AN: Timestamp for the restaurant - what the poor waitresses were making of this whole situation :)

Just to be clear, this is werewolf Kate from 8.04 Bitten and 10.04 Paper Moon. Yes I had to look up her name to be able to write her in.

Kate isn't necessarily strapped for cash, but between tuition and books, it's nice to have a little something extra to go see a movie or something. It's the only reason she gets a job at the Charleston. And they only really need her a few nights a week, so it fits in perfectly with her class schedule. It's not like working at a chain restaurant or something, which can be a real slog sometimes. No, it's nice and clean and the clientele are either quiet older couples, business professionals, or small groups celebrating special occasions.

Which is kind of why it's such a shock when she sees her next table be seated. They don't fit in with the usual groups she sees come through. Young - her age young, which is about a decade younger than her regulars - and handsome. Like, incredibly handsome. Forget how to speak and stare for while handsome. Wow.

Luckily I'm getting my staring in now before I make an ass of myself at the table.

She waits for them to get situated, read over the menus so she can answer their questions when she stops by to get their drink orders. As she hovers out of site by the kitchen entrance, Bela comes up behind her.

"I will give you $50 right now if you let me take that table."

"What? Why?"

"One word, three letters. Those boys are hot and I don't have any tables in that section. I want to get a better look and don't mind taking an extra table to do it."

Kate tsks slightly. "Hon, they're here on a date. They're not going to be interested in what you're sellin'."

"I'm a very good negotiator, I'm sure I could make something work." She smirks behind her perfect teeth, then frowns. "What makes you think they're on a date, anyway?"

"People are our age don't dress up like that and go to a restaurant like this if it's not a date."

"Well, that's vaguely disappointing." They stare a little longer, before Bela perks up a bit. "I think the brown haired one is my math TA."

"You think?"

Bela waves a hand dismissively. "I don't exactly go to class. I go take the tests and that's about it. I think that's him, though."

"How exactly do you pass the class?"

"I sleep with the professor."

She laughs but then stops short at the look Bela gives her. "You're not serious." Bela quirks an eyebrow and walks off. "You're not serious!" Kate hisses after her, but really, she's not so sure.

"How are the lovebirds? Any weakness I could exploit to get in on that or maybe work my way into a threesome?"

This time, Kate knows Bela is kidding. Most likely. "Nope, sorry. They seem really cute together." She frowns, looking back at the table, and adds, "Though the dark haired one seemed a little… nervous?"

"Probably because brown hair is out of his league."

"What?" she asks, jaw hanging open in total shock. If anything, she'd have thought it was the other way around.

"Oh, darling, I'm not saying the dark haired one isn't a 9/10 on the hotness scale. He most certainly is. He might even be inching towards a perfect 10 once he's a bit older." Kate rolls her eyes, knowing all too well Bela's interest in older men. (Huh, so maybe she is sleeping with her math professor.) "But brown hair is a calculus TA at an engineering school. Boy's smart. And you saw the way he walked in. Total confidence. He's just a tad more put together. And black hair must know that."

"Bela, I think you're over-analyzing it."

"You have a better theory?"

"Well…" She hesitates, tries to come up with something more flattering for the dark haired boy. "Maybe this is their first date and he's just shy."

Bela inclines her head to the side as if considering the possibility. "Probably wondering if he's going to be putting out tonight," she says archly, and Kate is starting to think Bela says shit like that just to see her reaction. "Let me bring out their bread and get a better look."


"Hmm?" Bela asks without looking up from her phone. She finishes her text message and pockets the phone with the practiced ease of someone who's on it far too often. "You're right. Black hair is definitely nervous about something. Kept fidgeting. Barely even noticed I was there."

She seems mildly offended by the last part, but her curiosity shows through more.

"Poor guy." Kate sympathizes with him, she really does. He's clearly a nervous wreck, barely holding it together, despite the brown haired boy's obvious attempts to keep things light. She crosses her fingers and hopes their date won't be a total disaster.


"Yeah?" She's out of breath from dropping off food at one table and rushing to get in orders for another. Currently she has about a five minute window before she has to be anywhere, and dammit she's going to take advantage.

"Where are your dreamy hunks?"

"Huh?" Her head whips around and sure enough, both the dark haired and brown haired boys have disappeared. "Shit, where'd they go? Think they were looking for me?"

She looks around the restaurant as inconspicuously as possible and catches sight of the brown haired guy making his way quickly towards the bathroom. Her shoulders slump in relief. "Found one of them." And she nods that way to get Bela's attention.

Bela watches him duck into the bathroom and then turns to look back at Kate. "I don't know if that's a good thing."

"Why?" Concern starts growing again.

"Well, for presumably both of your boys to be disappearing into the bathroom, that means one of two things." Kate stares back in confusion as Bela waits for her to pick up on it. When she doesn't, Bela rolls her eyes. "Either dark haired boy finally snapped and had a break down. Or he's physically ill. Either way, brown hair is going to go take care of him."

"Oh." She frowns, because both options suck. Her heart goes out to the dark haired boy. He seems sweet. Awkward as hell, probably because he's under too much stress right now, but sweet.

"They've been gone like, ten minutes. I'm starting to worry."

"That they'll try to make a run for it without paying?"

"What? No. I'm worried that maybe the dark haired one is like hyperventilating or something. Maybe I should send one of the guys in to check-?"

"Kate, you're overreacting. Give them another five minutes at least, I'm sure it's fine."

"Okay, maybe now you can start panicking."

Kate glares at Bela but continues her short pacing by the kitchen. Because fuck, what do you do if your table disappears in the middle of dinner? Does she tell a manager what happened? Does she have dessert ready for when they come back or assume they've changed their minds and skip it?

She's about two seconds away from completely freaking out when the brown haired guy steps out of the bathroom. He looks maybe a little worse for wear, but he's definitely heading back to the table. Kate watches like a hawk as he takes a seat and grabs his discarded napkin, putting it back on his lap and smoothing it out as though nothing's amiss.

"Well he sure looks like the cat who caught the canary."

Ignoring Bela's commentary, Kate rushes over (well, she manages to keep it to a brisk walk but that still earns her a few looks).

"Could I interest you in dessert this evening?"

He gives her a lazy smile. "Absolutely."

"Tonight the chef has prepared a chocolate cheesecake, a tiramisu, and an apple pie."

"Man after my own heart. We'll take the pie, please."

She tries a friendly smile but it falls flat, her heart rate not quite back to normal yet. Despite the way Bela presses in close behind her as she goes into the kitchen to pick up the desserts, she pointedly ignores her.

By the time Kate's making her way back to the table, desserts in hand, the dark haired boy has returned. The brown haired one is leaning over the table to fix his tie, though in general he seems about three times as disheveled as before. His hair is matted down with sweat and his suit jacket is definitely more rumpled. She frowns in concern as she takes the last few steps.

"Apple pie with a caramel sauce and whipped cream." As she says it, she looks over the dark haired boy. Although his clothes and hair are a mess, there's a shy smile pulling at his lips. He's about ten times more relaxed than before, no more squirming in place. And he actually meets her eyes when he thanks her for the dessert.

Bela pretty much abandons a table to follow her out of the dining area, almost stepping on her ankles. Each click of her heels was a tell me tell me tell me. Finally out of sight, Kate shrugs. "I have no idea what happened, but dark hair is a mess but looks seriously chill compared to before."

There's a blank expression on Bela's face before she bursts out laughing. It's loud enough that Kate has to nudge her further away from the dining room and shake her a bit. "Jesus, Bela, what's wrong with you."

Waving her hands to get Kate away from her, she giggles through her first attempts at speaking. Eventually she chokes out, "Oh c'mon, isn't it obvious? Dark hair had a mini freak out during dinner, escaped to the bathroom, where brown hair either blew him in one of the stalls to calm him down or lit up a joint for him."

Kate chokes on nothing before recovering. "Bela, that's… that's… No, ugh, now I can't get the mental image out of my head-"

"You're welcome, then, because that is a tasty image."

"I hate you! How am I supposed to look them in the eyes when I'm thinking about them blowing each other in the bathroom?"

Bela's answering grin is nothing but pleased.

Kate waves the couple good-bye as she picks up the check from the table. They really are cute together, and even if she blushed furiously every time she checked up on them after Bela's teasing (which the brown haired one definitely picked up on, though he just seemed mildly amused by it), they were a good table.

… But she's glad they're leaving, because there's no way she'd survive another minute with them.

(Oh god, what if she runs into them on campus?)

AN: I guarantee you Bela goes to her calc class a lot more after this. Every time, she'll do her best to flirt with Dean, just to get a reaction out of him. It doesn't work, which just makes her try even harder :)