The headline glared back at her. Wanted. They wanted to throw her in Azkaban.

Because she'd failed to save everyone.

She nursed her now-cold cup of tea as she skimmed the article. Articles like this had been coming out in the last few weeks since the Battle of Hogwarts. So far, nothing had come out of it. Until now.

Now they were calling for her to turn herself in before the Aurors arrested her. So much for being their savior, Harry thought bitterly.

Right after the battle, she'd collected the rest of the money in her trust vault. She still had the Potter and Black vaults to her name, both of which were still rather heaping, even after paying the goblins for the damages she'd accrued in her daring escape with Hufflepuff's cup.

Still though. The money wouldn't be enough to get her by for very long. Especially not now, not if she was actually wanted. If the article was to be believed – and she had no doubts that the Aurors were already searching for her – she wouldn't be able to withdraw any more money.

A crying from the other room made her sigh. Teddy. Poor, orphan Teddy. Harry padded to the next room and scooped the metamorphmagus child up. Andromeda had been unable to care for him given her age and emotional state and – as his godmother – Harry had stepped up. It was one of the last things she'd been able to do before having to disappear from sight. But Teddy was legally hers.

She quickly unbuttoned her shirt and allowed Teddy to latch onto her breast. In a way, Teddy was very lucky. Had the battle gone differently, Teddy would have been fighting with another child for breastmilk. Harry had found out a few months into their horcrux search that she was pregnant. The child had died in the womb during the battle, all because of the way Voldemort aimed his killing curse at her.

It was especially unfortunate that that was the last piece of Fred Weasley in the world, and Voldemort had ended it much like his followers had ended Fred himself.

Ended Fred just like they ended so many of Harry's other important people. Hermione. Colin Creevey. Dobby. Remus. Sirius. Tonks. Her parents. All dead because of Voldemort.

A heavy knocking on the door startled both her and Teddy. Teddy bit down on her nipple hard at the sound, causing Harry to let out a squeak as well. She slid Teddy into her shirt before hastily buttoning him up in it, hand guarding him carefully. She moved towards the door, wand in hand as she did. The knocking sounded once more. Four knocks, then two, then three.


She threw the door open, hiding behind it as she did. The door was pulled from her and shut quickly.

"We need to get you out of here," Severus said without preamble. He was the only one who knew where she was staying – just as she was the only one who knew he was still alive.

"Have they found me?" she asked as she hurried out of the room. She already had a basics back packed with all their money and any essentials they might need. The bag was actually Hermione's originally; Harry had kept it in honor of her late friend. However, it would be nice to pack up the few items they had around the house.

"Yes. It was passed along that they're coming tonight to take you in. You and Teddy," Severus warned her.

"Why Teddy?" Harry asked, feeling horror seep into at his words.

"They've decided he's a half breed and half breeds are no longer accepted. Hagrid's already been escorted to Azkaban," Severus warned her.

"Who's doing all this?" Harry asked. Severus's nose curled up at her words.

"The Minister Council. Percy Weasley, Seamus Finnegan, and a handful of borderline Death Eaters who managed to escape being sent to Azkaban," Severus said in disgust.

"Percy. Are the other Weasley's in support of him?" Harry had to know.

"Molly, Ginny, and Ron seem to be. Charlie, Bill, and George have all but disappeared from the world to grieve Fred," Severus said.

"Where should I go? Do you think Grimmault Place is safe for us?" she asked.

"No. They've already got people set up in the area. Molly knows where it is, just can't access it. So if you show up nearby they'll get you. You need to escape to Muggle London," Severus said grimly.

"Muggle London?" Harry repeated as Severus helped her shove other items into the backpack. The purse could go under her shirt as a safety precaution.

"They'll be scouring the Wizarding World for you. Few of them will think to look in the Muggle world. You'll be safer there," Severus warned her.

"What are you going to do?" Harry asked.

"Hide. I've got a few acquaintances in France. I plan on going there and creating an identity for you. I don't know how long it'll take. Once I have an identity and a full-proof protection down for you, I'll find you," Severus swore.

"How will you find me if I'm hiding from everyone?"

"I will. Don't worry about it," Severus reassured her as he zipped the backpack shut. Harry turned from him, undoing her shirt. Teddy was finished and starting to fuss a bit.

"I can't use my name in Muggle London though. There are muggleborns all over. I'll have to trick people into letting me rent a place and get a job," Harry mused.

"Yes. And you can't enter Diagon Alley at all. They've been setting up wards to track anyone's magical signature who enters. Just keep safe and keep out of sight, and I'll come back for you," Severus promised. Harry bit her lip, glancing down at Teddy.

"Would it be safer for you to take him?" she asked, feeling her heart break as she uttered the words.

"No. He'd be safest with you. I'm going to have to do a lot of careful maneuvering to get into France undetected. If I'd been able to, I'd take the two of you with me," Severus said sadly.

Harry finished burping Teddy and fixed her shirt before turning and wrapping her arms firmly around Severus.

"Thank you. For everything," she breathed.

"It's nothing. Now please. Go. Take this portkey. It'll drop you off in an alley in London. Then wear the necklace every day. It holds a two-way mirror that I can use to contact you. Be safe," he begged.

"I will," Harry promised, slinging the backpack over her shoulder. With Teddy wrapped in a blanket in one arm and her wand and portkey in the other, she gave Severus one last smile.

The world spun.

And crashed.

There was something in the alley she had been portkeyed to. She slammed into it roughly. Her instincts caused her to wrap both arms around Teddy, dropping both her wand and portkey. She landed with a crash, biting back the groan at the feel. She rolled over slightly, glancing up.

A fire escape. She'd crashed right into the metal fire escape someone had left down. Teddy was whimpering but thankfully had not started crying.

Harry pushed herself to her feet, wincing. She must've bruised a few ribs, at best. She took a hesitant step, only to hear a crunch.

With a sinking heart, her eyes flew downwards.

Lying on the ground, her wand was in two pieces.

And the locket with the two-way mirror was in pieces under her foot.

She was stuck in London with no way to get a job, no way to contact Severus, and essentially no identity.

This is my new story. I already have it posted on AO3, but I figured I'd put it up here as well. This is just the prologue. I would like feedback here, to see what people think of it! It's different from what you're expecting - trust me.