Can't believe the response I received for the sneak preview for this new series of mine on Tumblr. So as a thank you for that and for the Klaroline Appreciation Week I have decided to install the first chapter! Credits go to eriberry89 for my amazing cover and she-walked-away for being a Beta to make my writing actually readable. So thanks again. Hope you all enjoy! xx

Klaus stood on the balcony of his home, watching his family below in the living room, wondering how he managed to get this stage in his life. He finally broke his curse placed upon him a thousand years ago, managing to both gain and lose his hybrid army back in that cursed town of Mystic Falls.

After hearing from Katerina, the blasted doppelgänger, that a few witches in New Orleans were planning his demise, he begrudgingly left the town to return to his beloved city. Many headless witches, heartless vampires, and a miracle pregnancy later, he won the war between the man he raised as his son and to become King of NOLA and also a father to a beautiful baby girl.

The past year was no picnic between Hayley, the baby's mother, and Klaus as they attempted parenting (co parenting) with little hostility for the sake of the child. With Klaus' older brother Elijah subtly guiding them through it, they have started to become better at compromising with one another over their various different parenting styles.

Baby steps really.

It was a start.

The Mikaelson family had gathered in the cozy and private living room of the abattoir to celebrate New Orleans' little blonde, blue eyed princess' first birthday. His sisters, Freya and Rebekah, Hayley, and Camille; a family friend sat on the outdated, vintage sofas in the centre of the room.

The birthday girl, Hope, was dressed in a pink glitter and tulle dress, one of many girly dresses Rebekah would dress her in that day, playing on the large, vintage rug between two burgundy chesterfields.

Klaus descended the stairs to his left and walked passed the women in his life towards the back of the room, his brothers were already sitting down in armchairs next to the bar,each with a fine crystal tumbler in their hand and drinking his finest bourbon.

As he was pouring himself a drink, Klaus tuned in his hearing onto the girls and quickly stopped listening as they discussed Hope's party in his home later on that day. He couldn't help but think something was missing from the party.

Not something, someone.

Someone he had tried not to think about for a long time.

"Now that everyone is finally present, shall we start?" Hayley stood up, interrupting his thoughts, and gathered the family around so that Hope could open her presents now that everyone was present. Bits of different coloured and patterned paper, ribbon and tissue paper nearly covered the little sparkling blue-eyed girl as she torn her way to the goods inside.

Piles and piles of dresses, outfits, and shoes in pinks, purples, lemons, white and creams piled on one sofa and stuffed teddies, toys and princess doll were stacked on the other and the birthday girl chewed on her new teething bracelet.

Elijah exited the room to fetch some black trash bags for the litter when he heard a knock on the door. Curious as to see who dared interrupt the family gathering, he opened the door to find no one present. He spotted a box decorated in pink polka dot gift paper and a big matching pink decorative bow. Picking the suspicious package, he closed the door and brought it into the living room, passing it to Klaus.

Klaus took the gift from his brother and sat down to open it. Once he lifted the lid, he found a stuffed grey wolf with blue eyes and really soft fur. Underneath that, he found a letter.

"What is it Nik? Who's it from." Rebekah questioned as Klaus sat there deliberating on what to do.

Staring at it for a while and inspecting them for any sign it could explode or do any harm to his daughter, he finally opened it. He started to read the note attached to the cute wolf teddy out loud upon Rebekah's insistence and nosiness.

Happy 1st birthday baby Mikaelson,

Not sure what to say or buy for a baby who will be spoiled and doted on by so many. I'll try though by buying you an adorable wolf teddy that will help aid any magic you show. It's a levitating toy, but I am pretty sure your family can work that out pretty quick. Seeing as though you are too young to read this letter, I shall take a guess that your father is reading it and checking that the toy will endanger you. Stop Klaus. It will not harm her, there is no vervain, no wolfsbane and no magic that will curse or endanger your daughter.

I would never hurt her.

So as I guess that you are reading this, Klaus, let me write you a few words to shed some light on your new status as a father to a little girl. The most important advice I could ever give you, incase you have not heard it already, you are not Mikael.

You never will be.

You're capable of so much love if you would just let yourself. You are a protector of your family and you protect her. Love is not a weakness and your love for your child will never be one.

It's strength.

So is your love for your family. It is okay to let them in and trust them, lean on them and to ask for help. They will not think of you as weak but as someone who is strong enough to know that they have limitations and have reached them. They also love that little girl with all of their beings and will die for her. It's okay to mess up, it is a simple human error. Learn from them.

I'm going to let you go and enjoy your daughter's first birthday, treasure each moment.

All my love.

Confusion seeps into the room. Klaus shot up from his seat and began to pace the room in alert, still clenching the letter in his right hand and the teddy in the other. He was too focused on the panic rising inside of him at the mention of Mikael and how someone was aware of him and Klaus' relationship with him.

His thoughts were interrupted by the voices of his siblings raising the same questions that were swirling inside his mind. He could just about focus enough through all the blood rushing in his body to hear Hayley and Cami being concerned and wondering if they were under attack. He turned around to see Elijah try to soothe away Hayley's fear of someone trying to hurt Hope as she clung her oblivious baby to her side, waiting for anyone to try and rip the child from her.

Kol took the stuffed wolf and letter from Klaus and gave them to Freya and they gathered a few books and ingredients to find anything remotely suspicious from them. Kol was watching and helping Freya with the spells and magic and a few minutes and a couple of spells later Freya confirmed what was written in the letter. There is no danger to Hope, but no way to trace the author of the letter.

All of the panic and confusion was suddenly drained from the room as the toy decided to levitate through the room towards a happy and giggling baby, arms outstretched trying to reach for the stuffed animal as it floated towards her. Looks of shock, awe, and surprise littered across everyone's features at Hope's first attempt at magic.

Rebekah gathered Cami and Freya to help clean up and prepare for the party later on in the afternoon. The letter forgotten at the side table, the rest of the family watching and smiling at Hope playing with her grey wolf on the carpet.