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Etheria: A week after the fall of the Great Rebellion.

Plumes of dark smoke still billowed from the charred remains of the once lush and peaceful Whispering Woods. The scent of burning timber still filled the air for miles. The sound of dead trees collapsing and crashing onto the forest floor rang out like a constant song of sorrow. Where beauty once stood for centuries, now there was only death and decay.

Within the halls of the Fright Zone, members of the Horde had been celebrating the defeat of the Great Rebellion. All of the rebel leaders had been captured and imprisoned deep within the murky dungeons of the Zone: the rebel Bow, the Princess Glimmer, the witch Razz and her stupid broom and many others now awaited execution. With the Rebellion gone, the people of Etheria had no choice but to bow down to the Horde. The great-war was finally over and the Horde had been victorious.

And it was all due to the work of one man.

The Evil Lord Hordak sat pensively on his throne and watched over the crowd of troopers celebrating their victory in the throne room below. His red eyes narrowed and his square jaw set, he almost looked angry, but rather, he was concentrating on something of which his troopers were unaware.

Next to him, the witch Shadow Weaver hovered above the ground with her arms crossed. No one in the entire planet had ever dared cross her magic and lived to tell about it. Like Hordak, she too seemed to be deep in thought, considering the latest task that had been handed to her.

Suddenly the room fell quiet as the great doors to the throne room opened. The crowd of troopers parted and dropped to their knees as the menacing figure marched into the room. He had led the Horde Army in a constant, unrelenting push into the woods a week earlier, causing the fall of the Rebellion and personally capturing it's leader, the Princess Glimmer.

Once a Force Captain, he had aptly been promoted to the rank of General for his victorious efforts. The gold bars on the collar of his dark blue uniform confirmed his new position and no one dared question it.

None of the troopers he passed as he marched toward the throne dared look him in eye, which was next to impossible considering the large steal helmet he was wearing. They knew crossing General Damas, as he was so named, meant certain death under the charge of treason, not just because of his rank but because he was also Hordak's only son.

But it was not his lineage that garnered fear and respect of him; it was his cold, calculating viciousness. He would order the deaths of hundreds without giving it a second thought, only to stop at the last second and choose to torture his victims to the point they begged for death. Then, maybe, he would grant their wishes.

Besides that, he had a sharp, military-oriented mind. He could plan and execute perfect attacks with such precision that his targets never knew what hit them until it was too late. Such was the case with the Great, now fallen, Rebellion. What would've taken Hordak years to do, only took him a matter of hours.

Hordak looked at the General as he approached the base of the throne, and knelt down on one knee, bowing his head out of respect for his sire and father. Hordak stood and walked down the long stairway to where the young man knelt.

"Clear the room!" Hordak commanded his troopers. "The General and I have business to discuss! Private business!"

Grumbling came from the crowd and the troopers stood and filed out of the large room. Hordak approached the General, who stood and removed his helmet, shaking out a thick shock of blonde hair. His face was handsome but stern, his blue eyes piercing, his square jaw set as if the concept of a smile was completely foreign to him.

"You sent for me, sire?" Damas growled in a deep, rhythmic, military style manner.

Hordak waved his hand and walked to his son's side. By this time, Shadow Weaver had teleported herself down to the floor and was standing behind the General. Despite the movement around him, Damas kept at full attention.

"At ease, at ease," Hordak chided as he circled. "You don't always have to be so serious my son."

Damas relaxed a little, pushing his black cape black cape behind him and straightening his jacket, bearing the red horde symbol on the left breast.

"Sorry father," he said slowly. "But I must set a good example in front of the men. It keeps them.. respectful, if not at least fearful."

Hordak chuckled a little at his son's unrelenting self-control. That alone was amazing about him. But important business needed to be discussed and there was no time to waste analyzing his son's behavior. Hordak stood in front of him and placed his hands behind his back.

"Son, you know how very proud I am of you," he started. "The way you defeated those cursed rebels and conquered the woods, well, it was remarkable. I couldn't have done it any better myself."

Damas nodded but didn't smile at the praise.

"I was just doing my duty," he responded coldly. "The rebels were a thorn in the Horde's side for too long. Now that they are eliminated, Etheria belongs to the Horde, as it should have always been."

Hordak placed a scaly hand on his son's shoulder and smiled through his black lips.

"You didn't let me finish boy," he laughed. "I'm not the only one who is appreciative of your work."

Damas cocked an eyebrow and looked at Shadow Weaver, half expecting a comment from her. Instead, he saw only her flickering green eyes that haunted many, but merely annoyed him. He turned back to Hordak.

"Oh?" Damas questioned his eyes narrowing.

Hordak removed his hand and started pacing about the room. He had given the situation much thought, and he felt that the plan could be executed well, if things went accordingly.

"Yes, son." He said. "It seems that Horde Prime is very pleased with your work. And he has asked me to send you, along with a contingent of agents, on another mission of the utmost importance."

Damas raised his eyebrows at the mention of Horde Prime's name. He had a great respect for the unseen leader and always had the ambition of working for him directly.

"For Horde Prime, sir?" he asked, containing the excitement within him perfectly. "Of course I will take the mission. I am, as always, Lord Prime's humble servant. What he commands, I will obey. What is this mission I am to undertake?"

Hordak sighed and stopped pacing. Damas walked over to him and looked at him inquisitively. Hordak knew this plan could easily go the wrong way, but he trusted his son to do what he did best. Furthermore, he trusted Weaver to keep his son in line should something unexpected occur.

"There is a small planet, in a different galaxy, that Horde Prime has tried to take over for years," Hordak explained slowly. "There is an off-shoot of the Horde stationed there but their efforts have been unsuccessful for years. And Horde Prime is tired of waiting for results."

Damas put his hand on his chin and leaned against the wall as he considered what he was being told. Hordak waved his hand and a globe of the planet appeared in the air.

"This," he pointed to the globe. "Is the planet Eternia, a small, insignificant planet in the vast scheme of things, but home to an immense power that Horde Prime wishes to control."

He globe spun and finally stopped. A red light showed a destination that Hordak now pointed to and Damas leaned in closer to get a better look. He took in the information and studied the map, memorizing every detail.

"This," Hordak continued. "Is the Castle Grayskull. Within its walls lays a source of magic, more powerful than any other in the universe. For years, our agents have tried to obtain that power, but were unsuccessful. If the Horde were to gain that power, nothing, absolutely nothing could ever defeat us. Given your recent victory here, Horde Prime would like to see you take a crack at Castle Grayskull."

Damas straightened up and nodded. He looked at Shadow Weaver who stood a few feet away with her arms crossed.

"Yes sir," Damas said. "I will assemble a field group of agents immediately and begin planning the attack. I will also arrange a meeting with the Horde agents already on the planet so as to gain what intelligence they already have. I will leave for this Eternia within a few days.

Damas pulled his cape in front of him and bowed in front of Hordak.

"I will take this castle sir," he said confidently. "And I will do so in your name. I won't let you down."

Hordak sighed again and motioned for his son to stand up. Damas did so, but was already beginning planning out his mission in his head. Hordak knew his son would be doing so and tried to keep his attention a little longer.

"It's not going to be that easy, Adam," Hordak said, calling his son by his real name. "There a few other details about Eternia that I have to fill you in on first."