So, here it is, the second chapter of Raptor of the 20th Ward.

EDIT: It's worth noting that this will be following the manga mostly, but hybridising some elements from the anime, such as Dr Fueguchi being alive until relatively recently (as compared to the months prior to the manga).




His father was working late, of course. Dr Asaki Fueguchi was frequently busy at work. And Harry, after dinner (his mother and sister had only recently eaten, and Ghouls could subsist on an entire body for a month), was helping his little sister Hinami do some study. Due to his mother's not unreasonable fears about Hinami slipping up and revealing the fact that she was a Ghoul to her classmates, Hinami was being homeschooled. Harry had been homeschooled himself, until Mahoutokoro came calling, telling the Fueguchis that Harry was a wizard…and if that weren't shocking enough, that he was famous back in Britain.

Harry didn't really like the wizards in general. Oh, there were many good ones, but they were so obsessed with blood status here, it wasn't funny. Not to mention that a few idiots looked down on Harry for being a foreigner. If they knew who his adoptive family were, then his status would plummet, though only a few people knew the truth for sure in Mahoutokoro.

In any case, he was helping Hinami with learning to read kanji. It was, admittedly, a learning experience for him at times too, as he was still struggling somewhat with certain kanji characters, something that had caused him trouble at Mahoutokoro. Plus, he wanted to spend time with his little sister. Hinami was shy, like Ken was, and like Harry had been. Only around her family, or with friends like Touka, who she called 'big sis', did she come out of her shell more. Then again, Hinami was improving lately. She was becoming more and more cheerful, despite the cruelty of an existence of being an obligate cannibal, hunted by the CCG.

Harry found it an irony how the Fueguchis treated him more like family than the Dursleys. Of course, discovering that they were Ghouls was a shock. It had been a week since they had taken him in…and then, he saw them eating raw flesh, their sclerae black, their irises crimson, the distinctive signs of a Ghoul's kakugan or 'red eye'…

He had run. He had fled the family who had taken him in…only to run into another Ghoul, one who decided to attack him. But Asaki saved him, using his kagune to kill that Ghoul. Harry had been nearly killed in the process, and indeed, his father claimed that Harry's heart stopped a couple of times during the operation…and for some reason, a black smoke seemed to waft from his scar.

It took weeks for Harry to accept that his new family was not fattening him up to eat him, that they genuinely wanted to raise him like their own son. It took longer still for the barriers to truly come down. But eventually, Harry accepted his new family.

Of course, things weren't always easy. Shortly after being admitted to Mahoutokoro, an old man by the name of Dumbledore came calling, trying to persuade Harry to attend schooling in Britain, at some place called Hogwarts, and for Harry to return to the Dursleys. However, after much discussion, the old man eventually admitted defeat. He had discovered that the Fueguchis were Ghouls…and they were worried he would expose that, but the old man, surprisingly, didn't. Then again, he used Legilimency to confirm their good intentions.

Not that it stopped some prick from entering him into what was supposed to be the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Thankfully, he could commute using a Portkey, but he did stay for longer than he had to, staying for days at a time. Admittedly, he made few friends at Hogwarts, but it was more than he made at Mahoutokoro. Hermione, the Weasley Twins, their younger brother Ron and younger sister Ginny, a shy boy called Neville and a rather dotty girl called Luna. Oh, and that girl Fleur and that boy Cedric.

He despised how a lot of them either hated him, or fawned all over him for being the Boy Who Lived. Harry had to channel some of Touka's scarier faces and sayings to get them to piss off. Then again, by that point, his relationship with Touka had improved enough that, when he asked her to come to the Yule Ball with him, she said yes, albeit reluctantly. They did have to claim that she had eaten before she came to the Yule Ball, so that her lack of eating wouldn't look suspicious.

Of his friends from Hogwarts, Harry only confided the truth about Touka and his family to Hermione, though Luna figured it out. Hermione, understandably, had been shocked, but upon learning that Dumbledore had okayed the Fueguchis as Harry's guardians, decided to accept that.

That year wasn't without its trials and travails, though. Aside from that prick Snape and a rather irritating blonde called Malfoy, Harry had to deal with a bitch of a paparazzi called Rita Skeeter, those three Tasks…and the man who wanted him dead from an early age. Thankfully, by that point, Harry had stolen his first Quinque…and used it to kill Voldemort, as well as most of his followers.

Of course, later on, after that debacle had been sorted out, he got a new person coming to Tokyo: a werewolf by the name of Remus Lupin. Long story short, Lupin had been a friend of the Potters, but hadn't been allowed to adopt Harry due to anti-werewolf laws that were, while not as draconian as the anti-Ghoul laws, were not far from it. Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, had died, having his soul sucked out by Dementors sent to capture him. He wasn't a traitor to the Potters, though, as it turned out. He'd managed to persuade Dumbledore and Remus that another friend of the Potters, Peter Pettigrew, had been the true traitor, and had been hiding out as a pet rat. Unfortunately, Pettigrew escaped, and Sirius, in the ensuing commotion, was Kissed by a Dementor, his name forever tarnished.

Then again, Pettigrew was one of those Harry tore apart with his Quinque in the graveyard, so Sirius was avenged.

Remus had helped tutor Harry in magic outside of Mahoutokoro. Unlike many others, when he learned Harry was being raised by Ghouls, his only reaction was concern and a little shock, not an instant desire for Harry to be taken away from them. Ghouls and werewolves were not unalike in many regards, after all, given the way they were treated by society, even if they tried to hide the monster within.

Harry was broken from his reverie by Hinami, who was gently tugging at his sleeve. "Big brother, I've finished my exercises."

Harry looked at them, and nodded, cuddling his little sister, bring her close. He knew that she felt comforted by his smell, rather than having her hunger awoken. "We'll have to get Mum to check them to be sure."

Hinami nodded. "Can Miss Hemai-onii come around soon?"

"It's Hermione, Hinami, and if she's got spare time, yes," Harry said.

"She's nice…even if she asks me all those questions," Hinami said.

"Hermione's like that," Harry said.

"She has a funny name."

"It comes from Shakespeare. The Winter's Tale," he said.

It was at that point that Ryoko, his adoptive mother, came in. A rather demure-looking woman with light brown hair, she smiled at Harry and Hinami. "Oh, you're done, Hinami? May I look?"

Hinami nodded, and Ryoko began looking through the notebook, before she looked at Hinami. "Very good, Hinami, but you got some of the characters wrong. Don't worry, a lot of children your age find them difficult."

"Yeah, see, this is why the English alphabet is better," Harry snarked. "26 letters, not 46 hiragana, 46 katakana, and Merlin knows how many kanji."

"Now, now, none of your cheek, Harry," Ryoko said, though her smile remained on her face. "Hinami, dear, you can go and watch TV. They're repeating Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha."

Hinami smiled, and scurried out of the small study, whereupon Ryoko sat down with a sigh. "So, did Mr Yoshimura tell you about what happened?"

"Well, if it's about the Brits potentially coming over, not to mention the Binge-Eating Bitch moving into Nerima, then yes," Harry said. "Dad knows, right?"

Ryoko nodded. "He's going to be careful. That being said, I think we all should be. Harry…are you going to hunt Rize?"

"Maybe. If I mail her head to the CCG, then maybe the Doves will leave us the hell alone," Harry said. "The problem is, Grandpa said that Aogiri Tree may be interested in Rize, and you know they're bad news."

"…Then be careful. Rize may appear reckless, but she's been able to evade the Doves before. We'd best pray that what happened at the Aqua Club is all that Rize is going to do," Ryoko said.

"Yeah, well, you and I know that's not going to happen. Rize's going to gorge herself until the Doves come calling, and leave us to deal with the inevitable fallout," Harry said. "Even that wanker Nishiki or that freak Tsukiyama and his allies know better. I need to protect you and Hinami. I've resigned myself to a life of death and violence to protect those I care about. You know this, Mum."

Ryoko nodded sadly. "Yes, I do know. I just hoped…with you in our family, we could have some semblance of normality."

"…Mum, you, Dad and Hinami are obligate cannibals, and I'm a wizard who was thought the Brits' messiah. Normal doesn't enter into it."

Ryoko laughed, somewhat bleakly, at her adoptive son's blunt assessment of the situation. Harry knew that she didn't like what he did on their behalf, if only because she didn't want him to be a violent person. But it was a violent world, and she knew he did it for their sake…

A couple of days later, Harry's main mobile trilled, in the evening, as he was out on patrol. It was Touka. "Hello?" he asked, his mask's voice changer lowering his voice into an eldritch growl.

"Raptor, I've just spotted Rize. She's walking with Kaneki towards the building site near Takada Building Street. I can't help the wimp, I'm with Yoriko."

Harry looked around. Thankfully, he wasn't that far away. "I'll be there soon." With that, he changed…becoming a green-eyed falcon. He was technically an unregistered Animagus, but he'd be damned if he'd tell the local Ministry all of his tricks, especially considering many were arseholes.

He flew, and found Ken running for his life, Rize striding unhurriedly behind. But even as he dived down, he saw the crimson tendrils of Rize's kagune lash out and skewer Ken. Harry transformed just behind Rize in time for the bitch to hurl him into a wall. "Get away from him!" Harry snarled.

Rize turned to look at him, cocking her head, her kakugan on full display. He knew what she was seeing, a dark trenchcoat, a fedora, and a mask that looked like an falcon. A sneer touched her lips. "My, my, if it isn't the Raptor of the 20th Ward. And here I was thinking you an urban myth."

Harry merely sent a Cutting Curse her way. The bitch dodged the spell, but it bit into one of her tendrils. "What the hell did you do?!" she demanded furiously.

"Fuck you, that's what. Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to kill you, and call the ambulance for this kid…and I'm going to send your head to the Doves…" But before he could say anything further, he heard a noise from above, and looked up, watching as a pile of steel beams began toppling off the side of the building. Instantly, he dived to the side, while Rize had enough time to look up before she got squashed by the steel beams.

He glared at the pile of beams as Rize whimpered in pain, before she fell silent. That was too quick an end for her. Instead, he hurried over to Ken. He tried healing him, but there was only so much he could do with the limited healing spells he knew. Instead, he dialled 119 for the paramedics on his burner phone. When they answered, he said, "This is Raptor. I have just found a victim of the Binge Eater at the construction site near Takada Building Street. He has been critically injured by the bitch's kagune. I have done what I can. Get here now."

He looked at Ken as he struggled to stay awake. "You'll be fine. I promise."

He watched from a nearby building in hawk form as the ambulance came promptly, more than they usually did. He sincerely hoped that Ken would be all right. Apparating with him in that state would be dangerous, and in any case, the Japanese Ministry frequently clamped down on any breachers of the Statute of Secrecy. He was surprised that the paramedics also fished Rize's body out and put it in. He thought that they would leave it for the Doves to collect.

He didn't know it, but this night would change Ken forever. And bring his destiny into line with Harry, his family, Touka and the others of Anteiku…


Oh dear. Shit just happened.

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