In the gym, while the rest of their team play volleyball, Kaiba, Yugi and Joey are on the bench. Yugi is standing in the middle, between Joey and Kaiba.

Yugi: Kaiba, why are you so obsessed with Spiderman?

Kaiba: What?! Me?! Spiderman?! ...I'm not obsessed, I'm just a fan! ^_^

Yugi: Then why do you always wear spiderman t-shirts?

Kaiba: I DO NOT!

Joey: Um...you're wearing one now. Don't you realize?

Kaiba: O.K. Well, maybe I watched it a COUPLE of times, but-

Joey: (interrupting) A couple thousand, maybe!

Kaiba: So?

Yugi: Maybe you should watch other movies.

Kaiba: No way! Spiderman rocks! Anyway, it's not like I try to spin webs or anything!

Joey begins to, well, try to spin webs. Needless to say, nothing comes out.

Joey: (angry) Where's the web?!

Kaiba: It doesn't work. I tried it already.

Yugi: Obsessed doesn't describe you Kaiba! More like Spiderman wannabe!

Kaiba: So? Joey, stop trying to spin webs! It doesn't work.

Joey: What, do you want me to climb walls or something?

Yugi: Don't give him ideas!

Kaiba: ...I should try that...

Suddenly, the volleyball comes hurdling towards Yugi. Just in time, Kaiba "catches" it with his right arm, with his left arm on the wall.

Joey: (singing) Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can! Spins a web any-

Kaiba: (interrupting) I told you! I CAN'T spin webs!

Joey: Are you sure?

Kaiba: Yes, so would you please...um...stop? And...DON'T DISS SPIDERMAN! He's the coolest! Now, please exuse me while I try to climb this wall.

Bakura walkes over, staring at the spectical of Kaiba "attempting" to climb the gym wall.

Bakura: Um...Kaiba, what ARE you doing?

Kaiba: I'm your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!

Bakura: {A/N: I don't really understand this, but it's what she had down...} What, not who. And has all this dualing gone to your brain?

Joey: ^_^ Yeah, I think it has...

Spotting Mai, Kaiba cries out:

Kaiba: Mary Jane, what are you doing? What's that? You're in danger? Have no fear! Spiderman is here!

Kaiba the tries to jump from "building to building", spinning webs until he reaches her.

Kaiba: Just in time! I scared them SO badly with my superior powers!

Mai: What's gotten into you?

Kaiba: DNA from a spider.

Mai: I'm NOT asking...

Joey, Bakura and Yugi walk over.

Joey: I see you've met Peter here.

Kaiba: It's Spiderman! No one knows I'm Peter Parker! Tell me, Joey, how did you find out?

Bakura: The green goblin told him!

Kaiba: You! YOU are the green goblin Bakura!

Bakura: Riiiiiight then.

Yugi: Who am I?

Kaiba: Hmm...Harry, Peter's best friend!

Joey: Who am I?

Kaiba: Me.

Joey: What?!

Kaiba: The "Spiderman wanna be"!

Joey: Um...how about, Spiderman!

Kaiba: Wannabe!

The game ends and they all leave to go home.


Later that night, Joey gets a phonecall. It was Yugi.

Yugi: I'm really concerned about Kaiba. I think there's something wrong with him, don't you?

Joey: (sarcasticaly) No, it's perfectly normal to run around PRETENDING YOU'RE SPIDERMAN! Of COURSE there's something wrong!

Yugi: I'll try to call him.

Yugi hangs up the phone and dials Kaiba's number. It rings five times, then the answering machine plays.

Answering Machine: You've reached Spiderman, or, um, Peter Parker! I'm out climbing walls and saving people, I mean, out with my friends. I'll save you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Yugi: O_o ......


The next day at school, Yugi and Joey find Kaiba wearing a Batman t-shirt.

Joey: Oh, no! Here we go again!