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Louise de la Vallière closed the door to old Osmond's office and started down the stairs. Halfway down, she heard a voice say, "Hey, how was it? Another trip to detention?" Louise looked up to see her rival, Kirche von Zerbst and her friends Tabitha and Montmorency blocking the way. "Or are you finally expelled? Just kidding!" The three of them (minus Tabitha) laughed.

Louise brushed past them. "I'm not being punished."

"Huh? Why not?" Kirche asked.

"They said it was partially the teacher's fault, for making me do it after all the students tried to stop her."

Kirche and Montmorency laughed again as Louise continued on her way

"I just wasn't doing my best today." She said.

"You're always having a bad day!" was Kirche's response. "You can't even get a proper byname, Louise the Zero!" She said this last part mockingly.

"Shut up!"

"Tomorrow will be a sight. What sort of familiar will you be summoning up?"

Louise's head snapped around. "As far as summoning spells… I'm confident in summon servant if nothing else!" the pinkette's tormentors looked surprised at this outburst. "I'll conjure up a familiar so divine, beautiful and powerful, that it will be better than anything any of you can cook up!" her piece said, she turned and left.

Back up the steps, Kirche and Montmorency looked at each other. "Hey, what do you think Tabitha?"

The blue haired girl responded without looking up from her book. "I don't know."

Line break

The next morning dawned bright and sunny. The second year students all gathered in the court yard, around Mister Colbert, the teacher. "Finally, today is the day of the summoning ritual. This is the first test since you advance to the second year, and the sacred day you meet your familiars, with whom you will spend your lives with as nobles."

Louise gripped her wand slightly tighter. Behind her, Kirche whispered, "I'm looking forward to the amazing familiar you're going to summon!"

"Leave me alone," was the response.

The next hour was spent with students preforming summoning rituals. Several creatures were summoned, including a giant floating eye. The blond haired boy, Guiche, summoned a giant mole, Montmorency summoned a frog and Kirche ended up with a fiery salamander. But the most amazing was the familiar of Tabitha, a large blue dragon. Mister Colbert looked up from Kirche's familiar. "Now, was that everyone?"

Kirche answered him. "No. we still have Miss Vallière to go" she said, throwing a smug look at Louise. The pink haired girl scowled at her rival but moved into the center of the circle of students.

A ripple of murmurs swept over the crowd. "Louise the zero?" "What will she summon?" "No way can she summon anything." "We'll just have another explosion, nothing else."

"After all that boasting, you'll summon something more amazing than this little guy, right, Louise?"

"Of course." She cleared her throat and began to chant. "My servant that exists somewhere in this universe! My divine, beautiful, and powerful familiar! I wish and assert from the bottom of my heart, answer my guidance!" she waved her wand with a flourish. At first there was nothing. And then… an explosion erupted from the end of her wand.

A large cloud of dust swept over the crowd. "Just as expected," someone coughed. Guiche bent over to help Montmorency, who had fallen. "Are you alright?" he asked. "Montmorency?" something wrong?" The blond girl simply pointed at the smoke cloud. Guiche looked in the same direction she was and was shocked. In the epicenter of the blast, Louise the Zero stood over a decidedly human looking familiar. "What is…" he squinted then gasped. His eyes hadn't deceived him. It was a human.

Others had noticed too. "A human?" one asked. "That outfit…" another said. "It looks like a peasant…" "Yeah a peasant. No doubt about it." Lying in the center of the field was a girl.

She had pink, brown and white hair, and wore a white jacket with a pink interior, brown pants, and gray boots with very high heels. Under her jacket was a black corset, curved in the middle and at the bottom, exposing her hips. She also wore a multitude of necklaces, which hung haphazardly around her neck. Next to her was what looked like a pink and white lace parasol.

Louise's eye twitched. "This is divine, beautiful and powerful?" she walked closer and leant over the unconscious girl. "Who are you?" The girl stirred and her eyes fluttered open, revealing mismatched irises, one brown and the other pink. She sat up and looked around in confusion, seemingly dazed.

Louise looked down at the woman before her. "Do you not understand our language? Where are you from peasant?" the girl gave no reply.

From the sidelines, Kirche giggled. "Nothing less from someone who put up a huge front. To think you would summon up a peasant!"

Louise turned red. "I just made a small mistake!"

"Nothing less from Louise the Zero!" someone said and the whole crowd burst out laughing. "A result that meets everyone's standards!" someone else said.

"Shut up!" Louise shouted to the crowd. "Mister Colbert."

"What is it?"

"Can I try summoning again?"

The balding teacher shook his head. "I can't allow that."


"This ritual is a sacred one that decides the mages entire life. Trying a second time is blasphemy against the ritual itself! Whether you like it or not, this girl has been chosen as your familiar."

He girl in question looked confused, probably trying to figure out what was being said about her. Louise glanced at her before she said, "But I've never heard of using a peasant girl as a familiar." At this the crowd burst out laughing again.

The teachers face was stoic. "I will not allow exceptions, peasant girl or not. Continue on with the ritual."

Louise's face fell. "With this?" she poked the girls shoulder with her wand for emphasis.

"Hurry up, or you will really be expelled!"

"Yeah, you heard it!" said a crowd member.

Louise let out a huff of air. "Alright." She knelt down in front of the girl, who tried to back up, only to slip and fall. She looked into the girl's mismatched eyes and said, "Be thankful for this. Normally a noble would never do this with a peasant." She cleared her throat and said, "My name is Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière. Pentagon that rules the five powers, bless this individual, and make her my familiar!"

She leant forward and the other girl blinked in confusion. When her eyes opened again, Louise could have sworn that the eye colours had reversed. She shook it of as a stress induced hallucination, and quickly leant forward and kissed the girl's mouth.

The brightly coloured girl spluttered in shock and scrambled backwards, wiping her mouth. Mister Colbert walked forward. "It seems contact servant has ended peacefully."

The girl opened her mouth, probably to say something but then suddenly clutched at her hand in pain. A bright light shone from the appendage and glowing ruins appeared on the back. She silently cried out in pain and Louise said, "It'll be over soon. It's just the ruin of the familiar being burned onto you."

The pain seemed to stop all at once and the girl slumped back down, exhausted. She lay panting and her mouth seemed to by trying to form words but nothing came out. She shook her head and leapt to her feet.

She grabbed her umbrella off of the ground as she leapt up and held it like a club in front of her.

Louise stepped back from the woman before her. "What are you doing? You plan on attacking your master?" The girl gave no answer except to raise her umbrella and point it at Louise.

"Whoa! Calm down," Mister Colbert said, stepping forward. "We don't want to hurt you."

The girl wheeled around and, seemingly on instinct, pressed some sort of trigger on her umbrella. What looked like some sort of fireball, or perhaps a flare, shot out of the end. It flew towards Mister Colbert. Instinct saved his life.

He raised his staff and deflected the shot. He then returned fire with three fireballs of his own. The girl raised her parasol and opened it in front of her, and the fire washed harmlessly over it. She lunged forward and swung the now closed parasol at the teacher. He blocked it and then blasted her back with a burst of fire.

The girl hit the ground, dazed before struggling to her feet… only to find the tip of Colbert's staff pointed at her face. She froze and looked up at the teacher with a surprised look on her face.

"Stop. I won't ask again. Next time, I'll just resort to force." The girl lunged forward, so Colbert was forced to swing the staff at her face. The girl collapsed to the ground, unconscious.