Chapter 28

There was something about the old, dark castle that seemed to have a strange effect on Adam. There was definitely power there, he could feel it. But it was like the castle itself was a living, breathing entity. And somehow, he was connected to it.

If he weren't so compelled by it, he could have feared it. In fact, he wasn't so sure he didn't on some level.

"This castle is part of your people's history, Adam. It's stood for centuries. It has seen war, peace, revolution and unity. The greatest minds and most powerful sorcerers have all been a part of this place at one time."

She-Ra's voice cut through the silence between them and they walked together, with a strangely comfortable synchronicity, through the corridors.

"It's a part of you too," she continued. "It's your past, present and future."

They approached a large, open room. A long, towering staircase stood in the center of it leading to a great throne, which at that moment sat empty. He looked around and took in every detail. Then he turned to the warrior woman.

"There are still so many things I don't understand," he said slowly. "I don't know what my past really is. When I was younger, I felt different…like I didn't belong on Etheria or with the Horde. But as I grew, it was like this voice in my mind kept telling me that my concerns were cowardice. Being a coward was not an acceptable trait in my fath… Hordak's eyes."

When he said this, the magnitude of what it meant to be a member of the Horde stung him. Hordak had lied to him his entire life. If he was not really Horde, that meant the life he was supposed to have had been stolen from him. The anger and the injustice of it stirred something inside him.

"It's natural for you to feel this way, young prince."

The voice startled him but She-Ra gave him a reassuring smile. He looked around for the source of the voice but saw nothing.

"Fear not, Adam," the voice said again. " I am always here and always will be, in some form, to guide you and help you through your coming journeys."

It was then that Adam realized the voice was not spoken outwardly, but inwardly. Whoever was speaking to him was using some kind of telepathy.

"You get used to it," She-Ra soothed. "It caught me off guard the first time too."

He simply nodded and said nothing.

"Let me help you understand," the voice said again. Suddenly, a large brightly colored falcon with a massive wingspan, swooped down over their heads and with a remarkable grace pulled up towards the throne. The raptor then stopped and was consumed in light. Despite its brightness, Adam could not look away and after a few moments, he realized he was holding his breath.

When the light faded, a beautiful woman stood, adorned in a shimmering green and blue tunic that was decorated with magnificent jewels. She wore a shining, gold headdress, similar to those he had seen enchantresses wear on Etheria, but nothing as ornate. In her hand, she carried a long golden staff with a cartouche of a falcon on the top.

Finally, she spoke.

"I am the Sorceress."

She-Ra tugged at his arm, motioning him to move closer. As they ascended the stairs together, Adam continued to stare at the Sorceress in great awe. At the same time, She-Ra's presence, while powerful, provided him with great comfort. He didn't know why, but he was glad she was there. A feeling he hadn't experienced since he was a child. For a brief moment, he found himself thinking of Lieutenant Teela. There was something about her, a brutal honesty that told him he could trust her completely.

It was then that he realized the connection he had to this place had always been there, well concealed under darkness and hate.

When they finally approached her, the Sorceress smiled and reached for his hand.

"This is truly a miracle," she said. Her voice was airy but powerful. To Adam, it was like music he had never heard before.

"I still don't understand," he said slowly. "What is my connection to this place? Who am I really?"

The Sorceress smiled, turned to She-Ra and nodded. Adam watched as his new companion reached behind her back and drew two swords: Both were made of gleaming silver, except one had a large glittering jewel in the center. The other was slightly larger and heavier. It also had writing engraved into the center of the blade. One thing he was certain of, they were unequalled to any other sword he had ever seen or held before in his life.

Slowly, She-Ra handed him larger sword. Adam looked at it, then looked at the Sorceress questioningly. The great mystic nodded in approval.

"It's time the Sword of Grayskull was given to its rightful owner," she said as Adam closed his hand around the grip and as he took it in his hand, he felt a power surge from the cold steel into his very being, as if a bond was being forged between himself and the object. His very heart seemed to stop as he examined it closer. Every doubt about his connection to this world seemed to disappear and a new confidence filled his soul. Finally, he looked at the Sorceress again.

"Tell me," he implored.

Teela threw her staff into the wind-raider and jumped into the pilot's seat with a huff. Frowning, she turned her head and watched as Adam and She-Ra disappeared into Castle Grayskull. When the jawbridge began to pull up, she flipped on the raider's control and started up the engine.

But instead of taking off, she sat there idling for what seemed to be a long period of time. Something wasn't right and it bothered her.

"What's She-Ra's connection to this?" she asked herself. "How did she know about Adam?"

She chewed on the inside of her lip, a nervous habit she picked up in academy, and pondered the questions. As if to answer her, Man-At-Arms' voice came over the raider's intercom.

"Teela, come in. Man-At-Arms to Teela, please respond."

Teela picked up the radio and clicked it on, looking over her shoulder again to Castle Grayskull.

"I'm here father."

Man-At-Arms didn't waste anytime.

"Did She-Ra find you?"

She should have known her father would have briefed She-Ra about the "Adam" situation. She just wished he would have briefed her about the briefing.

"Yes, father," she replied. "She found me…..and Prince Adam."

There was a pause.

"Prince Adam?"

She hadn't realized that her father didn't know of Adam's breakthrough. She berated herself for not contacting him sooner.

"It's a long story," she said into her radio. "But it seems to be getting closer to a happy ending. He's inside Grayskull with She-Ra now. I presume they are meeting with the Sorceress."

As she said this, the winds around Grayskull seemed to change and the sky began to darken. A slight vibration from the ground shimmied through the seats of the windraider, catching Teela's attention.

Concerned, she punched a few more buttons feverishly.

"Father," she said into her radio. "I'm picking up some strange readings around Grayskull."

She looked over the horizon as the rumbling in the ground got louder and more severe. Not sure what she was about to face, she grabbed her staff and got out of the raider. Her father's voice echoing from the radio, but she did not respond.

Something inside her said something very bad was about to happen. There was a dark energy in the air. But it was more than that. It was similar to the feeling she experienced just before every battle she fought in. Only this time it was different. This time it was much more pronounced. And always listened to her instincts, just as her father had taught her.

She leaned over the side of the raider and picked up the radio.

"Teela! Come in! That's an order Lieutenant!"

Calmly, she clicked on the handpiece.

"Father, prepare all the guards and call in the Defenders. I think Grayskull is in serious danger."