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miles edgeorth had investigated the confidential documents from the future that he and poehnix wright had got ten from the judge which later would end up savin his life in an alternate timeline (as explained in the edgeworth conspiracy 2: THE GUMSHOE CONSPIRACY)

edgeworth and franzika returned to the prosecutors office where they saw godot who had just finished readin their fanfics and had written his own fanfic

Chapter 7

diego armando ace attorney by godot

diego armando was a lawyer at grossberg law offices and he was watchin tv one day when the news came on

"breaking news" said the news "chief of police damon gant declares coffee illegal after burning his tongue on hot coffee"

"WHAT" said diego armando and he threw his coffee at the tv

"the coffee was so hot that it reportedly killed the previous chief rip lacer leading to chief gant rip lacing him coffee will stand trial for murder" said the news

"I know what must be done" said diego armando "I must defend coffee and save the world"

so diego armando went to the detention center to meet with the coffee

"hello coffee" said diego

"yes I understand you must be very bitter" said diego "after all you were wrongly accuse of murder"

"very well I will defend you" said diego

"by the way" said diego "I know I shouldnt act like this to clients but you are very hot coffee"

then diego went to investigate where he met detective badd

"do you know who the prosecutor is" diego armando asked badd

"yes" said badd "his name is godot"

the next day at court

"court is now in session for the trial of coffee" said the judge

"the defense is ready" said diego armando

"the prosecution is ready" said godot

"I have no idea who you are" said diego armndo "but only a complete monster would prosecute coffee"

"I know" said godot mysteriously "the prosecution calls detective badd"

"hello" said badd "here is security footage of coffee murdering rip lacer"

then a video showed gant and rip lacer drinking coffee when suddenly rip lacer fell backwards and died

"according to the autopsy rip lacer died of blunt force trauma" said badd

"OBJECTION" shouted diego armando "it is not possible to kill somebody with blunt force with coffee" as he threw his cup of coffee and it hit somebody in the audience and killed them through blunt force

"well" said the judge "since neither diego armando or godot are able to find any other evidence through this video I must declare coffee to be guilt-"

"OBJECTION" said another voice and another defence attorney burst into the court

"who are you" said detective badd

"my name is phoenix trite" said the defense attorney "and there is a contradiction in this video"

"then why didnt diego armando find it" said the judge

"because" said trite "the true cause of death is INVISIBLE TO DIEGO ARMANDO AND GODOT"

"what" gasped diego

all of a sudden somebody attacked phonix trite and knocked him unconscious before he could reveal the true culprit

"gasp" gasped the judge "there really is an invisible culprit but since we dont know who they are I still have to find coffee guilt-"

"OBJECTION" said godot and he threw his coffee at the invisible man

and then all of a sudden REDD WHITE APPEARED

"WHATCHAA NAME" shouted red white "godot what are you doing"

"because" said godot "I planned to become prosecutor for this case in order to find the truth and SAVE THE COFFEE"

"as you can see" said diego "redd on white is invisible to me and godot so he murdered rip lacer and tried to frame coffee"

"and once I got rid of your coffee I would have revenge on you for arresting my daughter dalia hawtorn" scowled redd white

"this court finds coffee not guilty" said the judge and diego and godot both started drinking seventeen cups of coffee


after edgeworth and franziska finished readin godots fanfic fanfic dot net became so popular at the prosecutors office that all the prosecutors started wrightin fanfics

meanwhile phoenix wright was at write and co law offices and he logged into his fanfiction account under his username icantyping

then phoenix aka icantyping aka me the author of this story staretd to search for more fanfictions when he came across a website

"hmm what is this" said phoenix wright and he clicked on a site called court records forum

"what is this" said phoenix wright "the court records sporking theatre"

and then phoenix wright saw that ANOTHER PHOENIX WRIGHT was reading his fanfics

"This is a horrible fanfiction." Said the other Phoenix Wright. "The spelling is horrible and the plot is dumb."

(note I know dat dis other phoenix wright is really bad at typing like he wrights realy badly on purpose to be funny by using all this stuff like puncshuashon and capital letters but that's just how the other phoenix talks)

"who does this guy think he is" shouted phoenix wright "how dare he mock my masterpiece literatures"

"thats phoenix wright" said maya

"no" said phoenix "im phoenix wright"

"no nick you are fanfic!phoenix wright" explained maya "that guy is canon!phoenix wright)

"well ill spork him" said fanfic!phoenix "there can only be one phoenix wright"

"where are you going nick" asked mayo

"im going to the sporking theatre" said phoenix wright "and I will defeat canon!phoenix once and for all"


to be continue in