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The new students of New Los Angeles High School Naval Academy stood in neat rows in front of the main school building as the Principle of the Academy addressed them. They wore their Service Dress Blue uniform, a black suit coat, trousers or optional skirt for women, white shirt, and four-in-hand necktie or neck tab for women. The men's jacket was double breasted with six gold-colored buttons, and the women's jacket had a single row of four gold-colored buttons.

These young students had come from all corners of the United States, their hard work and determination finally paying off. After the closing speech the students made their way to the docks to see what ship they would call home for their four years of training.

A student with blond hair tied into a bun with two short pigtails just in front of her ears, her green eyes studied the dossier in her hands as she walked. She read the front cover over and over again, not believing her eyes.

Emily Coldren

3rd officer

BB-63 USS Missouri

She still couldn't believe her eyes not only was she on the ship with the best students but she would also be serving with her brother, on the bridge. As she walked along, still staring at the front page, she ran into a lamp post. She fell backwards and landed hard on the ground, she groaned and rubbed her head.

"Guess I need to pay more attention."

"Still running into objects. I see you haven't changed at all." A male voice said as a hand was extended toward her. She looked up at the individual, he was the same age as her, dark brown hair along with brown eyes.

Emily took the hand and pulled herself up, "Yeah, well at least I didn't fall into the water trying to get out of the skimmer on his first day."

"If you want, I can gladly toss you into the harbor so you can experience it too." The boy said.

"Maybe another time." Emily replied, the two stared at each other before smiling and pulled each other into a hug.

"It's good to see you again Wes, it's been so long." Emily replied as she tightly hugged him.

"It's good to see you again Emily." He replied as he broke the hug and examined her. He shook his head is disbelief, "I can't believe we're both cadets now."

"I can't believe it either, though I did it, and best yet." She held up her dossier and showed him the front cover.

He bent down and examined it, his eyes widened as he reread the three lines, "No way! You're third officer on the Missouri."

"Yes, it all paid off, all those days of studying and staying up late memorizing ship functions and commands. How about you, where did you get assigned?"

Wes held up his dossier and showed her,

Wesley Richfield

Gunnery Officer

CA-48 USS Baltimore

"Isn't the Baltimore a Heavy Cruiser?" Emily recalled.

He sighed, "It is, though I really wanted to be on the Missouri or the Iowa."

"Because you were really looking forward to firing those sixteen inch guns." She teased.

Wes crossed his arms and looked away, Emily quickly spoke, "Hey don't worry about it, you may not have gotten on the Ace ship, but you did get on the honor student ship. Besides the Baltimore has eight and five inch guns that you can play with."

"Yeah, but the sixteen inches make a louder and bigger boom." He replied as he looked out at the harbor. Emily looked out at the harbor as well, "I guess this is the last time we're going to see each other for awhile.

"Yeah." He replied, he looked towards Emily, her green eyes still fixated on the harbor. He studied her then spoke, "You'll do fine on the Missouri."

Emily looked towards him then off to the side, "I don't know, I have a lot to live up to. You know that my brother is the Captain right, what if the crew thinks I got special treatment, what if they think I'm a bad officer, what if-,"

Wes put up his hand and stopped her, "Emily for as long as I've known you, you've always given your best at whatever you tried. I'm sure your mother would be proud of you and your brother for following in her footsteps. The Missouri is lucky to have you, and I'm sure the crew will come to respect you too."

Emily wiped away the tears in her eyes, she and Wes had been friends for as long as she can remember, and he always knew what to say to her to keep her spirits up. She nodded and the duo made their way to the ferries.

"So, how did your mom take the news about you coming here?" Emily asked as they made their way to the ferries.

Wes sighed, "She was nervous about letting another one of her children go to the academy, but she was very supportive. She also says that you need to visit more often, and to bring your brother along too."

"It's not my fault that the fleet is based on the mainland, besides we'll be in Hawaii for the next six months for training. We'll stop by every chance we get." She answered.

"I think mom would like you to visit every month." He replied as they boarded the ferry and took their seats.

USS Missouri: Bridge,

Emily nervously walked onto the bridge, still in her dress uniform. The fleet was heading out to sea soon, so their was no time to change. As she entered the bridge the crew was busy making preparations to get underway. She looked around and spotted her brother, he was going through the checklist with the budget officer. Eric Coldren was two years older than Emily, his blond hair made him easy to identify and Emily could see his blue eyes scan the sheet in front of him. He was wearing his work uniform, a urban digital camo, blue, with a little white and gray, black boots and socks. Emily felt nervous about seeing her brother, it had been several months since they last saw each other. Their mother had a big reputation for them to live up to. Eric joined the Academy to continue the family legacy and talked to Emily about finding her own way, but Emily's own way was to join the Academy too.

"Can I help you?" Someone asked.

"Ahh!" Emily jumped drawing the attention of everyone on the bridge. As the bridge crew stared at her she began to shake, she took a calming breath, before standing at attention and saluting, "Third Officer, Emily Coldren reporting for duty."

Her brother and the crew saluted back, then returned to their duties. Emily's brother waved her over, and she took a couple steps towards him. He signed the budget forms and sent the officer on his way. He turned towards her, "You do realize that you're in the wrong uniform Mr. Coldren."

She stiffened,"I'm sorry Eric, I mean Sir, I didn't have time to change before we set sail, it won't happen again."

Eric put his hands on his hips and shook his head, "Emily relax, that's an order."

Emily was surprised that he called her by name, but she took a deep breath and let her body relax. The crew whispered to each other, and stared at her. She began to sweat, not liking the attention.

"All right listen up," Eric began, "as some of you know this is my sister. She was not handed this job or received special treatment for it, she worked for it just like you and me. Like you, I will expect her to pull her weight around here, also I expect all of you to treat her with the same respect as you would your fellow crew. Am I understood."

"Yes, Sir!" They all replied.

Emily loosened up a little, she knew what her brother was expecting from her, and he had her back. She also knew that she needed to work hard and prove herself to the rest of the crew.

Yokosuka Girls' Marine High School

As Akeno Misaki and the rest of her crew stood at attention on the docks, a new Shimakaza class destroyer sat moored to the pier. Principal Munetani and Instructor Furushou along with several Blue Mermaid Marines disembarked the ship.

The girls excited chattered to themselves. They were to be assigned a new ship since theirs had sunk two months ago after their desperate fight to board the Musasi after the rat virus incident.

Principal Munetani stopped in front of Misaki and saluted her, "Ma'am, I am ready to be relieved."

Akeno returned the salute, "Ma'am, I relieve you."

Munetani smiled, "I am relieved." They lowered their arms, completing the ceremony. Both parties cheered and the girls quickly boarded their new ship. The Shimakaze class was an improvement over the older KagerĊ class. The newer destroyer could reach speeds up to 41 knots, was armed with three dual five inch turrets and held an impressive three five tube torpedo launchers. Though it was a new ship entirely and didn't have the scars and memories as it's predecessor.

Akeno, was the first on the bridge, she cautiously entered and scanned the surroundings, she stepped inside and ran her hand over the various pieces of equipment. She smiled to herself as the memories of the hardships the crew faced together on the Harekaze. How they never gave up and overcame the impossible, and how they saluted their sinking ship as it sank into the harbor after enduring so much punishment. She looked everyone else as they explored their stations.

Mei was happily saying to Shima, how she wanted to fire all fifthteen torpedos at once and have all of them hit.

"Aye." Shima replied as she looked through the gunnery binoculars, Mei then pointed out the new dual turrets and how they had the double the firepower.

Rin ran timidly ran her hand over the wheel, seemingly afraid that it would break on contact with her hands.

Akeno smiled as she watched her crew, then turned and looked outside, a frown soon appeared as she looked at her reflection in the window.

Mashiro stopped next to Akeno, "It may be a new ship, but I'm sure she'll start to feel like home soon."

Akeno smiled, "Yeah." she began, then turned towards Mashiro, "but it's kind of unfair."

Mashiro tilted her head, "How so?"

"Because, Moka-chan and the rest of her crew are stuck on land since the Musashi is in drydock for repairs. Meanwhile we get a brand new ship, though everyone's really excited." She finished as she looked out onto the deck, where the girls had begun sunbathing and having water gun fights.

Principal Munetani stepped onto the bridge, "How is everything up here?"

Akeno smiled, "Fine Ma'am."

"Good, but there's one last thing to do before you set sail, Captain, have the crew assemble in the classroom.

As everyone sat in the classroom, and talked about what they were going to do for their next voyage Mrs. Munetani walked in. The classroom quieted down, when she spoke.

"What do you think of her, girls?" She asked.

Everyone cheered and hollered in excitement, Munetani held up her hand quieting them down, "How many of you noticed that the name holder is empty?"

The girls looked up to the spot where the ship name plaque was held, it was empty, meaning the ship hadn't been named yet. The girls looked at Mrs. Munetani in anticipation, when Akeno raised her hand.

"Yes, Captain Misaki."

"Does this mean we get to name the ship, Ma'am" She asked.

Mrs Munetani smiled, "Yes, you can give this ship whatever name you want. And after all of you have graduated. She will continue to carry the name you gave her."

Their girls began talking amongst themselves, when someone spoke up, "How about the Harekaze II?"

Everyone stopped chatting, and looked around at each other, then everyone began to clap and cheer. Mrs. Munetani couldn't help but smile, "All right, I hereby christen thee the Harekaze II."

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