No one knew what happened to Spiderman for three weeks. Not even the teen himself. All he could tell was that he seemed to be wary of babies and dark-haired children. And that everyone was watching him like a hawk.

He couldn't blame them either. He was sure he would have been a lot worse if one of his friends had disappeared as he had. Especially if they couldn't remember what happened.

But life went on, and he was able to joke around the small recent and short-lived aversion to children and infants as he ran around like Spiderman.

Things seemed to back to normal. Until he ran into a certain Norse-Avenger's younger adopted brother...

It was a simple enough situation. Help Thor capture Loki and return him to Asgard for his imprisonment. No big deal. He wasn't a pig, and Thor wasn't a Frog, so overall not too bad.

It was kind of fun. Not just a bringing justice to the people of New York, but almost like a game of tag. While Loki was incredibly dangerous, he almost seemed to be pulling his punches from physically harming Spiderman. Not that he shared that mercy with anyone else.

"Is it just me, or is there something odd going on with Webhead and Loki?" Luke asked the team on a rather slow day, thinking back to the more recent interactions between Loki and Spiderman.

"Something odd that doesn't have to do with pork?" Sam snarked. No one was letting him forget about that incident.

"Yeah. That." Ava was tense from the interactions. She had broken a rib last time they fought the dark-haired villain. On the other hand, had been patted on the head, and Loki just kept teleporting away from their webhead leader. It was genuinely bizarre. Also, the slightest bit amusing. Spiderman had looked surprised at the nonaggressive reaction. But the eyes in his mask seemed to betray a smile.

To everyone else, it was unsettlingly. To J. Jonah Jameson, it was proof that Spiderman was a threat and menace to society that needed to be arrested. But that was largely beside the point.

It only grew stranger when Loki appeared one day, causing mayhem and the Ultimates getting caught up in dealing with him while they waited for the Avengers to arrive. There was general chaos and destruction, paired only with the strange new Spiderman and Loki interactions.

No one took notice to two women who were just trying to leave a coffee shop relatively unharmed. Both looked as though they hadn't slept in weeks and ready to snap, coffee being the only thing keeping them going.

Perhaps it was the universe's idea of a sick joke, maybe it was a coincidence. Maybe it was Parker Luck. But Loki happened to have been pushed back into one of the women, making her drop her dark ambrosia. An ungodly shriek came from her throat as she whipped her head around to face Loki.

"LOKI!" she roared in rage. The Norse-Jotun god turned to brush off the foolish mortal who had the audacity to yell at him in anger and not in fear. He couldn't stop when a feeling of dread overcame him and he found himself unable to move. Something primal in him told him it was a bad idea to anger the exhausted woman before him despite seeming to have no magic or enhanced strength to combat him.

For some reason, he had an urge to hide.

"What. Do you think you're doing!?"

"Who do you-" he began only to be interrupted.

"Answer my question young man!"

Loki recoiled from the unafraid woman. Her eyes narrowed and bloodshot appearing rather manic.

"I was seeking to gain more power and influence?" It came out more as a question than an answer. The woman's face was livid as her friend continued to drink her own coffee, knowing not to get involved with her difficult friend when deprived of her coffee.

"That is no excuse to run into people and make them spill their drink Loki. What would your brother think about this?" she snapped at the dark haired villain. His mind thought to a small baby with brown hair rather than his brother Thor. His brow furrowed. Who was this woman to get the reactions he was giving?


"No. You know what, go sit in that chair there," she demanded. "I am going back in to get another cup of coffee and you better still be in that chair when I get back got it!"

"Yes Miss Jess," he said meekly and somewhat scared.

"Um, you seeing what I'm seeing?" Nova asked rather bewildered.

"Did she just subdue Loki... By yelling at him?" Powerman questioned, equally confused.

"We should cuff him while he's stunned," White Tiger stated a bit wary.

"Spider?" Iron Fist spoke up, feeling a strange energy coming from Spiderman. The arachnid based hero approached the woman who was standing beside Loki and waiting for her friend.

"Um, could we bring Loki with us?"

"You heard Jess. Loki is in time out. You can wait."

Normally, Spiderman would make a joke and try and bring Loki or any other criminal in regardless of the response. But there was something about the woman that didn't set off his Spidey-Sense, but still had him listen to her without question. For some reason, it was kind of like dealing with a less scary Nick Fury he found harder to disobey.

"Okay," he said taking a seat as he waited for Jess to come back out.

"Webs? Have you lost it?" Nova yelled.

Jess walked out of the coffee shop with her coffee and a bag of bagels. She reached in and handed her friend one, then in a shocking twist, Loki and Spiderman.

"Loki, go with Spiderman, and don't cause any more chaos today alright?"

"Yes Miss Jess."

"And Spiderman," she said, her focus on the red clad hero, "Don't tease him. Eat your bagel, and get your foot checked out. I know you're favoring your left."

"Um, it's fine really."

"He did favor it coming down to ask about Loki," the friend commented.

"Thank you Daisy. Now get out of here. No more damage you two. Loki, stop picking on Spiderman's friends. Now if you excuse me, I have a home to get back to. I think I left the stove on."

"JESS!" Daisy yelled at her friend who just left with a wave.

Corona leaves me alone with my thoughts.