so this is my first short, really short originalshipping story. tell me what you guys think but first i want to give credit to- Masked Man 2 check her out she's a fantastic writer who help me fix any grammar and writing problems.

im good at or ok at coming out with ideas but writing still needs improvement. there my confession but hope u enjoy the story. please leave comments on if i should write more originalshipping story's but for now enjoy

On my way to the next town, I never thought that this would've happened.

Standing there in the rain was Red. I was speechless, standing in the rain with him, only a few feet away from the person I called my rival...but here we were. Red was standing before me confessing his love, and as he waited for an answer, all I could do was stare back like an idiot. For the first time in my life, I had no sly remark, no answer- just total silence.

Both of us soaked to the bone, he continued to stare back at me with those red eyes. Why did he have to continue to look at me like that with those sad, beautiful eyes? I bit my lip, looking off to the side as if I would find my answer there, but really, I was just avoiding the answer, avoiding looking at red.


His voice was so soft and hoarse, but so sad, and I glanced back over to see tears streaming down his face. Seeing them broke my heart. I was about to say something, but the words couldn't come. Instead, Red spoke.

"Ever since we became rivals, it's been nothing but nonstop fighting. We're both trying to be the best, but...why? We're not even friends anymore...we hardly talk, or even see each other. I miss the days when we were kids, Green: the days when it was nothing but fun and games, when it was okay to be near you. Now all I can do is watch your back, walking further away from me. It hurts."

"Why are you confessing now?! Aren't you worried about being rejected?!" I yelled, cutting him off.

Red smiled through his tears. "Of course I am, but if this isn't meant to be, at least I won't have to run into you everyday and feel heartbroken or...awkward or... I won't have to remember this, Green; I'll leave your life completely so you won't have to worry a thing." Red's smile faded a bit, but a hint of it still clung to his face, the smallest possible sign of hope.

I could feel tears of my own coming as I stared wide-eyed at him, my chest beginning to hurt as I imagined Red out of my life. The thought was too painful.

"So...I don't mind showing you the feelings I've always suppressed. I'm ready for your answer," Red sighed, his eyes full of plea and sadness while his smile said another.

"...Heh. ...You know, I think this is the most I have ever heard you say at one time. It's kind of nice," I said, smiling.

Red didn't say anything (as he just wanted an answer)...but if I became his boyfriend, I sensed that Red would gladly talk as much as I desired him to.

"You know, Red, you're either really brave, or just plain-out stupidly risky, but...I'm sorry..."

Red frowned and began to turn around, but before he could get away, I reached out and grabbed his arm.

"I'm the one who should have confessed first," I continued.

Red stopped and looked back at me, his eyes wide.

"But, like, you're always one step ahead of me. I'm sorry you had to wait so long, but YES, I would love to be your boyfriend...that is, if I'm still on your wish list," I said, grinning.

Red smiled. "You . You have no idea how long you've been on my list!"

Red bolted toward me and hugged me. Soaked in his arms, I could feel his warmth. At least I wouldn't have to worry about being apart from him anymore...