Beasts and Boys


Rin Ebansu

Chapter Three: Bull In A China Shop

Sam remembered little from the night before. He remembered a bar, but he only had one drink. A woman bought it for him. Maybe she drugged him.

For what reason, though? Was she a witch? And how did he wind up here, at the zoo?

"Sam, look," Dean said. Sam leaned over and looked at the monitor. The security footage showed Sam - well, he assumed it was him, since it didn't show his face - standing outside the bear enclosure. A grizzly bear sidled up to the bars, allowing Sam to pet it. "First dogs, now bears. Why don't you just go be a hippy already," Dean said.

Suddenly, the monitor flickered.

Sam stood inside the enclosure and the bear stood outside the bars. Dean and Sam frowned as the animal walked off screen.

"Okay, this is new," Dean said.

"So, the bear is the shifter? I mean, the real bear?"

"And it's out there wearing your face," Dean said.

Sam sighed. "Unless it switched identities with someone else."

"Switched ident-" Dean cut himself off. "Sam, remember when that kid swapped bodies with you?"

"You thinking witchcraft?"

"I dunno," Dean said, "but I doubt this thing is doing this just for shits and giggles."


It was dusk when Dean pulled into the diner, insisting that they grab a bite to eat on the way home. Sam was midway through his sandwich when he felt his stomach cramp. He doubled over, his head bouncing off the table.

"Sam! Hey!" Dean pushed Sam back by the shoulders, looking up into his brother's eyes. "You okay? Dude, what's wrong?"

"I don't-" Sam hunkered over again.

Dean helped him up and started heading for the exit.

Sam roared. He fucking roared.

Dean realized what was happening and his eyes widened. "Oh, hell no. C'mon!" He dragged Sam across the diner, ignoring the stares from other patrons.

Just before they got to the exit, Sam exploded. It felt like his body went through a major and instantaneous growth spurt. He fell to the floor, writhing in pain, and then it passed. He stood up.

Dean looked at the patrons of the diner who, shocked, stayed silent and immobile for a second. "It's fine!" Dean called, throwing up a hand. "No big deal!"

Everyone screamed, knocking over chairs and tables as they stampeded to the other side of the diner.

Sam let out a low snort, pawing at the door, and shattered the glass. He staggered back, surprised.

"C'mon, Sammy," Dean sighed, opening the door. "I'm not paying for that."

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