Why, oh, why, won't my muse leave me alone

Why, oh, why, won't my muse leave me alone? See, I came up with this after writing an English Media log. So here it is.

The Arrival

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Karen's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I heard that a new guy is coming to town. After Mr. Heart died, he left his farm to his grandkid. Truth is, I'm curious of whom this guy is. I'm sure that he won't last long here, since he's from the city and everything. Meeting up with my dad, mom and Kai, I tell them the news.

"Looks like Mr. Heart's grandkid is coming here in a few days. He's going to take over the farm." I tell my folks.

Kai watches me thoughtfully, "What do you think of this Karen?"

I snorted, "So what? He ain't going to be around for long."

My mom sighs, "Karen, be nice. It's going to be hard to run a farm all by himself."

"I agreed with your mother, be nice to the lad."

I just gave them a 'humph', what did I care? All guys don't work hard enough anyways.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Popuri's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Popuri, it looks like we'll be having a new customer soon," my mom told me.

I looked up from the shelf that I was stocking, "Oh?"

"Yes, Mr. Heart's grandchild is coming here to run the farm. Which means we'll get to see plenty of him," my mom winked.

I groaned; I really wished she wouldn't do that. It was embarrassing enough as it is. I left the shop to water the flowers, though I wonder what this guy will be like? Will he be nice? Or mean? Will he be good looking? Why in the heck did I just ask that? I must be going out of my mind! I sigh; I wonder what everyone else thought about this guy. Walking around town, the mayor was preparing for everyone to meet him when he first walks into town. Like a welcome fest, I said I would help with the decorations. Getting the flowers I run into Ann.

"Hi Ann! Where are you going?" I ask her.

Ann caught her breath, "I'm going to get Rick, to tell him something. What's with the flowers?"

"It's for that new guy, the one that's going to take over the farm."

My friend grinned, "That's good, it'll make R.J. feel welcome. Bring those, uh… Now I remember! Those Bluebells, R.J. loves those, anyways I have to go, see ya!"

And she runs off again. Bluebells huh? I guess Ann must already know R.J., if that's his name. I wonder what they stand for.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ann's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I quickly run, pulling Rick with me. I ran into Popuri earlier, told her to decorate the place with Bluebells. After all R.J. did grow up around Bluebells as a kid. A least that's what I remember. I'm so excited I haven't seen R.J. for so long. I wonder how much R.J. has changed. When I got home with Rick in tow, my brother and dad were waiting for me.

"So what's this thing, that you have to tell us?" My brother asked, slightly annoyed.

"R.J. is coming to take over the farm!" I yelled.

"Uh? Who's R.J.?" Rick asks.

I pouted, "You don't remember R.J.?"

"Sorry, no."

My dad stood up for Rick, "That's okay, I don't think many people remember R.J. either. There's a lot of talk, but everyone is in for a surprise." He gave this mysterious grin.

My brother grinned too, "Just in time too."

"Uh?" I didn't understand.

My brother pointed out back, "Cliff's little brother needs someone to talk care of him. So R.J. might be able to do that, and he'll be really useful once he grows up."

"Great idea!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Elli's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My grandma called me, and Jason (the bakery master) outside.

"What is it Grandma? Is something wrong?" I asked.

"Of course not! R.J. is coming to take over the farm." Grandma replied.

Both of us didn't know what she was talking about.

Grandma frowned, the smiled, "I forgot, you were really little the last time you met R.J. You probably don't remember. R.J. is Mr. Heart's grandchild. The fact is, the mayor, is holding a welcome fest for R.J. So I was wondering…"

"If we could bake something for the welcome party." Jason finished.

Grandma nodded.

"Okay, so what doesn't R.J. like?" I asked.

Grandma smiled, as if remembering something from the past, "R.J. had a thing for chocolate, maybe your famous chocolate cake will do it."

I giggled, "Okay, one chocolate cake coming up."

When I finished the cake, it had the word Welcome written in blue icing. I hope he likes it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Maria's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My father came home quite excited. He told mother and me that Mr. Heart's grandchild will be coming to take over the farm. He wanted to make a warm welcome for him. From what we know, his name is R.J. I hope he likes to read.

"Any how, I want to make this lad feel welcome." My father told us.

Mother nodded, "Maria, why not make a banner for the welcome party?"

I nod, "Okay, let's make this a party he'll never forget."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~R.J.'s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I miss Grandpa so much. I wish he didn't die. So here I am, going to a town I haven't seen since god knows when. I wonder if Ann and her brother Allen remember me? Hope so. As I walk down the path, I smile, to bad I can't remember. When I get there, I'm in shock. The town is decorated with Bluebells. I love Bluebells, my mom kept a garden full of them growing up. I see Ann run up to me.

"R.J.!" She gives me a hug.

I hug her back, "Hi Ann, so you do remember me."

"Of course, now come on, everyone is waiting for you."

I like Ann take me to the town square. There a banner saying "Welcome R.J.!" was written. The place was full of Bluebells. A girl with short brown hair, with a blue dress and apron was holding a cake. Chocolate, hmmm… I'm in for a treat that's for sure. That's when I noticed that everyone was staring at me. Did I have something on my face? Why in the heck is everyone staring at me like that?

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