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A pair of young boys are walking two the fairy tail guild. The older looking one has spiky scarlet red hair, long Sleeveless black waistcoat with the fairy tail symbol on the back in red, a white sleeveless shirt underneath, Black jeans with the fairy tail symbol on the left side in red and black leather combat boots with the fairy tail symbol on both in red.

Next to him is a younger looking one with pink hair of the same hair style, a sleeveless, gold trimmed, black waistcoat, a gold trimmed, black cloth around his waist that reaches his knees, held by a leather brown belt with an oval-shaped silver buckle, white knee-length trousers with black ribbon ties, a thick black wristband on his left wrist, black open-toed sandals and the scale-patterned scarf.

"We're almost there Natsu" the older one said.

"Ok Ignis, so where are we going to live?" the younger one revealed to be named Natsu asked.

"Um well hopefully they have a boys dorm" the older one revealed to be named Ignis said.

"Ok then so how do we want to enter normally or kick the door in?" Natsu asked excitedly.

"How…..about…..normally, hmm….. nah let's kick the door in!" Ignis said with a slightly insane grin.

"So on the count of three?" Natsu asked

"Sure" Ignis said

"Ok in 3….2…...1 NOW!" Natsu and Ignis said together kicking the door in.

When they did that the whole guild turned to see who kicked the door in as they did they heard a yell.

"My name is Ignis Dragneel and this is my little brother Natsu Dragneel and we're here to join the fairy tail guild!" Ignis yelled out

"So where's the guildmaster?" Ignis asked

"Right here and you'll fit in just fine" A very short old man said.

"Ok sweet so where do we get our marks?" Ignis asked

"I'll do it right now and where do you want them?" Makarov asked.

"I want mine in black on my right shoulder." Ignis said.

"I want mine in red on my left shoulder." Natsu said.

"Ok who's first?" Makarov asked

"I am!" Ignis yelled as he walked up and got his guild mark stamped on his right shoulder.

Next natsu walked up to Makarov and got his guild mark on his left shoulder.

"So do you have a boys dorm?" Ignis asked

"Yes we do it's called 'Fairy Castle'" Makarov said.

"How much is it per month?" Ignis asked while hearing a fight break out in the background.

"You won't have to pay it for now since you're just starting out as mages but once you get a few jobs under your belt it'll be 2500 jewels." Makarov said.

"Well that's fair" Ignis said turning around seeing a girl with scarlet red hair and in armor.

"And who's she?" Ignis asked pointing at the girl.

"She's Erza scarlet and she recently came here in just a day ago." Makarov said.

"I'm gonna….fight her, after all mages can understand each other better after a fight." Ignis said walking toward Erza.

"Hey wanna have a fight outside?" Ignis asked Erza.

"hmm…..Sure why not." Erza said.

This is it for chapter 1 next time Ignis and erza fight.