Rise of the King

Chapter 1

Olympus Has Fallen

A lone man sat in front of a crackling fire, his perfectly tanned skin bathing in the soft red and orange glow of the hearth before him. Hunched over, the man let the warmth bathe across his skin. His eyes the deepest shade of black possible, stars and galaxies twinkling deep in his irises, an occasional fiery comet shooting across his eyes. His hair matched the darkness of his eyes, perfect raven black hair that fell loosely to just above his eyes. A smile graced his features, radiating his perfect cheekbones and chiseled jaw. His perfect grime less white teeth shining so brightly they should have come with a warning label.

Outside the fire was an enormous room, if it could be called that. It was ten times the size of a football stadium, all that resided in the room currently were twelve giant thrones jutting out of the sleek white marble and the man in front of the flames. After a few still moments he rose and stood away from the flames.

His normal, human sized stature started to glow into a bright light before a fifteen foot tall man was there. He walked to the center of the thrones that formed a U shape, a large seat that matched his eyes like the night sky, littered with stars and glowing with galaxies. He lounged in the chair lazily and closed his eyes briefly for a moment. As if a silent prayer was coming across his mind, his eyes fluttered open a second later as eleven bright flashes of light appeared in front of him, revealing the forms of eleven giant immortals.

The Olympians as the Greeks called them. The twelve mightiest gods and goddesses of the entire Greek pantheon, unmatched by the others gods and goddesses. His dark eyes flickered to each god and goddess standing before their thrones.

To his right were Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Artemis, Athena and lastly Aphrodite. On his left were, Hades, Poseidon, Zeus, Apollo and Hephaestus. Those were the Olympians, but there was an issue. While the twelve gods and goddesses being labelled as Olympians hardly mattered to most of the council, there were some that believed the title of Olympian made them more powerful and better than the rest of the pantheon and there were certain gods and goddesses that were not Olympians that were pushing to become Olympians. Notably Dionysus, Ares and Hermes. All three of these gods were children of Zeus which was interesting to the man who sat directly in the middle and very suspicious.

As if Zeus was able to fool him, he was far older and certainly much more wiser than the Lord of the Skies. He had led the armies of Olympus and stormed Mount Orthrys, when all three of his brothers fought his father simultaneously and failed. He had been the last hope to topple the King of the Titans from his throne and he had defeated the Lord of Time and his father. He wielded his fathers own scythe and cut Kronos into pieces, his siblings watched as he threw the pieces into Tartarus. He was hailed the King of the gods.

But he did not wish to be King, he did not rule over the Olympians or unjustly demand his laws to be followed. Under his guise, they voted in a completely democratic system that mirrored the city of Athens. He watched as Zeus rose from his throne, the other gods and goddesses becoming silent as he did so. His voice boomed and echoed throughout the large throne room.

"Perseus," The King would have been a fool to not have noticed the venom and hatred that was hidden in his littlest brothers voice. "As King," Again, the vile and bitterness in his tone was overwhelmingly obvious he was greatly surprised that none of the other gods or goddesses could catch Zeus' tone. "You must call a vote on the matters at hand."

Perseus merely raised his right eyebrow at his youngest sibling. Watching with silent satisfaction as a vein started to pop on Zeus' forehead. "For what exactly am I calling vote?" He asked Zeus with fake curiosity, he of course knew what Zeus wanted and was calling for. But Perseus really did not want to have to deal with this right now.

Zeus growled, the air around him beginning to crackle with electricity. He caught the whiff of the smell of ozone and he knew his brother was angry and about to bring out his massive sparkler and either threaten him or something else that would ultimately result in Zeus being humiliated.

The bright electric blue eyes of the youngest son of Kronos and Rhea exploded with lightning and he glared harshly at his eldest brother. While he knew his brother was powerful, from the domains that he had control over. Zeus believed he held a greater power and deserved to be the King of the gods, he had been the one to purge his siblings from their fathers stomach. Despite Perseus never being swallowed by his father due to being far older than the rest of them.

His voice was a dangerous hiss, "You know exactly what I am calling for." He snarled angrily.

Perseus rolled his eyes, his gaze then sweeping across the throne room and drinking in the sights of how bored the rest of the Olympians were. Artemis was twirling a silver arrow in her hand, Apollo was doing the same but with a golden arrow. The rest either were just sitting there dazed or Aphrodite who was changing her features rapidly, either trying to find the most comfortable form or the prettiest. Perseus hardly cared anyways. Hades and Poseidon were just staring at their youngest brother.

A typical council meeting, although Zeus was being far more aggressive than he had ever been before. Perseus had not seen his little brother almost hurl his master bolt at him, but it was not that much of a concern. Zeus was always riled up but he never acted on his anger for fear of the council and Perseus himself striking him down in the process.

However, little did Perseus know, this council meeting was going to be far different than the rest.

"Little brother," Perseus said through narrowed eyes. "Your request is denied."

Zeus sneered and rose from his seat, a super powerful electric bolt appearing in his grasp. Crackling with electricity and immense power, he stared at his brother with hatred, with anger. Perseus and the rest of the council just stared at Zeus and his master bolt with tired eyes. Either not surprised or not in all fearful of what was about to happen. Perseus however was staring at Zeus with anticipation and surprise, this being the first time Zeus has ever threatened him with his weapon in a council meeting.

"You're a tyrant," Zeus snarled angrily, his eyes flashing. At his words, most of the council rolled their eyes and groaned. A topic that the Lord of the skies had brought up very often and many disagreed with his words. "You control the will of the council and are a traitor to your family..." Perseus had, had enough.

"ENOUGH!" Perseus bellowed, effectively silencing his red faced little brother and drawing stunned looks from the rest of the council. None of these Olympians had ever seen Perseus so enraged and angry since his battle with the Titans on Mount Othrys. He had never lost his temper with anyone, even Zeus himself despite all of the badgering. "Do not presume," He hissed with bile. "I don't have any clue to what you are doing." The eldest Olympian rose from his throne, his body pulsing with a pitch black color. The room began to grow colder, the other Olympians shivering in their thrones and staring at Perseus with wide eyes. The golden light of Olympus beginning to fade as darkness began to suffocate the room. Zeus shivered along with the rest of the gods and his plan would fail if Perseus continued his anger. The power and aura he was emitting was powerful enough to vaporize mortals just for being in his presence.

"You wish for your children to be included on the council, many of your children so favor nearly always sides with you." He sneered pointing a finger straight at Zeus. "You plan to control the council and you call me a tyrant?" He asked with a menacing hiss.

The wide blue eyes of Zeus stared at his eldest brother in shock, along with the other ten Olympians. He hesitated for a moment, fearful of what Perseus was going to do. Especially with the power he was basically glowing in. He then launched his master bolt right at the King of the gods.

The other Olympians jaws dropped at the audacity of Zeus. Lightning crackled and thunder boomed as the bolt flew through the air and just before the master bolt reach Perseus, the darkness surrounded the bolt and the master bolt disappeared into thin air.

Zeus' jaw dropped as he watched his master bolt melt into the shadows. He sputtered and stuttered, trying to form words as he watched his symbol of power being taken from him. He glared harshly at Perseus. "Give me my bolt." He hissed.

"No." Perseus snarled.

"You're breaking the ancient laws." Zeus outraged.

Perseus rolled his eyes. "As if you don't break the laws daily." He growled before he raised his hand into a curl of shadows and pulling out his brother master bolt. Holding it in his hands lightning began to crackle around him and his black energy began to glow a slight hue of blue. He sneered at the bolt and threw it to the floor at his feet in front of his throne.

"Retrieve your bolt, brother." He spat with contempt. The power in his voice shaking the ground beneath his feet dangerously as Zeus waved his hand returning the lightning rod to his hands.

"Listen here, and listen well." The King of the gods spoke in a dangerously low voice. "I am sick of your petty attempts to usurp me from this throne, from title as king. I don't want to be king, I hate it, I despise that I am called the very same that our father was called. A tyrant, I am sick of your lies Zeus and sick of your childish attempts to gain power. You go behind the back of your wife many times and are unfaithful, having many children with others and you do this to unbalance the gods and raise your own status." At this point Zeus paled slightly as Hera began to glare harshly at him, either in betrayal or anger.

But what threw Zeus for a loop and angered him to no end was the fact his brother was King of the Olympians and did not want to be their King.

"You are done asking for your children to join the council, should they be allowed to join..." He paused and waved his hands at the other Olympians, "Then the rest of the council must agree on it, I do not control the council and if you wish to vote on these trivial matters then by all means, go ahead." He waved his hands carelessly as he sat back in his throne and lounged rather lazily, he was tired of being annoyed by his little brother.

Zeus seemed shocked and surprised before he sat down in his gloating and magnificent throne, feeling the power rush through him he smirked with delight. His brother was letting his guard down, he was working in the right notion.

"I challenge you for your throne."

Perseus sat up straighter and stared at his brother in surprise, "Are you truly that foolish?" He asked in a slow tone. While yes, it was prideful and arrogant of him, he and the rest of the Olympians all knew him to be more powerful than his youngest brother, far more powerful than the lord of the skies.

Zeus just smirked in response as his master bolt appeared in his hands. Glowing with an electric blue hue.

Perseus turned to the rest of the council of the gods and called for a vote. "Who agrees to allow Zeus to challenge me as King of the Gods?" He asked, expecting most if not all of the Olympians to reject him from challenging his throne. However, he was stunned, angry, confused, hurt and gobsmacked as every single god and goddess besides Hestia and Hades raised their hands. A number of eight to two, Zeus and Perseus both having no vote as the matter pertained to them.

Zeus grinned devilishly at Perseus before rising from his throne. "Then I Zeus lord of the skies, god of justice, lightning and thunder..." Thunder boomed loudly overhead. "Challenge Perseus, god of night, earth and time," He spat rather jealously. "For his title as King of the Olympians."

Perseus sighed rather tiredly and rose from his throne. He knew that he had no other choice than to accept the challenge otherwise he would forfeit his throne as the other members of the council agreed for the battle as King of the gods.

"I accept your challenge, little brother." He sneered as a midnight black blade appeared in his hands with shining gold etching, the blade radiated power and Zeus' nose crinkled nervously as Perseus' thumb rubbed the crimson red ruby that was embedded in the hilt.

Perseus jumped from his throne and shrunk into the size of a normal human about six feet tall, he looked over to see Zeus doing the same standing opposite of him with his master bolt crackling in his hands. A gleam of lust and arrogance shining brightly in the lord of the skies eyes. Something Perseus quickly noticed was the black and golden aura that surrounded Zeus in the slightest. Small enough so no others could catch, but Perseus was not the King of the Olympians for a no reason.

He was curious and now very nervous for what his brother would do. He could sense that Zeus' aura was radiating an immense power, but it felt different, very different and far more powerful than before. Uh-oh. He thought.

Zeus raised his bolt and pointed it at Perseus as the rest of the Olympians watched. "You shall fall today, oh mighty King." He mocked before a bolt of lightning descended from the heavens with such intensity and power Perseus had never seen before. He barely rolled out of the way and by the time he focused his attention back on Zeus, he was charging him with a stunning speed. His master bolt coming towards his chest, Perseus barely had enough time to react.

He deflected the blow away from him and struck towards Zeus' now opened midsection, but the lord of the skies jumped back in anticipation. Zeus jumped forward and brought down his master bolt towards Perseus' neck, but he was quick, bringing his symbol of power upwards and meeting Zeus' strike in mid air. The two clashed in a shower of sparks before clashing again in another deadlocked formation. This time Zeus grinned as he super charged his bolt with electrical signals and forced them threw his King's blade.

The god of night growled and jumped back in irritation as the shock entered his body. He smirked nervously, something was definitely up with his little little brother. He was far more powerful and quick than he was weeks ago, this did not seem all to good to the King of the gods.

Perseus looked ahead and his midnight dark eyes widened as Zeus launched his master bolt at him, he dodged but as his symbol of power passed by. It let loose thousands of powerful bolts of lightning in all directions. Several dozen absorbed into his body and Perseus cried out as electricity burned his skin and forced his numb arm to drop his blade. Now, that was something he knew his brother could not do before. He looked up as Zeus was smirking evilly at him, his normally electric blue irises were now black like his, with gold sparkling deep within them.

Zeus raised his hand and his master bolt shot back into his grasp before slicing it downwards at Perseus', who barely dodged the strike but it still sliced deeply into his cheek. Golden blood dripping profusely from the wound as Perseus shakily reached down and grabbed his blade.

Shakily, Perseus raised his blade in a defensive stance. The immortal ichor of the gods dripping down his body and his muscles tight with electrical shocks still flowing through them. He knew exactly what was happening, his little brother was being influenced by outside forces, whether by his own will nor not he was putting all of the rest of the Olympians in danger.

As Zeus looked at him chaotically, Perseus slammed his right foot into the ground. Forcing Zeus unbalanced as Olympus started to shake violently, he brought his blade down upon the staggering lord of the skies who just barely had enough time to raise his bolt and block the strike. But that was all he needed, he swept his left leg out and knocked his brothers feet out from under him. Watching as he collapsed to the ground. His next strike was so quick none of the Olympians nor Zeus was able to see it he brought his blade down with a strike so powerful, the master bolt crackled with energy before exploding outwards blasting Perseus off of his feet and sending him flying.

When the rubble cleared, Zeus stood around a decimated area of dust and marble, ichor dripped from his nose and several cuts on his body but that hardly seemed to be the ire of his eye. His symbol of power, his prideful master bolt had just been destroyed by his brother. How was this possible? He snarled in his head before meeting the jaw dropped eyes of the council.

Then he turned and faced Perseus, who was standing, blade in hand and ichor also dripping from several wounds on his body as well. Although his seemed far more severe than his, but he was without his weapon and therefore was with a serious disadvantage for the rest of this fight.

With speed not even Hermes god of speed could muster, Perseus charged Zeus and attacked, he dodged the first strike but was not quick enough to dodge the flat of the blade that caught him in the knee and nearly knocked him to the ground once more, he kept his balance until Perseus slammed his foot into his little brothers chest and knocked him on his ass.

Perseus raised his blade to his brothers neck, surprised at the power Zeus had shown but pleased that the battle was over. "Do you yield?" He asked his brother, assuming he would say yes. However before he could respond, Perseus grunted in pain as a silver arrow pierced the bicep that he held his sword aloft with. He grunted in pain and his sword clattered to the ground. His eyes were wide and he was stunned as he pulled the arrow free from his arm, stunned to see that although it was covered in golden ichor, the arrow head was silver.

"Artemis?" He asked, eyes wide with betrayal.

The silver eyed goddess opened her mouth to respond but this time from the opposite direction an arrow pierced him in the shoulder blade, he groaned in pain and before he could react Zeus jumped up and swept him off his feet. His head slammed into the ground with a painful crunch and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He moaned as his vision blurred, but he knew exactly what happened. Artemis and Apollo had both interfered in his fight with Zeus.

Out of all the Olympians, he would never have expected Artemis and Apollo to side with their father over him. He was absolutely pissed and hurt from their betrayal. He tried to rise from his knees and to his feet but a powerful blast of ice cold water slammed into his chest and knocked him to the floor, water surrounded him in a cocoon and bound his hands tightly together from moving. He snarled and glared at Poseidon as he tried to force his hands from the iron tight ropes of water. Zeus reared back and punched him in the face, a painful crunch sounded and immortal ichor dripped from Perseus' broken nose. The eldest of the gods gasped as Zeus wrenched his blade free from his hands. Zeus smacked the flat of his blade against the back of his knee knocking him to the ground. Zeus walked over to him with a vicious smile on his face and slammed his foot into his brothers face with glee, the kick powerful enough to make his vision blur.

When his vision cleared he looked up to see his youngest brother holding his very own blade and symbol of power to his throat. Pressing the point harshly into his neck enough that it drew golden ichor that dribbled down his neck.

"Do you yield?" Zeus asked smugly, his eyes flashing victoriously.

"I won the fight," He argued angrily. "Your children broke the ancient laws." He spat, he glared harshly at Artemis who seemed tense and then glared at Apollo who seemed to be clenching his fists in anger whether at him or something else he no longer cared. "Our very own brother broke the ancient laws." His eyes whirled on Poseidon who paled considerably under the furious gaze of his older brother. He gazed at the rest of the Olympians only to see them sitting idly in their thrones, none of them caring that Zeus had cheated to become King of the gods.

Only one god decided to take action.

Hades rose in anger, a pitch black staff appearing in his hands and his helm of darkness appearing on his head as he did. But before he could step forward and help his brother, three prongs poked into his neck. threatening to pierce his jugular. He gulped slightly and turned to see an enraged sea god holding his trident deep into his throat. He stared into the swirling hurricanes of Poseidon with shock. He always sided with Perseus over Zeus, why would he change that now?

"I am King of the gods now, brother." Saying the word as if it were poison.

"Is the King of the gods to weak to win a battle by himself, having to resort to help from others to win your own battles." Perseus sneered. A purple vein bulged visibly on Zeus' forehead but he continued on, trying to ignore his oldest brother.

"As king of the gods," He continued arrogantly. "Sit down Hades or I will allow Poseidon to drive his trident straight through your neck." He smirked smugly before taking a few steps behind Perseus. "As for you former King of the gods, we as a council will decide exactly what to do with you." He whispered in his ear hatefully before slamming the flat of his own blade into the god of nights skull. The god collapsed forward unconscious.

When Perseus' eyes opened he was bound in celestial bronze chains binding him tightly to the marble floors of Olympus. He looked at the center of the thrones and was surprised that instead of his and Hestia' thrones, Zeus and Hera's were there and his little brother was staring down at him with a gleeful look on his face. "Your title as King of Olympus has been taken from you and given to me." He paused briefly, before smirking evilly.

"As King I call a vote, for Perseus' banishment from the Olympian council."

The eyes of the eldest child of Kronos and Rhea widened, stunned at his proclamation. He knew that his brother was power hungry and wished to be King of the gods without him being in his way but he did not know it would come to this. Zeus turned to the other Olympians, the only two that seemed surprised at his poll were Hestia and Hades. Both seemed ready to rise from their thrones but a quick look from Perseus kept both from doing so. He did not want either of them to be banished as well, for he assumed that his brother was going to get rid of all of those who would question his authority. Zeus was just like their father, he was going to be a tyrant. An exact replica of their father, the man they sacrificed so much to overthrow.

"All for?"

A pang entered Perseus' heart as every single Olympian god and goddess raised their hands, excluding both Hestia and Hades. He was stunned that all of them would betray him like this, especially after all he had done for them. They were the ones who wanted him to be King, along with the minor gods and goddesses. He did not wish for this and yet he was the one being punished for their decision to place him as King.

"All against?" Hades and Hestia raised their hands but Zeus merely shrugged. "The decision for banishment is granted," His throne which was now in Zeus' former spot vanished and disappeared. "You are no longer an Olympian brother." Zeus said as Perseus' throne dissolved into darkness, his power however did not weaken as Zeus had expected, his aura pulsed with the same power as before, he paused for a moment, irritated slightly.

"Now for the next vote, all in favor of Perseus' being banished to Tartarus for his crimes against this council?"

Perseus' eyes widened in shock at Zeus' words, he could barely believe that he was banishing him from Olympus and now he wanted to throw him into Tartarus this was absolutely preposterous and outrageous.

"Crimes?" Hades voice rang out. "What crimes?"

Zeus merely chuckled, as if the thought amused him to no end. "His crimes against the prosperity of Olympus, he is a tyrant, an exact replica of our father..."

"Enough!" He bellowed as he rose, this time the shadows morphed around the god of the underworld until he stood there in pitch black armor, his helm of darkness once again on his head and his black staff held tightly in his hands. The Olympians shivered as the temperature dropped. Despite this Poseidon rose from his throne and raised his trident to attack Hades, but the god was faster and slammed the butt of his staff against the side of the trident and knocked the prongs away before slamming the rod like a baseball bat into Poseidon's skull. The god of the sea collapsed backwards onto his throne and Hades barely had enough time to dodge half a dozen volley of silver and gold arrows. He knocked them out of the sky and went forward to attack the moon goddess but Hera rose from her throne and sent a blast of godly energy that caught him off guard and knocked him off of his feet.

Hephaestus and Apollo quickly disarmed him and bound him in chains next to Perseus.

"We shall deal with you later, traitor." Zeus spat in hatred and anger at Hades.

"Now as I was saying, all for Perseus' banishment to Tartarus?" He asked. Immediately Hera, Demeter and Zeus rose their hands, Aphrodite and Hephaestus joining seconds later. His eyes turned to his two nieces and one nephew who had not yet raised their hands. Athena, Artemis and Apollo followed soon after. Their arms shakily being raised and their eyes quite uncertain. He could see the fear and sadness in their eyes but he could not bear to see any of this council ever again.

"All opposed?" Only Hestia raised her hand, her eyes shining bright as tears dripped down her face. From what he could tell, Athena and Artemis were barely holding back tears and Apollo was as well. "Very well, the council has decided Perseus, for treason against the gods your punishment is Tartarus for all eternity."

Zeus rose from his throne and snapped his fingers and a ten foot by ten foot hole appearing a few feet before the former King of the gods. An entrance that went all the way to Tartarus itself. Zeus went to speak again, but Perseus spoke before he could.

"You have made your greatest mistake Zeus." He hissed his name like a curse. "You shall pay for what you have done, Olympus shall pay." He bellowed in a voice that shook Olympus to its foundations and nearly knocked the Olympians from their thrones. "This I swear, I swear by the River Styx." Thunder boomed loudly in the distance and all of the Olympians were stunned. This was the first time that any had swore an oath to the river of the Underworld and many were confused as to what it exactly entailed.

Perseus' eyes gleamed in promise as he shakily rose despite the chains, his eyes glaring defiantly into his youngest brothers.

"You shall fall before me," He bellowed with a psychotic laugh, garnering looks of surprise from every Olympian. The normally calm and collected King of the gods seemed ready to explode. "And you shall realize that it is all your fault." He sneered.

Zeus' eyes widened in surprise at Perseus' promise. Then he smiled, one that sent chills down each and every god and goddesses backs, except for his eldest brother.

"I shall make it impossible for you to do so, you shall be erased from history. Your name, your feats and accomplishments shall be warped. You will never be remembered or thought of by anyone, immortal or mortal. Your name shall never be uttered shall never be uttered in these halls." He paused and his eyes brightened at the look of shock on Perseus' face. "You will become nothing and be forced to fade as we erase you from history. From now on, there are only six children of Kronos and Rhea."

"Enjoy Tartarus, brother." Zeus spat.

Perseus laughed psychotically, his body shaking as the chains wrapped around him jingled from his movements. With one final breathe before he fell into the pit, he uttered his last words. A promise. One that chilled the gods and goddesses in their thrones, regret seeping through their veins but it was far too late. The deed was done and they had all sealed their fates.

"Olympus will fall."

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