Chapter 21

Hi everyone, I just wanted to clear some things up before starting the new chapter because recently I've been getting a lot of reviews about these topics so I figured it was better just to clear the air.


1. Peter forgave the Avengers too quickly.

First off, there is no such thing.

Secondly, the Avengers, though unmasking him, didn't traumatize Peter in anyway. They didn't smash him to the ground to the brink of death and then ask him to join them. They simply found out his secret identity, which is important, but not necessarily life threatening. Originally, the reason Peter Parker ever kept his identity a secret in the first place was to protect his family and friends, but that kind of goes out the window with him not really having too many connections at the beginning of the story. Hence the name "Making Connections."

Thirdly, at this point in the story (Chapter 21), Peter has been with the Avengers for approximately 4 months, give or take. Two of those months were the beginning and training, another 3 weeks he was in Arizona and then he's been back with the Avengers for about another month or so. For what the Avengers did, which wasn't much, I find it to be a perfectly reasonable amount of time for forgiveness to take place. Not to mention, that Peter Parker is not a person to whine about problems or make a fuss, more like be angry, then joke about it, and then let it roll off his back. He doesn't really hold grudges. In my time analyzing the character, he's just not like that.

2. Peter was force into training.

Yes and No. Peter had the choice to say no. It was more of that, "I don't want to disappoint anyone" idea, which is why he didn't. But he wasn't exactly forced into anything. Also, I already went through why that happened. #Chapter9

3. Peter gave up being Spider-man for the Avengers.

During the time in Arizona, yes. He did. That was already explained in the story. #Chapter12

But before that he was simply being an undercover Spiderman. You have to realize that the Avengers have a lot of power and, though Peter wanted to help others, he didn't want to piss them off. So instead, for weeks, he was being Spiderman without the suit. He in no way dropped being Spiderman, simply he stopped wearing the suit. That's it. He was still his rebellious, teenage self. He wanted to help and he did. That's Peter Parker.

4. Peter got to close to the Avengers, too fast.

I'm not sure why people can't get close to others fast. That seems a bit strange. Some people just click with others, I guess I don't get why that's hard to imagine. Plus when your with others for hours a day, everyday, (like Peter is during training), unless you are completely avoiding them, you tend to learn a lot about people.

For me personally, this kind of relationship is where the majority of my best friends to this day came out of. We were either at camp, at school, in clubs, at work or on sports teams and whether you know the person or not it just kind of happens. The bond Peter and the Avengers share is not something that is unnatural and I don't understand why people are treating it that way.

Personally, I don't like when there is a moody teenager in any situation (real or fiction). Its one reason why I never got into the bachelor or bachelorette. I guess I'm just an unemotional person anyways, but I can't stand when characters cry every five seconds over small problems. Not to mention that whining over and over again about an issue won't solve it. I'm apologize if you find the characters emotionally detached, however that is part of the job. If they cried over every small incidence, they aren't good superheroes.

Does that make sense? I hope so.

Anyway, that's my rant. I just wanted to clear that up for others, just because I was getting confused on the reviews. They weren't bad, but many of you guys were questioning those things the most so I just wanted to let you know my thought process on the whole thing. This is in no way to get revenge because of bad reviews because they weren't bad, people were just confused and I get that.

I apologize if this story hasn't been exactly what you were expecting. If you enjoy it, great! If not, that's cool! I'm not offended and I hope I didn't offend you either!

Thanks for the reviews everybody! I appreciate them!

Venom rampaged down the hallway, using it's black-oozed arms to vault from one side to the other. The shrieks and hisses coming from the monster echoed through the white, seemingly endless, passage ways.

Peter pulled back, hoping to stop his limbs from moving. He tore his mind away from the symbiote's, trying to break the connection. Back in the lab, he thought he had done it, but venom sucked him back in.

He wouldn't let himself go unconscious, forcing his eyes open and his brain on high alert. With all of his strength, Peter smashed himself and the symbiote against the corner of the hall. The symbiote shrieked when it splattered onto the wall around Peter. For a moment, Peter could breathe, his face finally uncovered.

He pulled at the symbiote, tearing the pieces away from the rest of his body. However, the more he tore the more the symbiote regenerated and clung closer to him.

"Sorry, but I'm not the clingy type." Peter said. "Now, get off!" He yelled, angrily. The symbiote gurgled in response, still clinging, trying to form over him again.

Peter stretched his neck out, trying to keep his head and face as far away from the symbiote as possible. He ripped and tore at it again, but venom stopped his movements by pinning his arms to his sides.

Using all of his strength, he pulled his arms apart. The goo went with him, stretching. "Jeez! How the hell are you this strong?"

The moment, Peter, heard footprints was the moment he got worried. "Crap." If he stopped to warn Steve, whom he assumed was the other end, he would leave himself wide open for venom to take over. But if he didn't, venom would lose control anyways and attack him.

"Easy choice." Peter shrugged. "Steve! Stop!" He yelled. "If you can hear me, stop now!" The clambering, footsteps didn't pause! "STOP!" Peter yelled louder. Venom grasped his neck, now, cutting of his voice, slightly.

One more time. Peter thought, his breath rapid. In the loudest voice he could muster with his neck being absorbed, he yelled again. "STOP! DON'T! COME! CLOSER!" He punctuated each word, wanting it to be conveyed clearly.

He heard the footsteps pause. Peter gasped, before venom covered his face again. If anything, Steve was warned and be ready for attack. He only hoped he'd win.

A frantic, mumbled voice shot out of the blue. "Do you hear that?" Steve whispered, running down the corridor and into a blank empty room.

"Yes. But I do not know what it is saying." Wanda commented.

Twisting his head from side to side, he listened. The voice came again, this time from the right side. It sounded more panicked than before.

"This way." He said, running back down the hallway. His boots pounded the ground. He could hear the sound vibrating off the white, steel walls.

Running after him, Wanda, made her way. "This is the way to the bunker."

"Then we are heading in the right direction."

"STOP! DON'T! COME! CLOSER!" Steve heard. He paused, recognizing the voice, but not wanting to disobey it.

"It's Peter." Steve said, moving closer.

Wanda stopped him by wrapping her arms around his right bicep and pulling him back. "He said not to come closer."

"But, it's Peter." Steve reminded her, wiggling out of her grasp but not straying too far. Peter was warning them, that's for sure. However, he couldn't help but want to run to him.

"Slowly, then." Wanda suggested.

Steve nodded, bringing his shield from the holster on his back to his arm. Slowly and quietly he made his way to the corner of the hallway. Peeking around the wall, he noticed a black, glob bubbling.

"Is that…?" Steve trailed off.

Wanda peered around him. "That is venom." Wanda answered.

Steve's eyes widened. That's the symbiote. The one Fury talked about back at the tower. Why is it just lying there? Steve wondered.

Bringing himself back, he raised his shield to his chest, and walked forward. It only took a few steps for venom's head to form and whipped it around to glare at Steve. It screamed, menacingly, not even bothering to finish regenerating its full body before lunging at him.

Steve blocked, easily, side stepping around the symbiote until it crash-landed on the floor. Now that it's body had been stabilized again, it fully form taking to it's legs to attack again.

It swung a black web at the captain, dragging him forwards before landing a good smash him in the face with a good punch, sending Steve backwards.

Getting angrier, Steve, hurried forward, toppling the monster backwards and landing some hard jabs on his chest and face. Venom kicked him off, regaining its composure for another round.

Meanwhile, Wanda watched as the fight ensued, ducking into a doorway to not be hit. Her heart was beating out of her chest. She'd seen Venom before, but now she was the enemy. That scared her. "Scarlet!" Steve shouted, dodging another one of venom's attacks. Breathing heavily, Wanda peaked out the doorway, only to quickly have to avoid one of Venom's webs. It crashed into the wall, taking out part of the doorway and scratching up the drywall. "Scarlet! Call Tony!"

She nodded to herself. "Okay," She breathed. She tapped her ear. She didn't know how to use this communicator. They never showed her how. "Stark?" She spoke. Another crash, spooked her away from the doorway.

"Yep." Tony replied over the communicator. Another crash, which Tony hears from over the speaker. "That doesn't sound good."

"We found him." Scarlet replied.

About a mile away, Clint and Natasha watch Oscorp's lights flicker.

"Yo! Legolas! I think we got the signal." Tony announced over the radio. Tony soars over their heads aiming for the front door.

"What signal was that?" Clint asked, completely confused.

"A crash, a crazy damsel in distress, and a very mediocre call for help. You know, the u-sh." He replied.

Steve backed away from the creature. Motioning to Scarlet, he guided her back. "Are we getting him out of here?" She asked.

The last smash of his shield left the creature dazed. "So that he can attack the civilians? No. We just need to keep him contained until the team can get here."

"How are you planning on separating them?"

"Haven't gotten that far." The creature attacked again. Both of them jumped out of the way. "But we also can't stay in this hallway."

Steve through his shield. Rebounding it off the wall, off venom's torso and back to him. "Tell me, is there any larger rooms in this building with no windows and few exits."

"You want to trap yourself in with him?" Scarlet looked shocked.

"We just need to contain him until we can capture." Steve blocked, yet, another hit. Scarlet thought about it. There were hundreds of rooms in the building. Obviously, the outer edge would have windows, lots of them. Singling those out, she came out with few options. One, they didn't want to go above ground, that was too risky to get to with all the exits. But beneath Oscorp there were five other floors.

"There's a room one floor down that is used for storage. It spans all the other three floors.

"Perfect." He asked of the com. "Which way?"

She pointed behind them, back towards the staircase.

"Alright, can you distract him for just a moment? Mess with his head a little, just enough to daze it?"

She nodded. He hands lit up red and the power radiated off them in streams. Stretching out her arm, she released a concentrated amount into the creature.

From within its mind she could feel two presences. One of strength and purity, the other of darkness and vengeance. She grasped the dark strain and curled her mind around it. With a whip of her hand she sent the creature flailing backwards into the back wall. Venom squealed with pain and collapsed onto the wall, breathing rapidly.

"Run!" Steve shouted. Wanda broke the connection and both of them booked it back down the hallway from which they came. Steve turned behind him to watch as the symbiote regain its composure. Within seconds it was rampaging after them, slinging webs on the walls to shorten the distance.

The two bounded down the stairs, leaping from one story to the next and just barely dodging the web sludge venom shot after them. Once they were down a level, Wanda took the lead and guided Steve to the storage room, opening the door and rushing though it.

The room was vast. From the walkway and railing that lined the walls of the room, the middle seemed like an endless abyss into a realm of useless junk and cardboard. Along the sides, smaller rooms were labeled with their contents.

"This looks like a prison, not a storage room."

"That is because it was supposed to be used as one for Norman's army."

Steve didn't have much time to process the thought when Venom snatched him away from the railing and tossed him over. With quick reflexes, he grabbed onto the railing. He brought his feet up enough to stand on the edge between the railing bars.

"Tony, what's your ETA?" He asked over the com.

"10, 9, 8, 7…" Tony replied as he started the countdown. Soon there was a crash and immediately an alarm went off.

The moment the alarm sounded, Venom screeched and squirmed. Its body began retreating into Peter's body, once again.

Steve watched from the other side of the railing, clinging to it in complete awe. The echo of the large storage room made the alarm ring louder and with more force. Within moments, it was Peter that was clutching his head.

"Peter?" Steve asked, trying to speak over the alarm. He hopped over the railing to solid ground. Taking his time, he cautiously approached Peter.

"Peter?" He asked again.

"Steve?" Peter gasped, moving his hands away from his ears. He trailed his eyes to where Captain America stood. "Are you okay?"

With a sigh of quick relief, Steve rushed over, hauling Peter up to his feet. Peter knew what had happened. He'd watched it all.

"I'm fine." Steve smoothed his messy hair back, then rested his hand on his shoulder, yelling over the alarm. "How are you?"

Peter starred off into space. "It's still there. I can feel it."

Steve nodded. He saw it retreat back into Peter, after all. "It's going to be okay, Pete."

Quickly looking around, he looked for Wanda. "Scarlet!" He yelled. "Let's get out of here!"

He saw her nod and take down the hallway. Steve wrapped an arm around Peter's waist to help him walk. Peter in turn wrapped his arm around Steve's shoulders for more support. He felt incredibly weak now, but his strength was returning, that much was for certain. Plus, there was no way he was going to spend another minute in this hell hole.

Over the com, Steve spoke. "Tony, we got Peter. Venom is still in him. We're heading outside."

"Gotcha, Cap. Meet you there."

The three ran for the stairs. Step by step, they were closer to freedom. Then, all of a sudden, the alarm stopped.

"They must have stopped alarm." Wanda pointed out.

"Which "they"?" Steve asked. Depending on the answer it could be a good thing or a bad thing. If the rest of his team turn it off, it meant that it was simply out of necessity to not involve the police, but if Norman and his legion stopped it, it could mean something very different.

"Hurry." Peter grunted. His face paling by the minute.

"What's wrong, Peter?"

"Venom is coming." Peter warned.

Without a second thought, Steve swung Peter over his shoulder and hauled him up the stairs. Peter grunted at the reflexive movements.

"Sorry, hotshot. Don't have time."

Hot Shot. He hadn't called Peter that in a long time. He'll admit, he missed it.

The constant bumping on his stomach from Steve's shoulder wasn't pleasant. In fact, it almost made Peter throw up, if he had anything in his stomach to do so. But, Peter didn't complain. He just focused on the movement and keeping himself conscious. If he could, he could prevent Venom from being released for a while.

"Pete, you doing okay?" Steve asked, still running.

"Hunky-dory." Peter rasped.

"Don't worry, we're almost out."

"K." Peter responded.

"Stay awake."


"Scarlet, we need to pick up the pace."

She nodded and so they did. Just one more hallway and they were out, into the fresh air. They didn't stop there, however. Instead, they ran down the road until they were a good distance.

"Tony, where are you guys?" Steve asked.

"Right above you." He replied. Tony stopped above them, along with Bruce. Coming down at a great speed before catching and lowering himself to the ground. "Just had to pick something up."

Bruce hurried to Peter. "How is he?"

"Venom is still in him, somewhere. He's been fighting him off."

"How'd you stop the symbiote?" Natasha asked, hopping off the roof with Clint close behind.

"We didn't. The alarm did." Steve answered.

"Must be reactant to sound waves." Bruce commented. He walked around Steve to look at Peter's face. "Hey, Pete." He whispered.

"Hi." Peter meekly waved.

"Steve put him down. Let me check him out." Bruce ordered, reaching down into his medical case.

Steve did as ordered. Slowly, he lowered Peter to the ground and slid him off his shoulder. Peter grunted in the process. He helped Peter get comfortable against the building. Then he moved to the side, crouching, and keeping one arm on Peter's shoulder.

"How are you feeling, Peter?"

"Sick. Really sick."

"You haven't felt sick until you get your first hangover, Petey." Tony joked.

"Not the time, Stark." Steve looked at him, though he was happy for the lighter atmosphere. Tony always did have ways of calming people down in dark situations.

"So, sound waves, huh?" Clint said. "You know I have an arrow for that."

"Which might come in handy if venom gets loose again." Bruce cut him off. "But right now, its not worth anything from within the body."

He listens to Peter's heart. It's fast. So is his breathing. "How do you suggest we get it out then?" Steve asked.

"We have to break the connection."

"Okay, and...?" Clint asked.

Taking a breath, Bruce was about to speak when Tony took over. "Peter is going to have to let Venom out."

"What?" Every asked, equally confused. Bruce wasn't.

"The biggest problem isn't the body. It's the brain. If Peter can get Venom under control for even a few minutes while Venom's in his physical form, we can tear them apart."

"Venom will latch onto him, how –," Natasha started.

"That's why we need Clint's sound arrows." Tony interrupted. "If I can match Clint's sound frequency with my own, we can create a large sonic wave that will separate Venom from Peter's body. But, Peter has to separate his mind from the symbiote first because if it retreats we won't have a second chance."

The other's glanced a Peter. He looked both terrified and determined at the same time.

Bruce knelt down to Peter's eye level. "You have to fight him, Peter."

"It's hard." Peter said, breathing in and out to calm himself.

"I know." Bruce said. "I'm not one to talk, but you have so much more willpower than me. Remember that your brains may be connected, but your minds aren't. You can do it."

Looking around, Peter watched as each Avenger held hope for him. Even the Scarlet Witch seemed on board, which was weird since she never seemed confident in anything. He looked at Steve, directly in the eye. He nodded at him, his gaze as strong and brave as ever.

Peter took one last breath and nodded. "Okay. When do we start?"

So that's chapter 21. Again, the rant at the beginning was not meant to offend anyone, just to clear up some confusion.

I'm sorry for yet another cliffhanger, but I hope that you all enjoyed!

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