Sentomaru swore violently as the long blade of his enemy's katana glanced off his ax-head causing a shower of sparks. "Damn pirate scum!" He snarled, "Hold still!" He swung his axe around in a powerful smashing strike, but once again, the sadistic grin of his opponent widened as he vanished, to be replaced by a very unfortunate marine, who's look of shock and confusion morphed into one of pain and terror as the large weapon smashed into him.

"By all means," Trafalgar Law chuckled lightly, his katana resting across his shoulder as he watched the latest marine in what was now a fairly large number that he had used as patsies to take Sentomaru's attacks for him, "Just keep flailing around like that. You're doing a better job of thinning your own ranks than I ever could."

Sentomaru felt his teeth grind together as he glanced at the battlefield. The marine's battlelines had been thrown into complete disarray by the unexpected arrival of the so-called 'Super-rookies', to the point of near collapse. The only thing that seemed to be keeping the marines from breaking and fleeing entirely was the Pacifista battalion, which was managing to hold strong against the ferocity of Eusatss 'Captain' Kidd and his crew along with the heavy hitters of the Whitebeard pirate alliance.

"Dammit," The sumo swore, pulling out his den-den mushi, "We can't afford to break here. Uncle! I hate to say it, but I'm going to need help."

The snail's face morphed into a dopey grin as the man on the other line answered, "Ok then Sentomaru. Tell your men to brace themselves." With that, the line went dead. However, before Sentomaru could wonder what his uncle had meant, what looked to be a second sun flickered to life in the skies above Marineford.

"Shit." He turned towards the marines scattered around him, "INCOMING!"

Law looked up, his eyes widening, "KIDD! We've got company!" As he shouted, Law extended his hands, forcing his Room as wide as he could.

Eustass Kidd had just enough time to look up towards the bright light before it smashed it's way down onto the ice with the force of a meteor. The explosion tore into the ranks of pirates, and several unfortunate Marines who hadn't been fast enough, hurtling dust, smoke and ice into the air, choking off the visibility in the area. "My, my..." Admiral Kizaru's voice sounded through the smoke as he stepped over the dead body of a pirate, "This is certainly a fine mess. You rookies should have stayed out of this war." Even through the smoke, the shine of the Light-man's body began to emanate brightly. "You may have survived long enough to make it into the new world."

Law breathed heavily, gasping for breath as he felt his Room fade around him, he had managed to save many pirates, but he could barely stay standing from the strain the heavy use of his power had brought on. "Eustass-ya..." He panted, causing the foul mouthed man to glance his way, "I won't be able to do that sort of thing again... We may not be able to beat an Admiral, but the Whitebeard alliance can, if you keep the rest of the Marines off of them and let them focus."

"Tch." Kidd felt his usual hatred for Law rise back to the surface. "How many fucking times Trafalgar?" He spat, turning back to survey the Navy forces through the clearing smoke, "How many times do I need to tell you not to give me orders before you fucking get it?" He glanced towards Whitey Bay, who stood among several of her crew and allies, still looking a little confused by how Law had managed to move them, "Oye, old fucks." That got their attention, drawing more than a few glares, "You heard the little pasty shit right? Kizaru's yours, we'll handle the rest."

It looked as though several of the older pirates were about to start arguing the point, however Bay put her hand up, a look of grim determination on her face. "We won't be able to fully stop him, so you're going to need to work quick rookie."

Kidd let out a snarled reply, but he was interrupted as Bege stepped between the two, smirking, "We'll do what we can miss Bay, but we expect you and yours to carry your own weight as well." With that, he jerked his head in the direction of the Pasifistas, "Those things are still our real problem, Kidd. None of my guns seem to do more than slow them down."

Kidd let his glare fall on the government weapons. "I think I may be able to do something. But their hides are thick enough to interrupt my power. Think you can burn some of them off?"

"Are you kiddies done planning your play date?" Kizaru's mocking voice suddenly echoed out, "Because I'm getting bored." The telltale glimmer of the Admiral preparing to attack pierced through the smoke.

"Here we go..." Maelstrom Spider Squard grunted, readying his blade and reinforcing it with Haki. The rest of the pirates readied their weapons as well. A moment later, Squard shouted, "NOW!"

The pirates scattered, all rushing forward, just as Kizaru let loose a laser blast at the location where the majority of them had been. He then formed a blade of light, bringing it down to knock a pirate aside just as the first of them closed the distance.

The Supernovas meanwhile closed the distance with the Pasifistas and the rest of the Navy. "Bege," Kidd said as he moved, "If you can get rid of some of the skin of those big guys, I can probably use my powers properly."

"On it." The mafioso said, canon ports already opening across his chest. "Apoo, back me up!"

"Oh yeah baby!" Scratchman Apoo laughed maniacally as his body began taking on various musical instruments forms, "Let's rock!"

Further back, Trafalgar Law moved slowly, still catching his breath. Good to see everyone so eager... He thought, But we're in serious trouble if we can't nullify Kizaru. Think Law... Think!

On the prow of the Moby Dick, Whitebeard glanced over his shoulder, following the glowing ball of death that was Kizaru moving to attack his rear line forces. "Shit..." He turned back towards the execution platform, mind racing. Need to deal with that little bastard quickly if I want my allies to escape from this alive. "Hmm... Oye, Chronos, I have a question."

"What's up Oyaji?" The Time-man spoke from directly behind him, hiding in Whitebeard's shadow so that the rest of the world remained unaware of him for a while longer.

"If you were to do that little 'freeze time' trick of yours, while letting me keep moving, how long would I have?"

"Hmm..." Chronos tapped his chin in thought, numbers swiftly flashing through his mind as he calculated, "Maybe about five or six minutes at a time?" He said after a moment, "Keeping you in between seconds like that is pretty taxing on me, but I'm getting stronger. My idea seems to have worked, so I don't think I'm going anywhere for a while."

"Excellent." Whitebeard felt his mouth curl up in a vicious grin. "Then first, we need to take out that Wall that the Navy has set up under the ice." He turned his head to the edge of the bay, "You ready for this?"


Fleet Admiral Sengoku blinked, rubbing at his eyes beneath his glasses. Were his eyes playing tricks on him or had Whitebeard just vanished for a moment? The pirate captain stood on the deck of the Moby Dick, chuckling about something, but Sengoku could have sworn that for just a moment, perhaps just a second, if even, Whitebeard had just simply vanished.

"Did you see that Garp?"

The Legendary Marine nodded, his face a grimacing mask. "Yeah... What the hell was that?"

Back on the deck of the Moby Dick, Whitebeard felt his smirk grow wider as he noticed the two watching him, "Oye Marco!" He called out.

"Yeah Pops?" Marco landed beside his father, blue flames rippling around them both. "I was just about to go and back up Bay and the others."

"I've got something more important for you to handle."

Marco felt his eyebrow raise questioningly, "Oh?"

"Yeah. In a few seconds, I'm going to pull a little trick that's gonna give ol'Sengoku a heart attack." Whitebeard chuckled, "Gurararara... Unfortunately it'll probably do the same to my children. So I'm going to need you to take command for a bit until I get back."

Marco blinked in confusion, "Wait... 'Back'?"

Up on the Execution platform, Sengoku's personal Den-Den Mushi rang. "Fleet Admiral! We have a serious problem!" The panicked voice came over the speaker.

"What's the matter?" Sengoku felt a chill run up his spine.

"The control room and mechanisms for the encirclement wall has been completely destroyed!"

Sengoku's face drained of color, his eyes locking onto Whitebeard. "How..." He managed to whisper, "How did you find out...?" He knew that Whitebeard couldn't possibly have heard him, but the man suddenly gave him the widest, most predatory grin that the Fleet Admiral had seen in decades.

And then, he simply disapeared.

With no further preamble, the Strongest man in the world seemed to simply cease to exist. Wha?! "WHERE IS HE!?" Sengoku could feel his heart skipping beats as his gaze darted around the battlefield, trying to spot the massive man. "WHERE DID WHITEBEARD GO?"

"What the hell...?" A stunned looking Garp asked quietly, his gaze locked on where the pirate had been until moments ago. "How the hell did he just pull that...?

Ace felt like his own heart had stopped. The only thing that kept him anchored in reality was the grin that Pops had worn just before he vanished. He planned this somehow! He realized, marveling silently, All these years, and he can still pull new surprises out of nowhere!

Suddenly, the world shook violently. Garp, Sengoku and Ace all looked up, trying to locate the source of the quake. Then, the roar of hundreds of voices rose up from the outskirts of the bay where Whitebeard's allies were fighting.

"He couldn't have..." Quietly, Sengoku tried to understand what was happening, "How in the hell could he have done this?

"Look out!" 'Ice Witch' Whitey Bay shouted, forcing one of her men out of the way and raising her sword to block the heavy strike that would have killed the man otherwise. "Dammit!" She swore as Kizaru's blade of light struck with enough force to drop her to a knee.

She had known that the Admirals of the Navy were powerful, they had to be to have been able to effectively counter the might of the Yonko. But nothing could have prepared her for how overwhelming that strength actually was. In under three minutes of pitched combat with Kizaru, most of the Whitebeard alliance forces who had tried to kill him had either been killed themselves, or had been otherwise put out of the fight with an ease that defied most conventional logic.

On the other side of Kizaru, 'Thunder Lord' McGuy tried to get in a clean strike against the admiral, while Kizaru countered with a blast of light which forced the pirate captain back. "We can't hold for much longer Ice Witch!" He said with a hint of desperation.

"We... have... to!" Bay replied as she struggled against the weight of Kizaru's blow.

"Y'know..." Kizaru said with a little chuckle, "It would be easier on all of us if you'd just be good and died here." As he spoke, he extended his index finger from where it gripped the blade of light, and the telltale shine of a laser charging greeted Bay, aimed right between her eyes. "So be a good little pirate, and disappear."

Shit! Bay thought as she realized that she wouldn't be able to dodge in time. Time seemed to slow down for the Ice Witch, she saw the shine of Kizaru's attack preparing to end her life, she saw McGuy shouting as he tried to do something to avert her impending death, and then quite suddenly, she saw a shadow fall across the admiral.

As time returned to its normal speed, a fist collided with Kizaru's head, and the world seemed to rupture. The admiral flew away, the force of the blow spinning him as he skipped across the ice like a stone. After several meters, he came to a skidding stop, trying to push himself back to his feet. However it almost seemed as if his center of balance had been thrown off by the blow, so he found himself stumbling, blood dripping from his nose and mouth.

"Gurararara..." A rumbling laugh echoed across the suddenly dead quiet of the battlefield. "You've got some real nerve little monkey. Thinking you can just hurt my children like that."

Bay felt her eyes widen as she looked up at Whitebeard. She couldn't understand how he was suddenly here, he shouldn't be here, and yet he was. And no one had sensed him with Haki, or seen him until he had been right on top of Kizaru. Even the Light-man hadn't seemed to notice him, and she had seen the admiral react to attacks with literal inches to spare.

"Whitebeard..." Kizaru's usual lackadaisical demeanor was gone, replaced by a nervous tension. "That's a hell of a trick you just pulled." He had finally managed to push himself to his feet as he spoke, but his stance was clearly unsteady. "How'd you managed to slip past my Observation?"

"That's really your question?" Whitebeard chuckled. "You'd better get ready little brat. Because I came all the way out here for a reason." He then raised his bisento, readying himself to strike.

Trafalgar Law could feel his heartbeat thudding through him. The entire battlefield had all frozen in shock at Whitebeard's sudden appearance, even the Pasifistas had seemed unable to comprehend the man's sudden arival. However, as his brain began to function again, Law felt himself grin wickedly.

I've recovered enough strength for this... He thought, If Whitebeard is here, then the main battlefront is being led by his Commanders, but with how abruptly he showed up here, I don't think that they know where he is either. Which means that we need to end Kizaru now. Looking around, he saw that the Pasifistas that Kidd and the others hadn't been able to disable were beginning to target Whitebeard with their weapon systems. Perfect. He grinned.

Whitebeard was readying himself to strike, while Kizaru stood, readying himself for whatever the Pirate captain would throw at him. He felt the Pasifistas weaponry charging with his Observation, and felt himself smile coldly, even Whitebeard would be slowed down if he took those blasts, he would be vulnerable.

Deciding to take the initiative, Kizaru leapt into the air, thrusting his hands out and unleashing several blasts aiming to cage Whitebeard in place. He was pleased to see that Whitebeard either didn't realize his plan, or was arrogant enough to not care about the Pasifistas as they unleashed their blasts as well.

As the lasers closed in with Whitebeard, Kizaru felt his smile widen, "So long Whitebeard!" He chuckled to himself, right before he found himself standing on the ground, looking up at a seemingly flying Whitebeard. "Wha...?" His eyes widened as he realized what had happened, an instant before the Pasifista blasts struck him full in the chest. Unprepared as he was, he was unable to fully activate his Logia body. Three of the blasts punctured his body before he was able to engage his defenses. He saw his vision go red as he fell to his knees.

Whitebeard landed heavily, his eyes wide with surprise, but he moved on instinct, turning and releasing a powerful quake blast towards the Pasifistas before they could attack again. The war machines shattered as if they were made of glass under the force of the attack. He then turned back to Kizaru, the man had three holes almost the width of a finger through his chest, and blood dripped from them despite the immense heat of the lasers having cauterized the wounds.

"Not exactly how I planned to do this." He sighed, stepping forward and raising a fist, "But it seems that this is your loss, Kizaru." The admiral managed to raise his eyes to lock with Whitebeard, the glassy pain filled expression lifting as he returned to full consciousness just in time to realize what was about to happen. Whitebeard formed a quake around his fist and brought it smashing down onto Kizaru.

The blow rocked the entirety of Marineford as Kizaru's body crumpled under the force of it. As the world began to steady once more, Whitebeard turned to his allies, all of whom stared slack-jawed at him. All of them, he noted, except for one tired looking young man in a spotted hat who wore a very self satisfied look. Interesting... He thought, "You all look like you've seen a ghost." He chuckled, "Now wipe those silly looks off, and those of you who can still fight, FOLLOW ME!"

A roaring cheer erupted from the throats of every pirate who could stand, as every single one of them pushed themselves up, grabbed their weapons, and fell into step as Whitebeard began charging back towards the bay and the main battle.

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