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Note: Mild amounts of swearing - something I don't normally do.

Ragged breaths.

That was all he could do at the moment, dragged across the cold floor to a places unknown - and quite frankly, he didn't care where. He knew wherever he was placed promised loads of pain.

He knew he couldn't exactly blame the people that put him here - the White fang sure, they could be blamed without logical reason, but for his friends to work in tandem with the White Fang without so much as a second thought? That was just half-assed bullshit.

Sure, he would've been downright furious if someone had attacked Ruby like that dark haired bitch did, but he wouldn't just go out on a limb because his sword was in her gut...even if that implied many things.

He had been framed, a nice walk around the park had turned into a multitude of trouble for the two - and more specifically, Jaune.

His train of thought came to a halt when his back suddenly made an impact with something metal, most likely a chair.

His blindfold didn't come off, but he knew his hands were getting tied to the back of the chair, and his feet tied to the legs of the chair - if the ropes were any indication.

Low murmers, and then something could be heard powering on, he shuddered. He really didn't want to know what was going to be done to him.

He heard footsteps, the sound of feet padding on the ground coming closer and closer - only for it to stop abruptly. He felt hands tie something around his mouth, like a gag. Only for something to slam into his arms, the only thing keeping him frim screaming was the makeshift gag in his mouth.

The fuck was that?

He didn't have any time to think about it further as the...thing twisted, grinding itself into his flesh - well, not by itself, you get what he meant.

He was hoping - no, praying, to anybody out there, that these people would just end him quick. He figured the only reason he had even been kidnapped was to make a statement, something to make the public more afraid and respectful - in a bad way - of the White Fang.


His blindfold was harshly ripped from his head, snapping back against his tearing eyes. He took one look around and found that he had been taken to some sort of warehouse, electronic things littered everywhere around the room. Two wires had been connected to his right and left arms, thin wires mind you, but the thing connecting the two...not so much.

"So," he heard a burly voice call out, he jerked his head to the left ever so slightly and was met with a faunus wearing a mask, holding a syringe in a threatening manner, "We conviced your idiot 'friends' that you were the person that attacked that little red girl."

He tried to give a harsh glare to the man, but grimaced as he twisted the wires even deeper.

"Didn't your parents ever tell you it was rude to stare?" the faunus mocked.

Jaune held back any response.

"Do you know what this is?" the faunus asked rhetorically, "This, is a syringe filled with grimm dna."

His eyes widened, shit were they going to force that inside of him!?

The faunus laughed maniacally, "Yes, the other wire is also connected to another syrince filled with grimm dna - a different grimm, but grimm dna nontheless. Since your...'friends' kindly offered you to us, we took it upon ourselves to make you our personal...ah...tester, of sorts."

The way he said it made Jaune want to throw up, how could someone enjoy seeing a person tortured? Just laugh it off and make sarcastic comments the whole time.

"Now, this may feel bad at first, but trust me." he jabbed the syringe in unision with the other faunus, "It'll only get worse.

The black liquid was getting closer and closer to his arms, he panicked.

It made contact with his skin.

The black liquid forced itself inside his body, coursing through his veins, merging with his blood. His bones hardened and shifted, a Death Stalker exoskeleton making it's way onto his body, an armor made of grimm bone. His hands changed, nails to claws, skin to fur, beowolf paws - Alpha beowolf paws - with a white outlining.

He heard the door close somewhere behind him, and he couldn't help himself - turned into something so gruesome, something feared by humanity everyday - he cried.

But, his body shifted back to normal, it was an agonizing process, but it eventually went back into a human form. Yet, it still felt...different, like there was something else added into his body.

He felt curious, and tried something. Willing his hand to turn into a beowolf paw, it obliged, fur overtaking his skin yet again, claws replacing his nails.

Something sank in at that moment, not even 5 minutes in this damn place...and they had made him a monster, and he knew it would never get any better from there.

3 months.

That's how long it took for Ruby Rose to come back into the world of the living, her consciousness slowly coming back, she was met with the sight of all 6 of her friends.


Yang caught her sister in a bear hug, as did the rest of her team - surprisingly Blake and Weiss felt the urge to do it as well, yet she didn't care to notice it right now. First she needed water, he throat was so dry she couldn't form any words.

Though, Yang seemed to know what Ruby was thinking at the moment, and went out of the group hug to hand Ruby a bottle of water.

She gulped the whole thing down rather quickly and let out a breath, sighing in content before steeling herself, "Guys, where's Jaune?"

The six eyed her curiously, "You mean, you don't remember?" Yang asked.

Ruby raised an eyebrow, "What? Of course I remember. Some woman with black hair, a red combat dress, and orange eyes took out Jaune while he tried to protect me, and she used Crocea Mors against me." Why she did that, Ruby would never know, "Wait, is Jaune ok!?"

A moment of silence overtook them, the six uninjured members frozen in place, hearts stopped.

Pyhha ran out of the room crying, and Nora and Ren chased after her.

Ruby's heart beat faster ever so slightly, "Uhm, guys...Jaune is ok, right?" she asked hesitantly.

"You-" Weiss's breath hitched in her throat, "You mean to tell us that Jaune wasn't the one that attacked you?"

Ruby's eyes widened, "What!? No! He would never do anything like that!" she shouted.

The girls of (R)WBY took a step back, shaking slightly and letting out a gasp. "Jaune...didn't do it?" Yang repeated, as if she didn't believe those words.

"God no! You guys know Jaune better then that!" Ruby reprimanded.


If they thought he did it...and he's not here right now...does that mean they-?

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!?" she shrieked.

The girls opposite of her started to tear up, Ruby would absolutely kill them if she found out, he was her first friend - her best friend really - and she had a huge crush on the boy, and even that wouldn't be doing it justice. He was like the brother she never had, if Yang wasn't there to support her, Jaune was always the one to be there.

"We...handed him over to the...White Fang. Blake whispered, more to herself then anything, but it was just loud enough for Ruby to hear. Her heart stopped, she held her breath in, "You...handed him over to the White Fang."

She took slow breaths, in, and out. Her fists were clenched on her blanket, her knuckles slowly turning white.

Though, she couldn't stop herself, something inside her shattered that day. She let out a mighty roar and nothing but silver engulfed her tiny form.

2 months.

That's how long Jaune had to survive this pain filled torture. He had been right, it just kept on getting worse from that very first day he turned into a grimm/human hybrid.

There had been so many tests.

Nothing but tests every single day. Wether it be a test of physical endurance - by stabbing the shit out of his bone plated chestplate - or a mental test, showing him happy images of his past only to crush them by giving him some wierd serum, making said memories more like nightmares.

He really had just given up after the first month, there honestly was nothing anyone could do at this point. If they went to go get him they probably would've done so by now - that little group of whores were probably feeding Ruby lies, he wouldn't put it past them.

This hour was what he liked to call his 'get your shit together before they stab you' hour, a time where he gets the tiniest of breaks so he doesn't die while he's in the middle of getting tortured. That may seem like a good thing, but trust him, it wasn't - he'd much rather die then go through something like this.

But sadly, the White Fang had other plans in stock for him, the only way he would die was if they somehow ran out of things to test on him, and even then they probably wouldn't kill him. They'd probably just ditch him here and make him stay here until either A: someone found him, or B: He would stay here forever.

Now, you may have been wondering, why hadn't he tried to use his grimm powers to escape - he had nothing better to do so he figured he should just explain things to the voices in his head, which could very likely be real.

Wires had been attached to him, which in turn, were attached to one of the many machines in this room - said machine being able to absorb anything related to aura. Transforming into a grimm had essentially been created into a second semblance, the grimm blood mixing with the human blood made for some sort of clone of his aura.

It made it so that one side of him was pure, while the other was dark and negative. Which granted him sort of split personalities - though, the former was long gone, sealed away into the dark pits of fuck knows where. He had been broken by this shit long ago, so the only power he could activate was the dark side of his aura, which the machine collected and stored for later use.

And no, he couldn't fill it with too much power like some of those dumb movies, he was already running on fumes everyday. So wasting his dark aura like that would be a stupid move on his part.

He sighed - which honestly, could be counted as a breathless moan of agony. Having lost the use of his vocal cords during the many times he had been subjected to his 'physical endurance' tests. Which quite frankly, were probably just excuses to beat the shit out of him until he couldn't take anymore.

Speaking of which, that happened every time.

Every! Fucking! Time!

These sons of bitches thought it was funny to beat him within an inch of his life almost every single fucking day, and no, that wasn't just a figure of speech. They actually laughed.

They fucking laughed like this was the best day of their lives!

God damn animals.

Now, he never used to have a thing against the faunus, faunuses, fauni, fau-you get what he meant. Though, if he were to ever get out of this god forsaken place alive, he certainly would have a major thing against the faunus, faunuses, faun-nevermind.


He jerked his head up so fast, it was surprising he was even able to go at such speeds considering his current state.

A noise.

Someing other then the endless blabbering of White Fang grunts, something other then the mechanical sounds of the machinery, and somethinf other then the evil laughter of his pain inducers.

Could it really be?

Could someone other then the White Fang have come to this place.

He didn't want to get his hopes up, though. That just made for something bigger and better to be kicked back down into the dirt.

He heard another thud - the sound of bodies hitting the ground.


Someone was definitely here.

His mouth twitched upwards ever so slightly, an actual, real smile.

What a surprise.

What an utterly, pleasant surprise.

Someone had finally come to get him.

Moments earlier

Ruby sped on towards Jaune's location - having been able to sense aura, among other things, after gaining the ability to use the silver eyed warrior's powers.

Apparently the White Fang had been holding him at a warehouse a bit far from society, not a surprise really, seeing as whatever they would do to him would probably make some people curious and feel the urge to take a look.

She shuddered, the things they did to him were probably worse than she could have ever imagined.

The members of WBY and NPR weren't far behind, lagging only because of the fact that Ruby had been using her semblance the entire time. As she got closer, however, she could feel that something was off with Jaune's aura.

It was almost fully depleted, she figured as much. The one thing she didn't account for, though, was the way his aura felt - like it wasn't pure. Naturally, aura was the manifestation of one's soul, in that regard, aura could essentially define who a person was. In this case, Jaune's would be a bright white, due to his chivalrous and his all out nice attitude.

But going through whatever the White Fang had in stock probably changed him. She could see that happening, but what was even more disturbing, was the fact that she could feel two sides to his aura.

They were both still Jaune's she knew that, but it felt like they were different from eachother, yet the same all in all. One was happy and nice - one that she could barely sense - and the other was dark and negative.

She skidded to a halt behind one of the bushes in front of the warehouse, peeking through the leaves to see a few grunts gaurding the door.

The other six came next to her after a few seconds. She wasn't exactly on speaking terms with them - far from it. But, she had to work with them for now, if she wanted to get to Jaune as quickly and efficiently as possible.

She reached into one of the pockets of her skirt and pulled out a clip full of silent dust bullets. Unfurling Crescent Rose with extreme caution, the loaded the clip in and aimed with her weapon in sniper mode.

She aimed the crosshair at one of the grunt's heads, something she really didn't want to do.

Though, if it got Jaune out of there, she figured it was worth it.

She pulled the trigger and the bullet silently struck it's target, causing the grunt to fall helplessly to the ground with a thud.

One down.

She aimed at the second grunt moving to check on the first, the crosshair slowly making it's way towards his head. She pulled the trigger, and the bullet passed through his head, a grueling sight, yet a necessary one.

Two down.

"That's the last of them." she informed the rest of the group.

She didn't even bother waiting for their responses, for she was already running towards the entrance - quiet steps, but running nontheless.

Her thoughts racing almost as fast as her actual speed, she quickly made her way over to the door and slashed over the lock - having transformed Crescent Rose into it's sycthe form while running.

The doors burst open, and she was met with the sight of machines, machines littered everywhere from right to left, blinking lights and mechanical noises. She payed them no heed, and only looked to the center of it all, where one chair lay, and one boy sat. A very specific boy - one that she had come all this way to save.

Jaune's gaze met Ruby's, and she was able to see his lifeless eyes, the eyes of someone ready to quit, the eyes of someone without anything left. Though, she was able to see the tiniest flick, the smallest spark of hope that her just coming here ingited within him. That moment, his aura surged back up, not only the dark part of it, but the part that thrived in light was visible as well.

Her eyes swelled as she dashed over to the chair, quickly looking over his battered and bruised form, the amount of grueling scars was scarily breathtaking. But she didn't have time for hesitation as of now, something she had been repeating to herself ever since she started her trek towards here.

"Hey...Ruby...Took you...long enough." he rasped out, a miniscule smile plastered on his face - tiny, but real at least.

She smiled at him, "Sorry for keeping you waiting."

Jaune did his best at trying to let out a chuckle, though it came out as a hoarse cough, "Could you...turn off that...machine over...there?" he asked slowly, nodding his head towards the offending item.

She nodded before running towards the machine and slicing it in two, which effectively released the wires draining away his aura. Ruby sprinted back towards Jaune, and slashes through the rest of his boundings with a few quick and clean cuts.

He fell forwards, all the energy he previously had today had been drained throughout the day. Ruby skillfully caught him and slung his arm over her neck and shoulders. She started running as fast as she could whilst supporting Jaune like this, said boy wincing with each step he took.

Jaune scowled when he saw the people that put him here in the first place behind the bushes, but didn't comment on it seeing the situation he was in as of now.

He heard something rev.

"Shit! Move!" he screeched as he pushed Ruby out of the way, stumbling on his feet while reluctantly mutating into his grimm form. The Death Stalker bone plating covered his chest, arms, and legs like armor, while his hands turned back into beowolf claws. The bone plating reach his head, and his eyes changed to a bright red, fitting perfectly within the eyehole sockets.

Ruby gasped, what...what was that? Was that thing Jaune!? She looked back towards the others and saw them inching away in fear.

Jaune brought his hand up and let his bone plating block the slash of the White Fang lieutenant's chainsaw. He grit his teeth, but otherwise refrained from making the usual snarky remark - this boy was a liability, and he needed to be dealt with. Jaune was faring even worse, his eyes closed tightly as he struggled to keep his arm up.

With a roar, he pushed the chainsaw back, looks like those 'physical endurance' tests actually worked in his favor. In a quick and fluid motion, he cocked both fists back and let out a mighty jab towards his stomach. The blow so strong, it was able send him flying towards the nearest wall.

This however, was enough to alert the grunts near him.

"Oh shit." he murmered to himself.

The grunts ran up to him and attacked. He harshly kicked the knee of one and crippled him, rendering him useless, to which he was able to stick his claws through his chest.

The 6 watched in horror as Jaune was able to kill these faunus without so much as a second though - sure, in the heat of battle everything mattered, but that grunt had already been injured. He could've easily just let him live. Ruby however, was surprisingly calm about this, the White Fang had made him...this. So she figured this was what they had deserved.

She knew it was bad, horrible even. But with what Jaune probably had to go through, she felt it was well deserved.

He yanked his claws out and spun on his heel, landing a side kick on another's chest, shattering the grunt's ribs. He plated his foot on the ground and ducked under the swing of one's sword, using the momentum to flip backwards and land a corkscrew kick on another.

"This is getting nowhere!" he said to himself, sinking his claws into another grunt.

He looked around, some way, any way that he could escape through.

His gaze landed in the thick midst of the trees, rolling out of the way of a bullet and launching himself forward, grabbing the attacker's face with his furry palm and forcefully bringing it down to his knee, shattering his teeth and knocking him out. He threw the grunt in the air and landed a spinning back kick on his crotch - because why the fuck not.

"Ruby!" he called out, alerting her attention as he pointed towards his planned escape path. She nodded and barked to the others to get moving, they scrambled up from their place behind the bushes and frantically ran like their life depended on it.

He flipped forwards and kicked down one of the last grunts, but was forced to roll out of the way to avoid a deadly slash at his neck.

He got into a fighting stance at eyed the newest challenger, a faunus with red hair and a grimm mask, a katana held with a firm grip, the msn having a deadly gaze that never left Jaune's eyes. He took one look at the man and Jaune could tell this guy was experienced, the way he held his sword was one good way to tell. All things considered, he really only had one option at the moment.

Run like a fucking coward.

He let out a mighty punch towards the ground, the initial impact creating a crater and shockwave big enough to stun the few that were left for a good amount of seconds. He sprinted as fast as his bone-plated legs could take him, and for good measure, punched down a tree to block them from running towards him.

After a few moments, he heard something slice open and spared a glance back, met with the sight of the man calmly getting up and eyeing his retreating form.

The man would've went after him, Jaune knew the man could probably beat him 7 ways 'till Sunday without so much as a second thought. Even if Jaune had the body of a grimm, that still didn't compensate for his total lack of skill, or at least, compared to the man he was currently running away from.

That made him run even faster then before, while these two months probably shaped him into something terrifying, that man still instilled fear upon him.

Luckily for Jaune, though, he was long gone into the deep leaves of the trees.

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