Father and Son-Resshin

Father and Son- Resshin

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I looked at my two boys

And I see a reflection of myself

My youngest son reflects the helpless side

While my eldest reflects the ugly side of me.

Kurei showed me what a horrible father I had been

I couldn't protect him from harm

I couldn't give him a happy childhood

People bullied him

People looked down at him

And all that I could do was to stand there and do nothing

Because I was the leader of the Hokage

How I hated myself

How I hated my cowardness

I couldn't stand up to that old man

I couldn't fight for his life

I couldn't be his father.

And I blame myself for that

But after all these years

You have grown my son

Though some people think that you are evil

I think otherwise

If you were evil

You would have gotten rid of Recca that night

If you were evil

You would not have bothered to fight for the safety and happiness of your mother

You are a Hokage

You are a flamecaster

You are my son

You are not evil

Recca, you reflect my helpless side

I lost both your mother and you

I couldn't be there for you

I couldn't do much for you

Even though I lived inside of you

I could only watch you grow

I couldn't be there for you

Even though I was your father

The person who offered advice to you wasn't me

The person that helped you wasn't me

The one to comfort you when you were scared wasn't me

The one to tuck you into bed wasn't me

The only thing that I could do was to watch

I can't even touch you

What kind of father am I?

I too have let your mother down

All those years that she spent alone

All those time when she was lonely

I couldn't be there for her

I hated myself for being unable to help.

I couldn't do anything to help ease your burden

I can't even give you my power

Because I can only appear

If you summon all the dragons

I can't even protect you even though I lived inside of you

I wasn't a good father.

But both of you are my hope

You could right my wrong

I lost my hime 400 years ago

And now her life is in both of your hands

I lost my loved one 400 years ago

Don't lose your loved one now.

I couldn't be there for your mothers

Now it is your turn to protect them

I couldn't do much as your father

And I ask for forgiveness

I couldn't be with the two of you

Please forgive me

I wasn't a good father

I have made you suffer

I pray for your forgiveness

I pray that I could be forgiven

I pray that you'd be safe

I pray that one day

We would be together.



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