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"We really appreciate you doing this, Jamie."

"No problem. You and Danny enjoy your night out. I'll take care of the boys."

Linda Reagan gave her brother in law a quick smile and leaned in the door to yell in the house.

"Daniel Reagan if you are not outside in two seconds there is gonna be trouble. We have been planning this night for two weeks!" Linda looked at Jamie. "He thinks that since the sitter cancelled I was gonna cancel."

"But thankfully my little brother here volunteered to help so my beautiful wife and I can go see a play on Broadway. My favorite." Danny said as he appeared in the doorway earning an elbow shove from Linda.

"Uh huh. Play the victim. I had to suffer through you going to your favorite sports bar as our last date."

"Hey that was a good time!" Danny said sounding offended.

"Oh really? I'm surprised you noticed. You were so into that sports game I had no idea you even knew I was there." Linda said giving Danny an accusing glare.

"Me? I would never do that." Danny defended.

"Actually Danny," Jamie interrupted "It definitely sounds like something that you would do."

"Really, kid? Whos side are you on?" Danny asked his little brother.

"Hey, to be honest, Linda scares me more than you. I'm gonna agree with whatever she says."

"See, that's why Jamie is the smart one." Linda said giving her brother-in-law a smile.

"Alright, alright, I'm gonna go get in the car. Hey Jamie, don't spoil my kids too much." Danny said.

"Don't count on it!" Jamie yelled back.

"I'm gonna go get in the car before he drives off to that sportsbar again. Took enough convincing to get him to go to this play with me. Thanks again Jamie, I-we really appreciate it."

"Like I said before, no problem, I love the kids, you guys have fun. You both deserve it."

Jamie waved goodbye, stepped inside the house and shut the door. Tonight was planned to be easy, he brought over his copy of the newest teen blockbuster as well as the newest sci-fi thriller. He hoped on having a quite movie night with his nephews, but as much as he loved the boys, quiet was almost never guaranteed.

"I surrender! I surrender! Please don't shoot!"

"Sorry. There is no surrender. You made your choice."

"Not even for me?"

"Nope. You chose to be against us."

And with that, Jack and Sean both pressed the button on their game control remotes and killed Jamie, or at least, Jamie's video game character. Jamie had borrowed the newest version of whatever gun-slinging-alien-killing game this was in hopes to impress his nephews. Looks like the plan backfired on him after they both just schooled him.

"Come on guys, that was so not cool!" Jamie said as he threw down the controller.

"You are the one who decided that he didn't want to be on a team with us." Jack said. "You got what was coming to you."

"That's big talk coming from a little man there."

"Who you calling little?"

"Isn't it you and Sean's bed time?" Jamie asked.

"Why am I getting dragged into this?" Sean asked.

"Because, it is 11:30 and I promised your parents that I wouldn't spoil you too much."

"But we didn't do that much." Sean said.

"Didn't do that much? Guys, we watched two news movies I brought over and the new game I brought, which I'm pretty sure you guys would not have gotten to play until it was on sale because your parents would never spend that much money on a game. So, be thankful and get ready for bed."

"Fine." both Jack and Sean said.

"This stinks." Sean said.

"Yeah. Nicky normally lets us stay up till like one in the morning." Jack said

"Well that's Nicky. Your parents told me your bed time on a school night is 11. I let you stay up thirty minutes." Jamie said although he could tell he was gonna end up loosing the 'coolest uncle award'.

"Come on Uncle Jamie, one more game." Jack asked.

"Yeah, one more." Sean said as he stood by his brother.

"Guys, I wish I could, but I'm putting my foot down. Now, get to bed."

Jack and Sean both left.

"You're so lame." Sean mumbled as he left.

Jamie sat on the couch and sighed. 'That went well...' he thought. They were young though, so he knew that they would be better in the morning.

He hoped.

"You in bed Sean?" Jamie asked as he peaked in his room thirty minutes later. He got no response even though he knew he was not asleep yet. He felt bad about what happened earlier, even though he knew that it was not his fault.

Jamie had the same thing happen in Jack's room and he sighed once more and was about to go back to the couch when he heard the door rattle.

'That's odd.' He thought. 'Danny texted me five minutes ago and said they wouldn't be back till later.' Just as he had that thought that he heard the front door bust open.

Jamie's first thought was of the boys. There was no way they didn't hear that noise. Just as he thought Sean and Jack both were up in bed, with Sean coming up to him.

"Jack, Sean, listen to me okay?" Jamie whispered hurriedly, his brain going a hundred miles an hour, but his number one priority keeping his nephews safe, "Take my phone, call 911, then stay quiet." He could see the scared look on their faces. "Jack. Hey I need you to listen to me. Lock your parent's bedroom door, and then go hide in the bathroom next to it okay?"

Both boys took his phone and went to the bathroom. Once Jamie was sure they followed what he said, he tried to figure out what to do next.

'Weapons. What do I have?' Jamie thought. 'Nothing. Didn't bring my piece cause who needs a gun when babysitting their nephews?' Jamie though for a moment, ran to Jack's room, and found a baseball bat. He figured it would take to long to look for and then figure out how to unlock any of Danny's guns. He heard a noise in the kitchen and went towards it.

Jamie went around the corner and peaked inside.

'One intruder,' he started thinking, trying to think calmly,' black mask, black outfit. About 6 foot. Male. Cauc-'

Jamie's thoughts were interrupted when a second attacker came from behind him, hitting him hard on the head with what felt like a gun. Jamie fell to the ground but before he was able to will himself back up, the attacker put his foot on his chest, got close to the ground, and asked him a question.

"I was expecting the normal babysitter. Just a small setback. Where are the kids?" he asked.

"Kids are at a friends house. I was sent to house sit. Looks like it was needed huh?" Jamie said.

"Lying will get you no where, Reagan." the second attacker said as he went to go search for the kids.

Jamie felt fear bubbling up inside of him. Not for himself, but for his nephews, no doubt scared out of their minds in the bathroom.

Jamie heard the sound of the second attacker trying to bust down the door to Danny's bedroom. He smiled internally as his plan was working. As he spent all that time trying to get into the bedroom, the kids were still in the bathroom.

Just then, thankfully, Jamie heard the sound of police sirens in the background. 'Thank God'. Jamie thought. His thoughts were quickly halted when he heard something he would hear in his dreams, -no not dreams, nightmares- for years.

He heard the bedroom door bust open and as the attacker realized the kids weren't there, he cursed. He pulled open the bathroom door and cursed and he slowly laughed at finding the kids. He yanked them both up despite their protests.

"Uncle Jamie help!" Jack and Sean yelled.

"Come on let's go! Grab the kids and get the hell out of here!" the attacker still on Jamie yelled to the other.

"No!" Jamie yelled as he pushed the man off of him, motivated by the need to save his nephews.

Jamie went after the intruder holding Jack and Sean just as he pulled out the gun he had hit Jamie with earlier.

"Boys run!" Jamie yelled. Jack pushed Sean from where he was standing to get him to move and they both ran out the front door towards the nearing sirens while Jamie continued fighting the second attacker and the other ran after the boys after mumbling a few choice cuss words.

As the boys raced out the door with the attacker on their tail, they ran towards the sirens and stopped when they heard a familiar voice.

"Get away from my boys you son of a b-" the rest of the sentence was drowned out by the sound of a gunshot fired from Danny's gun as he ran to his boys.

He took them both in a hug. "Are the both of you okay?" he asked running his hands up and down his boys checking for injuries.

"Dad! Uncle Jamie's still in there with one of them! He has have a gun!" Jack said to his dad while Linda ran up to her boys crying followed by the other officers.

"Linda stay with the boys, Jamie is still in there." Danny said and he ran to the house. As he was approaching the door, he hear three gunshots go off and he ran inside.

" Damn it." He muttered "Jamie?!" Danny yelled searching the house. "Come on kid, answer me."

Danny got to the kitchen and saw Jamie leaned against the counter on the floor, a pool of blood was beginning to form around him.

"Hey kid you okay?" Danny asked concerned.

" 'm fine." Jamie said weakly.

"Okay ambulance is on there way. Hang on, baby brother." Danny said running a hand threw his hair.

"Went that way. Out the window." Jamie managed to say before he collapsed in front of Danny.

"Son of a..."

Danny ran toward the window to see the attacker already almost out the window.


The attacker looked straight at Danny.

"See you soon Reagan. Say hi to the Mrs. for me." and then he dropped out the window onto the lawn. Danny fired several shots but he found it was no good. He had already disappeared into the bush behind the house. After a moment of hesitation, Danny decided against going after him threw the window, and instead focused on his little brother.

He went to the kitchen just as the paramedics were arriving. Jamie was slumped against the counter with his eyes closed. Danny quickly searched his brother for a pulse. When he found one, he sighed a sigh of relief, it was slow but it was there.

"In here!" He yelled.

The paramedics came with a gurney and loaded Jamie onto it.

Danny was left standing in his kitchen not knowing how this evening had gone this bad. He was standing there when his boys ran in. "Dad!" They yelled in unison with Linda following them. "Hey guys." He said as they ran into them. He looked over and saw Linda crying. "Hey" Danny said softly, "Come here." He said holding his arm out for her to join him and the boys in a hug. "The paramedics are taking Jamie. Do you wanna ride with them?" she asked.

"Will you be okay if I go?" Danny asked looking down at his scared wife. "Yeah." she said. "I called Frank, he'll be here in ten minutes. The boys and I will stay there tonight."

"Dad?" Sean asked.

"Yeah Kiddo?"

"I wanna go with Uncle Jamie."

"Me too dad." Jack said. "He saved us."

Danny looked at Linda. "Okay boys. When Grandpa gets here he'll drive us to the hospital so you can see Uncle Jamie. Daddy is gonna ride in the ambulance with him. Okay?"

Danny gave his family one last hug and climbed in the ambulance with Jamie. 'The kid looks bad.' he thought.

Danny was halfway through to the hospital when the paramedics suddenly shouted out "He's crashing!" he yelled.

"Come on kid. You gotta wake up. You saved my kids's lives. I gotta thank you personally. Come on. Don't leave us we need you."





"Come on kid. Come on."


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