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Sergeants PoV:

Arghhhhhhh the sergeant screamed out in frustration looking at the file infront of me. Those good for nothing mi6 people think that they can just put people in and take them out whenever they feel like it. And they don't even bother to explain themselves.
First they send a teenager a year ago and then they take away fox and now they want to send him their top agent for some "protection" and "training". They ask him-no theycommandhim, to put their agent in the top unit but hey don't tell the
sergeant anything about him! The sergeant looked at the file again.

Name: **** *****

Gender: male

Age: classified

DoB: classified

Status: classified.

Reason for staying: protection and training.

Personal information: classified

Family: classified

Other information: classified.

What Kind of person has that much classified information? how is his age classified?

There is a knock on the door.


K-unit enter. And stand at attention.

"At ease soldiers"

They relax slightly.

"Mi6 are sending in somebody for some training and protection and have asked me to put them in your unit. He shall be arriving in 10 minutes you will have the rest of this day to relax and will only be doing a couple of excersizes for the coming week
as usual so you have time to get to know the agent"

They nod their heads and are dismissed. The heads of mi6 told the sergeant to not tell the unit anything about the agent. Only that he is coming for training and protection

3 PoV

A black Mercedes car stopped at breacon beacons and anyone looking inside will only see a driver. No one else. No one would notice the person hiding in the shadows with a blank expression. And if they do look inside and see him they will not be able to
tell that he has every escape route planned out and has analysed every single possible attack. Subconsciously of course.

Alex rider PoV

Alex was in a bad mood. He was going to kill Blunt. Just because there was some stupid scorpia threat against him and against the pleasures they plucked him out of America and shipped him of to hell on earth.

The car stopped and He got outside of the car. He nodded to the driver merely out of thanks and walked to the sergeants cabin. Out of habit he stuck to the shadows even though there is not many people there. It's dinner time. God no! He remembered the
mush that they called food. That's it next time he saw blunt he will make sure he pays for sending him here.

Alex knocks on the door and heres a bark


He enters and out of habit stand at attention.


The look on the sergeants face is pure shock . He allows himself a smirk on the inside. bet he didn't expect cub to be the " top agent".

"Cub!" He states in disbelieve.

"Yes sir"

" you're the top agent that mi6 was talking about?"

"Yes sir"

"How is that even possible, your are just 18 years old?"

This time He allowed a little smile to show. Guess mi6 didn't tell them his age. The anger towards mi6 is still raw so he lets something slip.

"Yes sir I am the top agent but I don't think mi6 told you my real age"

The sergeant stared at Alex in what can only be describe as disbelief.

"How old are you cub?" He asked cautiously.

"I am not allowed to tell you that sir"

"Cub I need your real age now."

This is just too funny.

"Well sir the truth is I'm fifteen years old"

The sergeants stares at him with a look of absolute shock with his mouth hanging open. He opens and closes it like a fish and if he wasn't the sergeant Alex would have bursted out laughing.

"Cub?" He manages to say quietly.

"Yes sir"


Alex flinched at the sound.

"Sir I am telling you the truth. I am fifteen. I turned fifteen about two months ago"

He just stares at Alex like He's grown two heads.

Finally when the silence is unbearable

"Um sir can you tell me which unit I will be staying with so I can go and unpack"

He recovers from his shock.

"Yes cub. You will be staying with k unit"

Alex groans inwardly. Just his luck, to get stuck with the same unit.

He turned around to leave.


"Yes sir"

"Good luck"

"Thanks sir"

You could tell that the sergeant was still trying to get over the age but Alex was shocked by the sincerity in his voice.

Alex opened the door and make his way to k unit hut.

Before I knock I need to pick which mask I'm going to wear. The blank expression is a no no since that invites curiosity. I can put the scared mask but then I will look weak and that's not what I want. I could put on surprise. No. What about yes that
one. The expression were I walk in with a smile on my face like there is nothing that will be a good cover. Stop them asking difficult questions. And make them think that I am happy or content or whatever. But it's the hardest mask to pull off. Not
when they look into my eyes and see something else. That is the only thing I can't cover. The look of my eyes. Not when I have been through so much and- no Alex stop this. You promised yourself from the day you entered the pleasures house that you
were going to put up a wall made of solid steel in your mind to block anything that has happened to you. You will live like you have been through everything else and even though the nightmares are uncontrollable, during the day you can stop yourself
from thinking about it.

I change my facial expression and knock.

There are some footsteps and the door opens to reveal eagle.

He stares at me for like 3 seconds and then opens his mouth.


Here goes nothing.

"That's right. Miss me?" I go for a winning smile

His mouth hangs open and he is pushed out of the door by wolf and snake.

"Cub what the hell are you doing here?" Ah wolf always straight to the point.

"As much as I would like to stand here and explain to you the reason for my presence I would love if you invited me to come inside"

The stare at me for a couple of seconds before my words register and they move aside. I walk in carrying my bag and see an empty bed in the corner of the room. I walk over and put my bag down. Subconsciously noting every single possible exit for every
single possible attack situation. Sometimes what scorpia taught me saves me in so many life or death situations but such times as this it is just annoying. But as they say old habits die hard.

"You weren't this sarcastic last time?" Said eagle. Curiosity mingling in his voice.

"Yh well I wasn't given much room to speak."

They all shifted incomfortable as they realise the accusation in my voice.

"You didn't answer my question. What are you doing here?"

"Didn't the sergeant tell you. I'm staying here for an indefinite time for protection and training"

snake looks at me.

"Protection from who?

"Can't say"

Realisation suddenly hit wolf

"You mean you were sent here by mi6?"

My wall shakes at the mention of those Devils.

"Yes" I say. My voice quieter than I expected.

Wolf PoV:

At the mention of mi6 cub's face closes of completely. If I was surprised by the joy in him before it was nothing compared to the surprise of how his faced changed so suddenly to a blank empty expression.

" what are you doing with mi6?"

He looks at me and I see his calculating eyes. As if he is working out the answer.

"I don't know. It's complicated"

I stare at him and he looks down. After a minute of silence he looks up and his face returns to the joyful expression before.

"Well guys I know it's been a long time since I last saw you all and as much as I would like to catch up with you, I haven't had Any food for ages and I was wondering if anybody knew if the time for dinner was up"

Eagle answers this time" there is about 10 minutes till the end of dinner"


Cub gets up and walks out.

We stare after him. Snake is the first to recover.

"Well that was shocking."

Eagle:"anybody else see his complete change when snake mentioned mi6?"

We nod. That was strange.

I don't know why but suddenly I feel angry. What the hell is wrong with this kid? He comes about a year ago with no reason trains for 10 days kicks me out of a plane then leaves. Then a year later he comes back completely different. My head is starting
to hurt.

I suddenly remembered that time when I saw cub in the alps. But that was nothing? Right?

"Guys do you remember my mission to the Alps about a year ago?"

They nod

"Well I saw cub there and he was snow boarding down the mountain on an ironing board and then got hit by a train"

"What the hell? How comes you didn't tell us this?" Eagle asked in shock.

"I signed the osa"

Snake then speaks up

"How comes your telling us this now?"

"It seems important"

We are startled by a knock on the door.

I walk over and open the door, surprised to see the sergeant there.

"K unit. I have come to check that cub is here and has settled in"

"Yes sir he has"

"May I speak to him?" It's a command not a question.

" he has gone to have dinner sir"

He stares at me like it's my fault he went and then nods his head.

He then gives me a file.

" this is Cubs file. As you are his unit you have a right to see it"

He then walks away.

I turn back to my unit and we open the file.

If we were shocked before then it was nothing compared to now.

"What kind of person and practically everything but his gender classified? I mean even his name and age are classified"

I turn to eagle " well guess we are going to have to find out our selves"

Eagle grins evilly and snake smirks.

"Hey guys what you looking at?"

We all jump.

"What the hell cub?" Eagle practically screams. " has anyone told you that it is not nice to sneak up on people."

"I wasn't sneaking up. I came in normally" cub replies indignantly, pointing to the door.

"Cub you made absolutely no sound. I think that is called sneaking up." Snake reasoned.

"Just because you were all too busy staring at a piece of paper doesn't mean that is my fault"

We all stared at him. He never talked back last time he was here.

"Listen here cub." I took on the role of a leader. "The rules haven't changed since the last time you were here. You never talk back to your unit leader" I speak to him in my most threatening tone and I see eagle and snake flinch but cub doesn't even
react to it. No one has ever remained unaffected under my threatening tone.

"I'll try and remember that. Anyway what you looking at?" his tone is normal but there is some mock in it. I let it go. Right now i am a tiny bit curious about his file.

"Your file" eagle replies excitedly.

There it is again Cubs face closes of and there is no expression.

"What does it say?" His voice sounds normal but there is some worry in it.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing" snake throws his hands in air out of frustration.

Cubs face relaxes and he goes back to normal.

"What can I say. I am a mysterious person"

I look at him and see him smirking. He must be enjoying this. That makes me angry.

"Listen cub we are a unit and we must all know about each other. So why don't you start by telling us your name and age?"

He flinched this time. "I am-"

He then freezes in shock as his eyes catch somethings behind me. I turn around to see what it is but there is nothing there. I turn back to ask him what's wrong but he is not there"

"What the hell?" I yell. "That little rascal, I'm gonna kill him."

He is no where to be found. The door is still shut but the window is open. How the hell did he get out of the window without making any noise.

"He is like a ninja"

I roll my eyes at eagles childishness though I can't help but agree.

I look at the time and it's time for bed.

"Come on guys, lights out, cub will come back when he does"

We get ready for bed and go to sleep.