Harry and Luna were awarded an Order of Merlin each, and his Pokémon gained legions of new fans – especially the Mew Who Lived. They got a smattering of other gifts too, from delighted fans wanting to express their personal thanks for the couple who rid the world of Voldemort once and for all. Their favourites were definitely those people who owled them badges for their collections from all over Britain (and the Delacour family in France sent some too).

Dumbledore sadly passed away within the year, and was sorely missed by many. Though many citizens were comforted that Harry Potter had clearly been passed the torch of "Crazy and Powerful Light Wizard" who would defeat any pesky Dark Lords for the wizarding populace, if the need arose. He'd even inherited Dumbledore's old wand.

Harry delighted the optimists who predicted a storybook romance, and proposed to Luna the instant she turned seventeen, and was legally of age in the wizarding world. She was actually more like eighteen or nineteen from her point of view, due to a little too much experimenting with time travel. They were wed a couple of years later in a delightfully magical ceremony surrounded by friends and family. Not counting the Dursleys, whom naturally weren't invited. They bickered over the ceremony details a little, and while they agreed they both wanted an outdoors ceremony, Luna wanted a winter wedding, and Harry wanted a spring wedding. Eventually they compromised by having a winter wedding in the middle of a snowy field with icicles hanging from the tree branches, and white-furred bunnies watching the celebrations. But in the middle of that snowy field was a pebbled path leading to a clear circle of lush grass with wildflowers blooming everywhere, and a flower-bedecked bower of white roses for them to stand under to exchange their vows, with fairies and Butterfrees (the latter made solely by Luna) flitting everywhere as living decorations.

They spent the early years of their marriage travelling the world and working with rare and strange magical creatures, some of which they invented themselves. In due course they ceased their journeying for a while as they welcomed their children into the world – first there was Lysander James Potter with green eyes and pale blonde hair, and then his little sister Misty Pandora Potter, who was cute as a button with blue eyes and brown hair. She was the apple of her grandpa's eye and could do no wrong.

As their children grew, Harry and Luna were prompted to think about their children's schooling, and decided that while it was a fine place for many, Hogwarts wasn't good enough for their children. It barely even touched the edges of what magic was truly capable of achieving.

So they journeyed to a tiny rocky island off the west coast of Ireland inhabited by nothing but seabirds, and with not a quarter so much effort as anyone else really thought it should take, worked together to expand the land over and over, until they had a fine sized island. Naturally they ensured it was Unplottable and obscured from the sight of Muggles. Then they made it flourish with all kinds of plants, and filled it with herds of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, unicorns, dozens of fairies, and various Pokémon. And of course, they built there a school of their own, a tremendous castle with graceful sweeping spires.

Luna wanted to call their new home Atlantis, of course.

"Are you sure that's lucky?" worried Harry to his wife. "Atlantis did sink under the waves."

"Maybe it didn't sink," she suggested. "Maybe it just got tired of visiting the past, and we brought it back home after a few centuries."

Harry thought for a while about the difficulties involved in making a whole island travel through time, and nodded happily. "I suppose living history would be more fun than reading about it. We'll need some Philosopher's Stones, just in case we want to stay for a few centuries. There's lots to see in the distant past."

Luna nodded happily. "That shouldn't be too hard for you."

"Anything for you, my dearest Mooncalf."

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