Inuyasha's a young man, a hanyou that nobody wants. Thrown out on the street at the age of three, he must survive by begging and raiding the trash of people more esteemed than himself. Somehow, he ends up at the Sunset Shrine....

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Beggar's Can't Be Chooser's

By: Kitten Kisses

Chapter One

Kagome Higurashi leaned against the doorframe of her bedroom door. It was a Monday, which meant a whole week of school lay ahead of her. She lived on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. Schooling was hard, and you had to be a good student to survive in the chaos. She didn't really want to go, but she really didn't have a choice. If she skipped, she'd be suspended for certain. Her mother would kill her then, she knew.

"Hey, Kagome!" a voice yelled down the hallway, "Hurry up or you'll be late for school!"

"Coming Sota!" she called to her brother who was waiting rather impatiently for her to get down the stairs. She walked down the stairs and jumped from the last few steps to land on the floor. Grabbing up her yellow bookbag, she ran into the kitchen to grab her lunch.

"Come on, Sis!" he whined, "Mom's leaving on a business trip again, and if we're late, she'll kill us!"

"I know, I know," she muttered, picking up the brown sack that contained her lunch, and stuffing it into her bookbag. Their mother had left on a business trip to America, and she wouldn't be back for almost a month. She'd left everything to Kagome, who had to buy the groceries and other items with the credit card her mom had left with her. "Let's go." She said, pulling Sota out the door with her. They went to different schools, but they still started at the same time. Kagome was a high school Junior, 16 years of age, while Sota was a junior high 7th grader.

"Hey, let go of me!" Sota yelled, and she let go of his arm. "You were the one that was running late, not me!" he scolded.

"Whatever." Kagome mumbled. She hated school, but she had to get good grades so that she could go onto college. She really hated school because of a few of her friends that thought that they could get into her love life. There were only a few of those friends, fortunately, and she still had Sango to talk to.

Nearing the school, Kagome heard an unmistakable chorus yell, "Kagome! How have you been?"

'Ugh,' she thought. 'How can I get rid of these people?' "Um, hey guys," she smiled. "I'm fine, just a little tired. I stayed up half the night cleaning."

"Ah, I feel sorry for you Kagome," one girl said brightly. "But guess who's here?"

"Yeah!" another girl gasped. "Guess who?"

"Hello, Kagome!" a voice cheerfully called out, and Kagome turned to talk to him.

"Hello, Hojo." She said dryly.

"Hey, I was wondering if-"

"Hold on." Kagome said, looking to her left where Sango was standing, waving her arms in the air. "Um, I'm really sorry, Hojo, but it looks like Sango wants to talk to me." She darted off in her direction, calling over her shoulder, "Why don't you talk to one of my other friends?"

"Hey Sango, good thing I saw you, I thought I'd actually have to talk to Hojo."

"What are friends for?" Sango asked her, smiling brightly. "Guess what? A new guy apparently moved here since yesterday. At least, that's what I've heard."

"What's his name?" Kagome asked her friend, hoping that this guy would be better than Hojo.

"They said it was Miroku." She said, looking thoughtful. "I think he sounds cute!"

"Excuse me ladies." A male voice asked from behind them. "Could you two help me?"

"What?" Sango whirled around in surprise and almost bumped into the young man standing behind her. "Oh!" her face reddened. "Yes?"

"I was wondering if one of you could please help me find.....a Mrs. Smithton. She's my first period teacher."

"Sure!" Kagome piped up, elbowing Sango to speak.

"Um, yeah! She's our first period teacher too. She teaches Algebra II." She rolled her eyes. "A joyful class to have first thing in the morning too, I'll tell you." She groaned. "The bell's going to ring any time." She said, moving towards the school. "Let's go."

Kagome was extremely bored, and didn't care to learn about complex numbers at all. When would you ever use something like that in life? Probably never. She sighed, lifting her head up to look over at Sango. She was sitting next to that new boy, Miroku, who had asked their help in getting here. 'The only good thing about this class,' she thought, 'Is that Hojo isn't anywhere in sight.' Mrs. Smithton droned on and on, and Kagome fell asleep.

"Kagome! Are you paying attention?!" an angry voice yelled, jolting Kagome awake in an instant. She groaned inwardly. Mrs. Smithton.

"Um, yeah, sure I was...."

"What's the answer to the problem on the board?" she asked her.

Kagome squinted up at the board, reading the problem. "Um..... 2i?"

"Good. Next time, don't fall asleep though."

Kagome sighed in relief, and resolved that tomorrow, she wouldn't fall asleep in the middle of math. She couldn't help it though...she was so tired.


A boy, well, not a boy really. More like a young man of about 18 or so, was walking through the dark alleys wherever he lived. He was a loner, a beggar, and someone who was unwanted in today's society. He was shunned by those who were more esteemed than himself, and he was at the bottom of the food chain; raiding from others' trash bags and bins, during the night, when everyone was asleep, or during the daytime hours, when everyone was at work, or school. It wasn't his fault that he was like this. He knew who's fault it was, but he didn't need to tell anyone. No one cared about him, and in turn, he didn't care about anyone. He lived and thrived on lonely street. He knew how to talk, and how to run, and that was all that mattered. He was a hanyou, living among humans. He knew nothing about his father, and remembered little about his mother. He was tired, and needed a place to sleep for the day. Sleeping at night in the street was something you didn't do, because you were sure to be beaten and killed. That's what the world thought of him, and he had just grown to accept it all. Walking through another alley, he came upon a busy street. His white hair grew long, past his waist, and little dog-shaped ears adorned his head. They twitched constantly, and flattened against his head when the noise level grew to be excessive. Blending in with the crowd, he hoped and prayed that nobody would recognize him for what he was. Everything was going fine until a young man in a business suit bumped into him.

"Excuse you!" the business man said loudly.

"Sorry." The young man bowed his head slightly in apology. "An accident."

"Ahhhh!" the business man screamed. "A hanyou!"

Within seconds, there were men from all directions surrounding him, and a crowd gathered to watch the fight that they knew would ensue. But the young man had no intention of fighting. He didn't like to fight unless it was absolutely necessary. He counted the men. There were nine of them around him in a circle. He sighed loudly. He would have to do some work to get out of this one. Drawing an old sword from his side, he took a battle stance. The sword was his only remaining reminder of his father, and it had served him well through the years.

"Oh, look!" one of the men turned to the rest. "He wants a fight! What do all you men say? Do you think we can take him?"

"Yeah!" the men chorused, taking their own battle stances.

All at once, the men charged from their varying positions in the circle around him. When they all drew close enough, he jumped over them, causing them all to smash into each other. He could fight, certainly, but to kill was to go to a place from which you cannot escape, and he didn't want that. So instead, he ran. He ran straight through the crowd of people that were standing around him, expecting a fight. He ran until he left the crowd far behind, and he was in a nicer neighborhood. He used his heightened smelling to sniff out the location of food. His nose told him that there was no place nearby from which he could find food. He walked for a few miles, sniffing at a few trash cans, but locating nothing. His stomach rumbled at him, asking for food, but he just growled down at it. He hadn't had anything decent since his mother died, and he wasn't going to now, either. His stomach would live, and so would he. He would just try to find a roll, or something to sustain him for awhile. He walked for awhile longer, before his nose picked up a scent. He followed it to a small shrine in what was an extremely large yard, considering the size of Tokyo. He estimated the yard to be two acres or so, and he saw some trees sitting in the yard. He smiled a little, not giving away to many emotions. Trees were the only calm solace in any big city, and nice, green lush ones were few and far apart. He decided that he would sit in a tree later, after his stomach was filled. Walking around back, he found a few trash cans that smelled as if they might have some food stored away inside. Prying open the lid, he sniffed the contents. He yipped happily, carefully untying the knot on the white bag, and sorting through the contents. At last, he found a small hunk of meat that someone hadn't finished, and a half-a-bottle of water that someone had thrown away for no real reason. He smiled, happy that he had found something to eat so quickly. He decided to stay in this place, maybe someone would throw something else away tonight. He ran back to the front after tying the bag again and placing the lid back on the can. He looked around the yard until he located the tallest tree he could find. Jumping to the second-lowest branch, he sat on his haunches, looking down to see if anyone had noticed him. He smirked in satisfaction when he found that he had gone unnoticed. Maybe nobody was home. Ah, well, he still had some meat, hadn't he? He ate the meat slowly, unsure as to what it was. He thought that it might be steak, but the last time he'd had meat was almost a year ago. Savoring the flavor, he was saddened when it was all gone. It had been good while it lasted, though, and he twisted off the top of the bottle of water to drink down the contents. Too bad he didn't have a home where steak was an everyday occurrence. He just loved meat. It tasted better than bread, even! He yawned, fangs glinting dangerously in the morning light. Stretching, he looked down at his nails. Well, they were claws really, too long and thick to really be nails. They were growing to be a little too long. He would have to bite them off again soon. He didn't like the thought. Last time he'd done it, a nail tore too low, and it had hurt for a long time. He yawned again, and leaned back into the tree. It was a good tree, warm and big, with nice-sized branches at the bottom to sit on. The warmth made him sleepy. He was tired, but he had to sleep light, in case someone spotted that he could escape before......they got him.....


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