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Why do I hafta do this? First it's one, then the other. This sux. Hi, my name is Naraku, and I will be your tour guide for the lives of Kagome and Inuyasha.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I did the same thing for Rolling Fire, Burning Soul, but whatever. I'm even IN this fic. But I'm still alive from RFBS and hafta be the stupid tour guide for every epilogue in existence. It's not fair.

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But whatever, cause I don't care. It's my job, er, punishment for being evil in the REAL I guess I should just shut my big mouth.

Of course, nobody ever cares about ME.......

Okay, I'll be quiet. You want to know what happened? Why don't you take a look?

Now, not everyone married their boyfriend/girlfriend, but a few of them did. I mean, it's been six years. Everyone's out of college except for Kouga, cause he never went. He's a mechanic, and he's still an idiot.

Souta, Kohaku, Kaede, and Rin are all freshman in the same college, don't ask how they got in. They're not smart enough. But Souta and Rin are engaged. They can't be married until they're out of college though, so you never know. Kohaku and Kaede are getting there.......

Sango and Miroku are married happily, and they've even got a little boy. Thank God he doesn't act like his father. Thank God he doesn't LOOK like him. And lastly, it's probably a good thing he doesn't THINK like him either. He looks more like his mother. Sango went to become a nurse, and Miroku is.......a dork. Besides that? He's the manager of some giant company I never heard of.

Shippou married Kitaya, but they don't have any kids yet. Kitaya has a greenhouse, and Shippou supervises the building of new roller coasters.

Sesshomaru's just alive.......and a dad of twins......hey, why should I tell you the mother? It's Kagura. *Rolls eyes* Personally, I think it's stupid. Did I mention that ol' Fluffy's trying to be a lawyer? Kagura's just a stay-at-home mom, but she also teaches part-time.

Hojo and Kikyo broke up and went their own little separate meaningless ways. Who cares what they ended up doing? I sure don't.

Okay, the couple everyone swoons over......*gag* Inuyasha and Kagome. They're not the one people like? Then who the heck is it? The two dogs? Oh.......well.......heh, heh, just look in that little window over there. They're all curled up together and stuff......*gag* Totally sickening if you ask me.

But, you didn't ask me, so I'll be quiet.

Now, if you want to look at Inuyasha and Kagome, you have to look through THIS window. Aw, ain't that just so CUTE?! Bull......

Yeah, they're married, blah, it was a small wedding, not that you care. I sure don't. But you didn't ask my opinion. They finished school, which I'm surprised Inuyasha was able to do, being a beggar-boy. I can't believe he married Kagome of all people though. Ah well, I guess beggar's can't be choosers...... *dodges bricks* Anyway, just look at Kagome REALLY close. Haha, yeah, see the ROUNDED stomach? She's six months along, and it's a GIRL. Isn't that cool? Personally though, it should be a boy. But the world has to have girls too you know.

Inuyasha, well, he became a professional dog-trainer. Sometimes he does other things too, like plumbing and stuff. But since he's a good doggy trainer, he gets a lot of money, hence their huge house.

Ya wanna know something stupid? Kagome hated school, but now she's a TEACHER. What's up with that? She teaches High school History. Right now they're studying the Feudal Era of Japan. What a coincidence......not. I arranged that when she wasn't paying attention. I just hate it when she tells that tale of the guy blasting ME, cause they got the story all wrong. They killed my peep-chick. It wasn't fair.

I like peep-chicks you know. They're very good, but ONLY the pink ones. *grinz* I just love the pink ones. I think they're the cutest little things. Especially their eyes. I wonder what would happen if you microwaved them?


I guess I shouldn't have tried that. *rubs the back of my head* They exploded all over the microwave. Er......that wasn't so smart. *puts a whole package in*


Hey wait, that was only 11, there should be 12...... *opens microwave* POOWWW! *wipes sticky pink stuff off of face*


Anyway, are you happy now? It's just not fair that I have to explain this every time someone else wants to know what happened to Inuyasha and Kagome. Dur, it's stupid. Just like you. Why would you want to know what happened to those idiots? They're stupid. Dumb, and ugly. *flips stations of the TV* Look, Rurouni Kenshin's on! Personally, my favorite character is Miss Tae. I'm going to marry her someday.

*cough* Ahem, anyway, now that you know what happened to the two bozo's, why don't you leave me in peace. Or didn't you notice that there ISN'T a WELCOME mat outside? Oh, you want to hear about ME?

Well, I'm flattered.

Hey, you liar! You just wanted my peep-chick collection!! Get out! You CANNOT have my peep-chicks. No way José. Go away....... Fine, you can have ONE, but you have to listen to my life's story.


Just let me watch my TV show and go away.

Thank you.

You know I just LOVE my job. Yeah flipping right.

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