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Chapter One: Growl

A Grizzly eyed Dean from across the hotel room. Dean cautiously reached under his pillow, but the bear growled. Dean went still.

How the Hell did a Grizzly bear get into the hotel room? Dean noticed the door remained locked.

"Uh…" he said quietly. The bear seemed okay with Dean making noise. "Sam?" he called, his voice a little louder.

The Grizzly stood. Dean's eyes widened.

"You just stay there, you hear me?" he told the Grizzly. Oddly, it sat down again. Dean cleared his throat, then yelled, "Sam! Get in here!"

Where the fuck was his brother?

The Grizzly snorted, kinda sighing, and laid down on the carpet. It reminded him more of a dog. Dean didn't really care for dogs.

The first light of dawn shone through the hotel blinds. The bear groaned and rolled over, squeezing its eyes shut.

Dean grabbed the gun from under his pillow. He aimed it at the bear, but then the animal changed.

The bear's skin ripped down its spine, its teeth falling out on the motel room's carpet. It roared in agony as its flesh plopped to the floor. Slowly, the transformation completed and Dean sat perfectly still.

"Sam?" he said again. His brother laid on the carpet in front of the door, not moving. "Sam!"

Dean launched out of bed, discarding his pistol, and knelt down beside his naked brother.

Sam opened his eyes, blinking rapidly, and focused on Dean. "Hey…"

Dean just stared at him for a long moment. "Get dressed. We got research to do." He helped Sam to his feet.

"We?" Sam said. He gave Dean a dubious look.

"This is serious, Sammy," Dean said, glancing to the pile of discarded meat.

Sam followed his gaze, then stepped back from the mess. "A shifter? Here?"

"You don't remember?"

Sam shook his head, running long fingers through his dark hair. "No. It must've got the jump on me."

"Sam, it was you." When Sam looked confused, Dean said, "You were a damn Grizzly bear. Scared the hell outta me. You don't remember?"

Sam's mouth fell open, but then he broke eye contact. He went and sat on his bed, searching his palms for answers.

"Sam, you ever hear of a shifter that didn't know what they were?" Dean tried. Sam remained comatose, so Dean strode over to him and grasped him by the shoulder. "Sam, snap out of it. We got work to do."

Sam looked up at him. "I'm not a shifter," he said simply. "I can't be."

Dean sighed and Sam returned to examining his hands. Dean plopped down next to his brother on the bed.

Okay, so I definitely see some angst about to happen. I'm a sucker for angst. Let me know what y'all think of this premise in the reviews. I love reviews. Thanks in advance! Love you!