I've been out from writing a bit to read a few of stories on this fandom. I'm not returned yet to write but I'll try to bring to you a story every week. I hope you understand that I have a life ahead and I can't write every moment of my life. Anyways, this is the alternate ending of The main Emotion: Season 2. I'm sorry for the shortness of this chapter...it's not as long as I usually do and I'm sorry for this. Please, enjoy. :)

The Subconscious doors opened. Two corrupted mind workers went inside.

"Prisoners! The time has arrived!" said the mind worker. Some black dust came inside to block Joy, Fear Sadness and Disgust's hands. One of the mind workers grabbed Joy's harm and he loaded her on the Train of Thoughts. He grabbed the others as well.

"Joy… I really hope that this works..." said Disgust, pretty worried.

"For once, I'll be optimistic on the results..." said Sadness, trying to be optimistic.

"Joy..." called Fear.

"What, Fear?"

"If this is the last time we talk, I want to say that it was a pleasure to work with you."

Joy let out a little tear before to talk to Fear.

"We'll get over this thing… I'm sure." but she wasn't sure actually. If she would fail, Evilness would kill all the Emotions.

Sadness, Joy, Fear and Disgust tried for a final hug but the dust was blocking them. They dragged close at each other with their knees.

"It's my fault if Evilness even exist: I created that island..."

"No, Disgust. It's not your fault. You just saved Riley from being bullied." said Joy.

"But now she is the bully." spoke the teardrop.

"Hope is the last to die, guys." said Joy.

After waiting a lot of time, the train arrived out of the Head Quarters. They were all really scared to meet Evilness again. Even the two corrupted mind workers. The Emotions, with the mind workers' help, climbed down of the train.

"Evilness! We brought the subjects. Can we get in?" spoke anxiously one of the mind workers. The door opened and they entered inside. Evilness was taking over Riley. On the wall there were a lot of black memories.

"Bring them near to the window," said Evilness, indicating at the window.

The two mind workers placed them, as Evilness commanded.

"Can we go out, Evilness?" asked one of the two mind workers. Evilness nodded. After that, the two mind workers opened the door and after a couple of minutes, they left with the Train of Thoughts.

"Now we are alone, uh?" said Evilness, walking around the Head Quarters.

"Why are you doing this?" asked Disgust to the evil Emotion.

"Because our life will be finally fair! Let's be realist! Look at the world around us: it's so unfair and evil! The only way to fight this world, is with the evilness… and every good thing will disappear, FOREVER!"

"Evilness, you need to think about this! You are making a huge mistake!" Sadness tried to explain the consequences of an evil Riley.

"You will find someone who is even more evil than you, ALWAYS!" also Joy tried to convince him that he was wrong.

"It's dangerous to conduct a life as your way to see things: Riley could go in prison or in other scary places!" shouted Fear.

"I heard enough! I know what I'm gonna do with Riley," he walked toward Fear and started to speak at his 'ear'. "The demons… the demons will never fail." said Evilness. He returned to talk at everyone.

"I'm so enough of you, stupid Emotions..." said Evilness, talking slowly.

"Please… don't hurt us… I surrender..." prayed Fear, crying.


"But let us free, please!" begged Disgust.

"After that Riley will bully Jordan… we'll meet in the hell."

"No… I know you won't do this to us… Anger..." said Joy looking at the ground.

"We know you're in there." also Sadness supported Joy's words.

"WHAT!? That stupid brick is gone!" said Evilness.

"Anger… I'm so sorry for what I've done to you!" spoke the raw nerve.

"I-I..." Evilness fainted on the ground. A white light started to come out from his body. That white light formed two legs, a chest, two arms and a head.

"I can't believe this!" Joy's eyes wide opened.

"He is… alive." said Sadness, shocked.

"Anger. You missed me!" cried Disgust.

Anger appeared form that white light. Evilness stood up and he saw his worst enemy: the good part of himself.

"Guys...get out from here." said Anger.

"NO! You won't go nowhere!" Evilness tried to command the black dust but when Anger came out from his body, he lost half of his power. The Emotions escaped out from the door.

"You!" said Evilness with loathing because he lost the power of the black dust.

"It's time for you to leave this world forever!" threatened Anger.

"Anytime!" Evilness charged Anger, hitting him.

"That hit did nothing to me!" as Anger said, he punched Evilness.

"You look like a stupid kid trying to punch a dinosaur! COME ON!" laughed Evilness, taunting Anger.

Anger exploded in a fury attack and started to punch Evilness.

"Is that all? Aw, poor you!" he said in a fake sorry tone.

"Well, that was nothing!"

"After I'll win this fight, I'll kill all of your friends!" laughed the evil Emotion.

"Guess what? You won't win this fight!" Anger exploded again. He charged Evilness toward the window. The window broke and they were both falling into the void but Anger grabbed the Head Quarters' floor. Evilness grabbed Anger's leg.

"Ah! Leave me alone, you stupid brick!" Anger shouted from the pain: Evilness was holding his leg and his grip was pretty strong.

"If I can't take over Riley, neither you will!" he laughed in an evil tone.

The Emotions entered in the Head Quarters.

"Where is he!?" said Sadness, looking nervously around.

"There they are!" Disgust pointed at the window.

"Quick! Let's go to help Anger!" Joy ran toward the broken window.

"What are you doing here!? I said to you to escape!" said Anger, still in pain because Evilness was still holding his leg.

"What are we waiting for!? Drag him up!" said Fear, very scared.

"We can't drag him up, genius!"

"Disgust is right! We cannot grab him." said Joy.

"Guys! Please..." said Anger.

"NO! YOU WON'T!" with the free hand, Evilness grabbed Anger's head, trying to reach the Head Quarters. But he lost the balance. Anger and Evilness both fell in the Memory Dump.

Once they fell on the ground, they started to look around.

Anger found Evilness on the ground, apparently fainted.

"Mph! At least you won't take over Riley."

Evilness stood up with fatigue.

"And now… I want to see you die in front of my eyes while we are forgotten.

"WAIT! There is only… a little thing that I'd like to show you." said Evilness, indicating a memory on the ground.

Anger said nothing but he started to walk toward the memory. He grabbed it. It was half red and black. Anger saw himself being killed by Officer Frank and Dave. As he saw that memory, he started to fade.

"No… it can't be!" he said, while all his hope left him.

"You are dead, Anger! And since you're here you can't escape!" said Evilness.

"I-I can't believe this… after all I did for her..." said Anger on the way to cry.

Evilness walked closer to him.

"The ugliest mistake you have ever made… you trusted of that purple, lanky idiot."

"I won't regret my choice, you disgusting demon!" he insulted Evilness.

"No one can leave this place… especially when is dead!" grinned Evilness.

"I… I… I give up..." as Anger said those words, Evilness gained again all of his powers and even more: now he can control the minds with the black dust and he can turn himself into black dust.

Evilness said nothing but laughed and every second, his laugh was getting louder. He turned himself into black dust and all Anger heard, it was the echo of Evilness' laugh.

The black dust traveled outside the Head Quarters and it started to recompose in Evilness.

"Anger is gone… Riley… it's just you and me..." thought Evilness and he started to return in the Head Quarters.

"Where are they?" asked Disgust to the crew.

"I don't know…" said everyone, trying to spot Anger in the Memory Dump.

Sadness was crying in a corner for losing Anger once again.

"Keep looking: Anger must be out there!" said Joy, but she was also desperate for seeing Anger falling in the Memory Dump.

"We should go out there and trying to find them!" suggested Fear.

"There is also that stupid demon under there." said Joy.

"I know… but I think it's over." added Sadness.

But a couple of minutes later, when they decided to go to find Anger in the Memory Dump, Evilness opened the Head Quarters' door.

"There he is!" panicked Fear, while running around.

"Please, don't hurt us!" begged Sadness, while crying.

"Where is Anger!?" asked Disgust in tears.

"You… you are an evil monster!" said Joy to Evilness.

"Anger is gone… no one can save you now!" he laughed.

The Emotions hugged one last time before to be turned by Evilness. Evilness, with his new power, ordered to the black dust to control Joy, Disgust, Fear and Sadness' minds.

Joy's dress turned black and the glowing aura around her became also black.

Sadness' sweater and pants turned also black and so did the other Emotions.

"And now… you will serve me with loyalty and you will help Riley's mind to be evil."

Evilness can now control his enemies and order them to serve him and the mind.

"Finally I'm ready for the last job..." he laughed in an evil tone. Joy, Sadness, Fear and Disgust laughed too.

"Jordan!" Riley saw Jordan in the school hall. He was going to join the lessons.

"What's up, Riley?" smiled Jordan.

"Give me all of your stuff, now!" Riley grabbed his friend, threatening him.

"Wait, what!? Are you bulling me!?" asked Jordan in shock.

"I won't ask you twice! Move!"

"OK, OK!" Jordan gave to Riley the schoolbag.

"Good boy!" Riley walked away from Jordan, breaking their friendship that lasted for over a year.

Riley returned from Alexander and Blake.

"Wow, good job, Riley!" said Alex.

"Thank you, guys. But it was easy." laughed Riley.

"We knew that you would be the best bully in the school." complimented Blake.

"Hey, guys! Are you free tonight? My friends organized a party and I think they will be pleased to meet you." smiled Alex.

"Wouldn't miss it for anything on the world!" Riley accepted the invite.

"OK, Alex. But she won't pretend to be your girlfriend." joked Blake.

Alex winked to Riley. "Take this!" Riley gave a friendly punch to Blake.

"Oh, you're so touchy, Alex." laughed Blake.

"OK, guys: I'm out! See you tonight!" said Riley. She walked away.

Riley's life was perfect now: she can have everything from anyone if she would. Also Evilness was pleased of the results: he can control now all Riley's mind and also her ex-Emotions. Anger was gone forever.

And there we are! Remember: the true ending is Anger defeats Evilness and not this one here. Bye and I'll see you next time. :)