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Harry and Tom are back in Harry's room, both lost in thought at what they had learned for the next phase of Loki's plan. For Harry, he wasn't sure if he should interfere. His 'saving-people thing' had dimmed down over the centuries, not always being the first to help someone in need, though he would occasionally if the situation called for it. It had also helped that Tom would berate him every time he tried to help when he wasn't needed.

Though this situation called for it and he already knew what Tom would say. He really shouldn't get so involved in people's lives, because he was immortal and the problems of mortals were of no concern of his but he couldn't help but be drawn to the Avengers. And it was his business because he reaped the souls of living beings and when large scale deaths happened, by principle, Harry had to get involved.

Harry frowned in thought. He was always up for causing mischief or giving a helping hand but Tom would definitely put his foot down on the matter.

"Harry, I already know what you're thinking, don't bother with them." Tom practically demanded, narrowing his red eyes to the immortal being. "It's not our problem."

Harry puffed out his cheeks in annoyance and crossing his arms childishly. Why did Tom have to know him so well? What was wrong with helping those in need?

Tom laid down upon Harry's bed, placing his hands behind his head and closing his eyes. It was the first time Harry had seen Tom so relaxed, at least, now that he had a body. When he was Voldemort and from what he saw in the memories about the young Tom Riddle, the former Dark Lord always seemed on edge. Then when he was a skull, it would be impossible for him to relax.

Harry moved from his seat to straddle Tom's waist. The movement had red eyes immediately peer up into Harry's emerald green. The two gazed into each other's eyes what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes.

"I know that I shouldn't bother with them but I can't help it." Harry stated. "And when a large number of deaths occur to due an event, I have to intervene, it's like some kind of principle or rule that I have to follow. Almost like an instinct."

Tom frowned slightly, filing the new information into his well organized mind. "Harry, it is not our responsibility to take care of these muggles and the problems Loki has brought with him. In fact, we should leave this muggle contraption and do whatever we want."

"And what would that be?" Harry smiled. "World domination? Loki's already doing that. Taking over a country's government? You would get quite bored easily when dealing with muggles and no one to oppose you. Besides, I don't really fancy living in a world taken over and ruled by a bunch of aliens like the Chitari."

Tom hummed in thought. He would hate to live under the rule of a bunch of aliens as well. Harry was also correct on that taking over muggle governments would only hold his attention for so long. If the only person who was equal was not opposing him, then there wasn't much to gain from taking over some country. He and Harry would rule side by side for sure and be the most powerful couple on Earth, practically gods, but did he really want to deal with all the paperwork and diplomats on a daily basis for all eternity?

Not really, but what could he do?

And then there was Loki. And his world domination plan, that Tom had obviously thought of first before Loki even came to Earth, except it had been about the Wizarding World. Although, there weren't any magical in this universe, muggles were the next best thing... unfortunately. However, at least he knew what they were capable of in power and destruction. Perhaps, that's what he'll do, a second attempt at taking over, only he would be much better at it and demonstrating how powerful he was.

"Where are the so called Avengers now?" Tom asked neutrally. He was a little curious but not enough to actually care.

Harry tilted his head as he internally began to search for his specific targets' life forces. "They're all in the laboratory for some reason. Hmm."

Tom had watched as Harry began frowning and scrunching up his face as if he was trying to solve a mysterious puzzle. It was quite adorable, though Tom would forever deny he had thought that.

"What is it?"

"There's a foreign signature in the laboratory with them. I hadn't noticed it before because it was faint, almost non existent, but now its pulsing, almost as if its... sending out...a signal..." Harry trailed off in realization. Green and red clashed into each other as the realization of what was most likely gong to happen next entered their minds.

Harry quickly jumped off Tom and consequently fell off the bed in the process. Tom was much more graceful, but there was still a quickness to his movements.

Apparating to the laboratory was easy, however, the two wizards found themselves in the midst of a heated argument between each Avengers and Fury.

Dr. Banner was holding Loki's scepter, none noticing how the blue gem was pulsing and glowing.

"That's why I'm here right? To be monitored so that the 'Other Guy' doesn't come out?" Dr. Banner accused. "And while we're at it, why did you bring us all together? We can hardly work together! Maybe Loki's right, we are all over our heads."

Tony and Steve we're going at it, nose to nose.

"Put on your suit, let's go a few rounds." Steve challenged.

"Is that how you solve all your fights Captain?" Tony mocked. "Face it, you're just a relic of the past who had the misfortune of waking up out of time. I'm the real hero now."

"Dr. Banner I'm going to ask you to put the scepter down." Natasha ordered firmly.

This managed to catch everyone's attention and as one, they turned their eyes to the now rapidly pulsing scepter.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The beeping caught the groups' attention though tensions were still high. Fury and Natasha had their hands on their guns, ready to pull them out if Dr. Banner unleashed the Hulk. Tony continued to glare at Steve for a moment longer before he moved towards the computer.

"The tesseracts been located in New York." Tony informed as he typed quickly away to get an exact location.

"Accio Scepter!"

The sudden movement of the scepter had Natasha and Fury aim their guns behind them, only to see Harry Potter and his companion behind them and looking intently at the scepter. Harry ran his hands over the blue gem, just hovering a few centimeters over without actually touching it, managing to gain an insight of the magic and plans sure to come.

To Harry, the scepter reminded him of Voldemort's Horcruxes and how they had fed on a person's emotions and life force. No wonder tensions were high, long exposure would surely end up causing problems, just like the Locket that had caused problems for him and his friends a long time ago.

"Potter. I'm going to demand the you put the scepter down." Fury ordered. The Director of S.H.E.I.L.D did not want to deal with Potter and his companion right now, especially now that they had Loki's scepter in their grasp.

"Potter." Fury stressed, guns still pointed at the duo. "Put the scepter down."

"The scepter is sending out a signal to our location. Your fighting, anger and raw emotions are feeding it power, giving whoever with the tessearct your whereabouts." Harry informed. "Given how long this pulse had been going, I have no doubt that those under Loki's command are on their way."

"What do you mean?" Fury questioned.

However, before an answer could be given, a huge explosion erupted, sending many to jolt and fall from the impact. Another explosion soon followed after, quite close to them managing to create a large hole into the laboratory wall and into a few floors as well. Dr. Banner and Natasha fell down a floors and into what looked like a storage room. Fury managed to stand and contact Agent Hill and Coulson to check the damage and make sure Loki could not escape.

Unfortunately, this with the tension from the previous moment, was too much for Dr. Banner and the Hulk emerged even with Natasha's attempts to keep the quiet man calm.

"Put on your suit." Steve said a little distractingly as the Hulk emerged and started to smash everything in its way.

"Yeah. Sure." Tony answered, wide eyed at the Hulk down below.

Thor jumped down the hole in order to help Natasha, throwing Mjolnir at Hulk's head to gain the green monster's attention.

"Sir, we're losing altitude as one of our engines are no longer functional." Agent Hill informed over Fury's ear piece.

"Copy that. An engine is down, we have to stop whatever attack and make sure Loki does not escape understand? Let's move out." Fury briefed quickly. With the chaos happening around, Fury almost forgot about Potter and Riddle standing behind some sort of force field and still holding the scepter.

"Potter, I better not see that scepter any where near Loki or there will be some serious consequences." Fury growled. "I don't trust at all but due to the current situation, I hope to God that you are not on Loki's side." Fury gave one last glare before moving to the control deck as fats as possible.

Soon it was only Harry and Tom within the destroyed laboratory.

"Let's see how this plays out." Harry smiled, twirling the scepter in his hand. "This plan of his is working so far. Guess its time I start gathering the poor souls now."

"Indeed." Tom smirked, watching gathering souls was a normal occurrence now and was quite enjoyable to watch at times.

Loki smirked when he felt the explosions, the first part had worked splendidly. Those foolish mortals thought that this glass tank could keep him inside. It was almost insulting that they thought he was essentially weaker than glass. Only strong magic could stop him and the Director and his so called superhero team did not have the power to stop him.

Now all he had to do was grab his scepter and escape and then activate the final phase of the plan.

Thor came crashing through the wall and Loki just raised an eyebrow at his brother. A mischievous glint appeared in his green eyes as Thor raised Mjolnir and narrowed his blue eyes at the Trickster God.

"Loki, stop this madness already." Thor demanded.

"No, I'll finally get something what I was denied back in Asgard. A Kingdom." Loki smiled triumphantly. "And all these humans will bow down to me."


Loki gazed at the large crack that Mjolnir had made onto the tank, with slight surprise. Mostly, for the fact that Thor had gotten so touchy with the mention of enslaving the human race. He was quick to give a smirk to his impulsive and hot-headed brother.

"Nice try." Loki taunted. "You'll have to do better than that to defeat me."

Impulsively, Thor hit the button to unlock the cell door keeping Loki at bay. He would fight his brother one-on-one and defeat him in battle. Once the door was open, Thor charged into the waiting figure of Loki, only to realize that it was an illusion when he went flew right through. Thor gazed around the tank, wondering where Loki was hiding under invisibility.

"You always fall for that trick, even as children." Loki states, his true form becoming visible and outside the tank he had been placed in.

Before Thor realizes what has happened, the glass tank's door are locked shut. Thor swings Mjolnir against the glass, though it does only moderate damage. The god of Thunder sees Loki walk towards the control panel, hand hovering over the button that would eject the tank from the Hellicarrier.

"Loci! No!"

"Goodbye brother."

The tank falls down towards the earth, Loki gazing down until it can no longer be seen.

Soon everything will fall into place.


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