the video started. Abelia held onto Will, watching the recording of her former parents play.

"Listen, your daughter is out there and you might be targeted as well," Simmons said.

Judy placed her other hand on top of Ron's. Ron huffed, holding his wife's hand as he glared at Simmons, "We didn't ask to take care of her."

"We didn't mean for her to come into our lives," Judy stated.

Simmons blinked, "Are you saying you regret giving birth to your daughter?"

"She's not our daughter," Ron yelled, "She fell out the sky!"

Simmons looked weirdly at Ron, "Fell out of the sky?"

"It's true, " Judy said, "Abelia was never ours. We were just driving and stopped the car for a picnic. As we were eating, a comet came down and landed on our car. We ducked for cover, getting covered in dirt and grim. We went and checked it out and saw the comet. It destroyed our car."

"We watched as the comet shifted, becoming a small metal form. After pouring water over it and having it cool down, both of us touched it, " Ron looked at his hand as if he was remembering it, "It zapped us both. Next thing we know, its metal is changing. One second, we were staring at an alien, the next we were staring at a human baby."

"Police arrived and brought us and the baby alien to the hospital. As we were getting checked out, we tried telling people that the baby wasn't ours. But the doctors and nurses thought we hit our heads because the baby alien's blood matched ours. I think that happened because we touched it," Judy explained.

"Since it was a newborn, we thought about handing the baby over to an orphanage. But word got out and our business associates wanted to see our baby, to see how cute they were. The nurses named the baby Abelia after some flowers on their desks. Next thing we know, we're raising an alien girl," Ron said.

"We raised her well, but after a certain age, we started distancing ourselves from her. We wanted a normal human child, not an alien child. We tried raising her as human as we could, but she was different and we could see that," Judy spoke.

"So you can have her. We don't want her anymore. She is no longer our daughter. In fact, she never was," Ron stated.

Simmons stared at the two for a couple of seconds before getting out of his seat and walking to the door. Before he left, he turned and looked at the two.

"Both of you are monsters."

Simmons left the room.

The video stops right there. Silence reigned in the room, all parties shocked at what they've just seen and disgusted by Ron's and Judy's actions.

"Reports from eighteen years ago prove that a comet did strike their car," Simmons stated.

"No one followed through," Will asked, looking furious.

Simmons shook his head.

"If Abelia came to Earth as a comet, then that means she was sparked on Cybertron and somehow came to Earth," Optimus rumbled, "Still, it doesn't change the fact what...those two did...was wrong on many levels."

Abelia looked at Optimus, remembering what he said about his past, one he didn't tell anyone but her. She didn't know why he didn't tell anyone, but the similarly brought her some comfort that Optimus knew what she was feeling.

Still, knowing she was Cybertronian born didn't help that she was taken in because there was no choice. Now she knows why Ron looked at that way in her vision. But what does that matter? She has people who are worth more than anything else now.

"It will take time for me to deal with it," Abelia pushed herself away from Will, "But I don't are. I got people who cared more about me then Ron and Judy have in years. I'm upset, but I'm happy that I know the truth now."

Abelia smiled, wiping her eyes from the tears inside them. She could feel the calming waves coming from Optimus, feeling him trying to calm her down.

"I'm staying with the Autobots. Makes sense because the Decepticons might come after me now, " Abelia stated.

"Shez right," Jazz stated, "Starscream n' Barricade r' still alive. They probably left ta git mo' Decepticons."

"But human records say that she means to have a human guardian," Maggie stated, "Eighteen or not, people who don't know about all this will want a record."

"You can put me down," Will says.

"You sure," Abelia asked.

Will nodded, "Abelia, I don't mind and I know for sure my wife won't mind it either. I feel close to you and I know you deserve to have someone human in your corner."

"We can create fresh Energon for Abelia, to hold her over for a while," Ratchet said.

"Sir, what about their families," Glen asked, pointing to the soldiers. The soldiers looked at each other, wondering about that as well.

"I'll send word to your families, let them know that you're alive. We still need to go over things and you guys will need to stay about two days for some more debriefing as we go over the peace treaty," Keller said.

Will hummed, looking around. He was looking back and forth between the Autobots and his men, thinking something over. He tapped his chin before looking over at Optimus, walking up to him.

"Optimus, would you oppose to working with humans," Will asked.

Optimus shook his head, "I wouldn't oppose. We worked well together during the battle."

"I was thinking about making a taskforce, Autobots and humans working together. We can work together to stop Decepticon threats. And before you say we can't, we already fought against Decepticon," Will said.

Optimus blinked, looking Will over. He hummed, bring a hand to his chin as he tilted his head down. He looked over at his Autobots. They looked between each other. After a moment, each Autobot grinned.

"They did fight against the Decepticons as other Autobots would," Ironhide said.

"They r' stronga then what they seem ta be," Jazz grinned.

"I wouldn't mind working alongside them," Bumblebee added.

"This would prove to be interesting," Ratchet stated.

Optimus nodded, turning to look at Will, "We'll be happy to work alongside you."

"That's great," Will clapped, glad his idea was approved by the Autobot Leader.

Abelia grinned as she watched two different races come together. This is something she will never forget. She will always remember this moment when these two groups came together.

And maybe these two groups she's grown to care for can come closer as one big family.

"Hey! Figs will never believe this when we tell him," Epps suddenly yelled out, "He's sure missing out in his hospital room!"

Everyone laughed.

Oh, yeah. She could totally see everyone getting along. And she would be able to watch all happen. And she couldn't be happier seeing it happen.

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