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It probably would have helped if Steve was less forceful when pulling Spiderman's mask off, but with all the trouble he had finding the superhero, he didn't think about that at the time. It was late and he wanted to get this over with.

Before, Spiderman was a threat, not that he did anything wrong necessarily, but because S.H.E.I.L.D thought of him as a threat and therefore sent good-ole captain to bring him in. What Steve didn't realize was that Spiderman was just a kid.

A powerful kid, but a kid all the same.

Steve had the teen pinned to the wall, outside a New York street alley, with one hand holding the suit by the collar.

He had staged a break in, in a bank down the street hoping to lure him out. Even with the mask, he could tell Spiderman was surprised that it was Captain America gunning down a bank. But he got his prize, that's all that mattered, plus they warned the citizens in the bank first. It was the polite thing to do.

Eyeing him up and down he realized that Spiderman was much smaller than he originally thought. I guess it's true that the television adds 10 pounds, he thought, and apparently four inches, height wise.

While Spiderman hung there, squirming for release against the stone, Steve, roughly, grabbed the iconic mask and tore it off, pulling some brown hairs along with it. He wasn't going to miss his chance to at least unmask the guy.

Steve gasped in complete surprised when large, angry, blue eyes met his. The alley they were in was shrouded in nearly complete darkness except for the street lamp conveniently place right outside the entrance. Even with the light, Spiderman's eyes took on almost a purple appearance and some red highlight, making them seem even more menacing. However, Steve quickly gained his composure back when he spoke to him.

"You're just a kid." Steve deadpanned.

"No fricken, duh." Spiderman answered, as if it was completely obvious. His voice wasn't as high pitched at Steve would have thought of a kid. Either that or the kid was pretty pissed off. His figured it was option number two. "I'm not that tall."

"You're an annoying kid." Steven stated more sarcastically, still eyeing Spiderman. "Now I understand why Tony never liked kids."

"Don't get your tights in a twist, Mr. Captain America." Spiderman squirmed.

"You're telling me."

The kid grunted in frustration and looked away. Steve loosened his grip ever so slightly. Just enough to put Spidey on the ground.

"Who are you?" He asked, keeping his eyes trained on the boy's face.

It was then that Spiderman caught Steve off guard, and webbed him in the face. Steve growled in frustration, but he dropped Spiderman completely and had both hands on his face trying desperately to rid himself of the sticky substance.

"Sorry, I don't do autographs." He said, sarcastically.

That's when he felt his left hand being pulled. He realized he still had Spiderman's mask in his hand. Spiderman was trying to retrieve it. In a last-ditch effort, Steve reached for Spiderman again, but missed horribly and ran into the wall. Spiderman grabbed his mask from Steve's grasp, put it on, and flung away as quickly as possible.

Stupid! Steve thought to himself still struggling with the webbing.

"Hey, Cap!" Steve heard through his earpiece, "What the hell is going on, Spiderman's heat signature is getting further from yours."

"He webbed me in the fa—," he cut himself off while analyzing what the voice had said, "Wait, Tony, did you say you still had his heat signature?"

"Yeah," Tony replied blankly.

"Can you tell me where he is?"

"I don't know, Cap. You seem to be in a sticky situation right now."

"Stop with the bad puns already and tell me where Spiderman is." Steve angrily hissed. He didn't have time for Tony's sarcasm right now. He had to catch up to Spiderman, he didn't think he'd be tricked by the same rouse twice.

Finally, he took his own mask off which helped release the webbing from his face. He threw the mask away where it hit the wall and then the ground creating a puff of dust as it lands. This was one of the moments that Steve was glad he didn't have to worry about a secret identity. Most people knew him, respected him, and for the most part, left him alone. He wasn't a very talkative person anyways.

"He's heading West." Tony spoke into his ear.

"Which way is that?" Steve said running towards the opening of the alley. Eventually he reached the end and peered out trying to catch a glimpse of the fleeing Spiderman.

"Must I do everything." Tony sighed, "It's to your left."

He booked it down the street, swiftly avoiding people, benches, strollers, dogs, and late night hot dog stands.

"You'll never catch up to him with the speed you're going." Said a different voice, one in which Steve was very thankful for. He didn't think that he could stand putting up with Tony much longer.

"What do you suggest, Bruce?"

"Come back to the tower. We will analyze the heat signature and the data that we've collected on Spiderman." Bruce responded.

"I say let the man run around. Hopefully he'll learn his way around the city more." Tony argued.

"You think you can analyze the data?" Steve asked, completely ignoring Tony's comment.

"Definitely." Bruce replied.

"It's my scanners, capsicle!" Tony shouted. "That's an insult."

"Come home, Cap." Bruce stated. Then the line when dead silent.

After running for a bit longer, Steve was done. He wasn't going to catch up. Though the picture of the kid's face was etched into his mind. He'll have to wait and hope they could find him another way.

Having just come back from a mission is hard, but having just come back from a failed mission where you had the easy task to catch a child was even worse. Though of course, Steve didn't know at the time that Spiderman was young.

In fact, he was far too young, in Steve's opinion. What's his motive?

He finally reached Stark Tower (aka Avengers Tower), his home now that he had woken up in this century. Tony was "kind" enough to allow all the Avengers to live there. It wasn't a bad gig. Though, it may have had too much space in Steve's opinion.

He reached the elevator and JARVIS, Tony's built in AI, took him to the Avenger's levels at the top. The first seventy or so floors where for Stark Industries, mostly office and laboratories. The rest were for Tony's and the Avenger's own personal use. The only way to get to the upper floors was with unique access.

"Hey, Cap!" Tony greeted, smugly, from the main floor.

Steve nodded in hello. "Find anything?"

"Actually we did." Bruce added, "Come with us."

The two started walking back towards the elevator, passing Steve. They led Steve to one of the private labs in the tower, floor 87.

While in the elevator, he recalls the events from seeing behind Spiderman's mask and noticing his youth to when he was webbed and Spidey got away. The elevator doors flew open, announcing their arrival. Eventually he is led to a large holographic screen which displays hundreds of files.

"Well it looks like you guys narrowed it down." Steve sighed, obviously overwhelmed with the number of files to go through.

"Out of the millions of people in New York, we come to you with a few hundred potential suspects and you think you're overwhelmed." Tony argued. His hand flying towards the screen in emphasis of his point.

Steve rolls his eyes, and crosses his arms over his chest, still as stoic as ever.

"Well these are all the people that fit size and shape of body and location of most common known sightings," Bruce explains.

"So you're saying you may even know approximately where he lives." Steve states.

"Correct." Bruce turned to the holographic screen. "All we need to narrow it down further is anything you're willing to give us."

"He was young. Probably still in high school." Steve starts

"Hold up!" Tony blurts, astonished. "High school? He's a kid?"

"Yeah. He was definitely young."

"B-but, high school?" Tony says again, "he's been evading us and S.H.I.E.L.D all this time and he only been in high school!"

"Kid's a genius." Bruce compliments.

"Lucky kid." Tony mumbles under his breath.

"Well at least that narrows it down a lot more." Bruce says while punching in some more information to narrow the results even further. One by one, entries started to disappear until there were only 150 files left.

"Male or female?" Tony asked.

"Seriously?" Steve deadpanned.

"Just making sure." Tony shrugged. "I mean this kid has alluded us for a while."

"Male, obviously."

After narrowing the results further by calculating in things like hair color, eye color, skin color, and age ranges, the results tallied to only 75 possible candidates.

With a click of a button, pictures of all 75 filled the screen. "Alright, Cap. Which one is he?" Tony asked.

Steve eyes scanned the screen, looking for the boy he saw earlier that night. With Tony's technology, he knew he'd be among the faces on the list.

Finally, one picture caught his eye. A school ID picture, several rows down in the picture list. That was him. Steve pointed to the picture and unknowingly activated the file. Everything about the kid opened in front of him. His lineage, his school, his address, even people who were associates or friends of his, were listed. Steve didn't care about his family much though. He only cared about his name and where he could find him.

"Peter Parker," Steve said aloud, "that's him." Finally, Steve knew his name. Spiderman's real name. Peter Parker.

"You sure?" He seems kind of… average." Tony mumbled obviously bored with the boy on the screen.

"He does fit the description though with a nearly perfect body type and condition, look, age, and proximity." Bruce added.

"That's him. That's the boy I saw tonight." Steve whispered, slightly shock himself that he finally succeeded in finding him. Still Tony had a point, he didn't look like a superhero. But perhaps that was the whole idea, he was too inconspicuous to be Spiderman. It was the reason he had never been caught until now.

"Well if you're sure. The let's pay him a visit tomorrow," Tony offered, leaning his elbows back on the counter behind him. "Which would be better school or home?"

"Probably school. We wouldn't want to get his family suspicious, in case they, too, don't know about his after-school job." Bruce suggested.

"There's a lot more people at school though." Steve pointed out.

"I got an idea." Tony said.

The two supers look curiously at their teammate and sighed, awaiting the incoming idea.

The next day went terribly slow for Peter. Sure, he had a Calculus exam, but that was the easy stuff.

He was in trouble with Captain America and probably the rest of the Avengers but he wondered when they would confront him or if they ever would.

He did reveal his secret identity. He was forced to, so it's not like it was his fault, but it did happen.

As much as he hoped that screw up wouldn't affect him, he knew that The Avengers were on the lookout for him for months. Now that they know his identity, would they just let him go?

Nah. Probably not. That'd be far too easy. Peter wasn't just going to get off scot-free. Just my luck, he thought. Luckily, he hadn't given up his name and he was in Manhattan at the time, not Queens. Perhaps that's enough to through them off for a while.

He drummed his fingers on his desk while looking out the window. He silently begged that his teacher wouldn't show so he could leave and figure out a really good hiding place.

Gwen, who was sitting next to him at the time, flipping through her notes, reached over and grabbed his hand to force his drumming to stop. Earlier he told her what happened so she knew the cause of his anxiety, but his offbeat finger smacking on the table was getting obnoxious.

"So, how's home? Have you gotten use to the new one yet?" Gwen asked trying to get him to forget about his current panicking.

"You ask me that every day. You don't just get use to a foster home, Gwen." He rolled his eyes. He swiveled his head in her direction and then rested his check on one of his palms while his elbow sat on the desk in front of him.

"You've been there for like three months now right? Is it that hard?"

Gwen, luckily for her, came from a family with both biological parents alive. Peter wasn't that lucky of a child. By the age of six, he had lost both parents. They dropped him off at his aunt and uncles home and just never returned. Eventually, his Aunt May and Uncle Ben sat him down and told them that they had died in a plane crash while on a business trip. Peter remembers crying, a lot. But he mostly remembers being silent. A paradox, he knows. But he got to the point that he was so silent that he made his aunt and uncle worry needlessly about him.

He tried to perk up over the years and he succeeded, mostly. But then when he was eleven his uncle was shot and killed by a robber who wanted his car. Worse of all, Peter was there. He saw it happen. The man was caught. But the damage was done. Uncle Ben was gone, Peter's family was broken apart, again, and so was he.

In fact, he was shattered. For a long time, colors were duller, even his pictures seemed blurry for some reason when he looked at them, maybe it was because of the tears, he wasn't sure.

Aunt May tried really hard to make a good life for the two of them. She really did, but being a single parent and having to mourn the death of her husband of twenty-three years would have been difficult for the majority of people. Eventually, Peter could help around the house, but, unfortunately, Aunt May still pushed herself too hard and she wasn't as young as she once was. One day, her heart gave out on her. Peter was the one to find her on the floor of the kitchen. He called the ambulance, but by the time the paramedics got to her, she was gone.

Peter didn't have much time to mourn her death, for that same night the Ms. Evans, the social worker, came to pick him up. He screamed at her and ran off into the night. He ran to the closest park, sat on the swing and cried. It wasn't long before the police found him and brought him to the station. Ms. Evans came to sign him out and the rest was history.

Since then Peter had switched from foster home to foster home. Not because any of them were bad or mean but because Child Protective Services believed that about every six months or so they should switch foster families. This way the child won't get attached and so they would have a better chance at finding prospective parents, as if they were going to just find a set of parents out on the street. Yeah, right.

Peter was fifteen. At this point, his chance at adoption was as low as his current bank account. So instead, he just prayed that he would make it to eighteen where he would have more freedom and wouldn't have to switch "families" so many times.

Until then, he just kept living the average, boring, teenage boy life. He went to got up, went to school, made friends, dealt with bullies, did his homework, came home. A normal life.

That is, until he became Spiderman.

Then his life was never normal. He was fine with it though, even enjoyed the unpredictability that came with the job. He got to help people and repent for never being able to protect the people in his own life. He figured it was the last gift to them.

"What about Mrs. Mason? Isn't she a good person?" Gwen asked.

"She's nice. I feel like she might be a little over her head though." Peter replied, jokingly.

Gwen giggled. "Why would you say that?"

"Having to take care of thirteen foster kids, that's rough." He shrugged, a grin gracing his lips.

"Having to take care of a knucklehead like you does seem like it'd be harsh." She smiled as she rubbed his head roughly.

"Ha! I'm the best kid she's got!" He grabbed her hand from his head, holding it firm.

"Yeah right!" She laughed again, trying to get her hand back, but Peter wouldn't let go.

"It's the truth!" He laughed back.

After a while, the whole conversation turned into a raging fit of laughs, jokes, and giggles. Peter really liked Gwen.

They only stopped when a shadow appeared above them. They both looked up to the creepily smiling face of the one and only…Tony Stark.


Peter was so shocked that he didn't realize he leaned too far back in his chair that he eventually fell backwards. Gwen tried to catch him before he hit the ground but she was still in shock of Tony Stark's appearance that she didn't get there fast enough. He landed with a big crash and a groan.

He sat up and rubbed his head. Eventually he looked back up at Tony, astonishment and fear both plastered clearly across his face. He must have not realized that his Spidey-sense went off while he was approaching.

"Are you two coming to the assembly?" Tony asked grinning, mostly at Peter.

"There's an assembly?" Peter questioned, still sitting crisscrossed on the ground, still rubbing his aching head.

"Well of course, I am giving a once in a lifetime speech." Tony proudly stated.

"I think your ego is showing, Mr. Stark." Gwen glared. She the score. He knew he was after Peter, if she could get him distracted enough maybe Peter could find a way out of here.

"That's not very nice of you, Miss–,"

"Stacy. Gwen Stacy." She interrupted.

"Right." Tony nodded. "You two were having quite a bit of fun. You dating?"

The both mumbled their "no's" and sputtered their reasoning's. Tony just chuckled slightly before finally standing up straight and removing himself from the classroom. Before he left, however, he called back, "It starts in ten minutes!"

Almost immediately, Peter and Gwen glance at each other. Then Peter grabs his backpack and took off towards the nearest exit as quickly as possible without getting detention. School was basically over anyway and he had to get out of there before the confrontation that he was waiting for actually happened. He took off, out the back door of the school. Then ran through the staff parking lot until he could hop the fence and make it onto the main street.

But he was stopped before he could even make it over the fence by the one and only Captain America.

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