"Well barrylawn, this isn't looking good for your leader" gloats Phoenix in the detention center. "I agree, I would look a little more worried in your place, barry" Edgeworth adds. Barrylawn stops giggling and grinning for a moment to correct Edgeworth "barrylawn pal. Have you forgotten we're all geniuses?! You fakes will never beat us!"

"Is there even much a point to talking at this point?" Phoenix pointedly asks Edgeworth. "We can come back after our investigation" Edgeworth agrees. Barrylawn was still sneering as they left the room. "Ah, gentlemen. Lets conduct our investigation" Layton says as soon as he sees them.

"I will show you the basics of my academic investigation technique, then" Layton says as they briskly walked through the crisp London morning. "I'm more than familiar with investigation!" Edgeworth laughs. "I've also investigated a crime scene or two myself" Phoenix and Edgeworth were laughing resonantly now. "Well, let's just get a move on" Layton grins.

They soon arrived at the hidden room in Big Ben and the investigation began. "It looks like the room has been pruned" Edgeworth grumbles. Indeed it did, the furniture and expensive decoration had all been removed; a single uncovered bulb hung from the roof above the computer, still logged on.

"I see. Layton, Edgeworth, check the corners and sides for anything not taken. I'll try to find something worthwhile on the computer" Phoenix leads. The team set to work with their respective jobs.

"Whew, anything, Edgeworth?" Layton calls from the other end of the room. "No, but.. Oh!" Edgeworth suddenly calls out. Phoenix leans back on the chair to look over, he hadn't found anything of use on the computer. "Yes with this... with this we can win the case with ease!" Edgeworth exclaims.