The Nick Wilde Chronicles
Book 1: A Fox in the Burrow

Chapter 1

Zootopia, shared apartment of Nicholas Wilde and Michelle Foxerton, 6 p.m.

"Dammit Nick, just lemme explain!" The artic fox shouted as Nick continued to ignore her.

"Explain what Michelle?! Why you were blowing my best friend? Sorry, ex-best friend, I meant to say," Nick shouted as marched into their bedroom, and pulled a suitcase out of the closet. He threw it on the bed, slinging it open.

"What are you doing?" Michelle asked.

"Getting the hell out of this city. I'm so sick of all this shite. You and Finnick can have the damn apartment, I don't even care anymore," Nick answered as he emptied his clothes into the suitcase. Hastily packing it, he grabbed his phone off the dresser, and his car keys.

"Why are you taking the truck?" Michelle asked.

"Because it's my damn truck. Besides, Finn has a van. Now go to hell you filthy whore," Nick said as he walked out the apartment, Michelle in tow.

"Nick, please," Michelle pleaded, her cry falling deaf ears as Nick just kept walking right out the apartment building and straight to his beat-up Furd pickup truck his dad had left him.

50 miles outside Zootopia, on the road leading to Bunny Burrow, about 9 p.m.

Nick drove straight on through another little hamlet, nothing more than a fourway intersection and some buildings. It had to be the fourth or fifth one he'd been through. A sign for Bunny Burrow read 150 miles left. Nick found himself scanning through the stations searching for something to keep him awake. He finally managed to find a EMU2 song playing, and he turned the volume up. He kept his eyes on the road, sleeping calling to him like some far off siren.

"I better stop for a coffee or something before I completely pass out," Nick thought to himself. Glancing around, he saw a small convenience store, lights still on. Pulling over, he saw that it was indeed open, and did indeed have coffee. He stepped out of his truck, and walked inside. An old badger stood behind the counter, glancing down at his phone. Nick walked over to the coffee machine, and made a small cup of joe. Walking back to the counter, the badger finally glanced back up at him. Punching a few keys on the cash register, he rang up the total.

"£2.50," the badger said. Nick pulled out his wallet, and handed him the money.

"Thanks. Have a nice night," Nick said as he walked back out to his truck. Pulling out of the parking lot, he drove on down the road. After about a half hour, he saw a small motel on the side of the road.

"Guess I should stop for the night," Nick thought to himself as he pulled into the parking lot of the motel. Walking up the front office, he found it was manned by a kindly looking jack rabbit.

"How can I help you sonny?" she asked.

"I need a room for the night, ma'am," Nick answered.

"It'll be £150," she replied. Nick pulled out his wallet once again and handed her the 150. Thank God he had closed out his bank accounts before he left. She put the money in the front register, and reached down under the counter and produced a room key.

"Your room is 15 dear. Checkout time is 10 a.m., and enjoy your stay dear," she said. Nick thanked her, and returned to his truck. He got out his luggage, and walked over to his room. Turning the key and pushing the door open, he revealed a simple looking room. An old TV with rabbit ears sat on top of a dresser against one wall, and two twin beds sat opposite the TV and dresser. A minifridge was in the corner, and at the back of the room were two doors, presumably the closet and bathroom. Tossing his bag onto the first bed, Nick collapsed onto the second.

"I better get some sleep. I've got to go looking for a job and a place to stay tomorrow," Nick thought to himself as he let out a soft sigh before slowly drifting off to sleep.