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Chapter 7: A Helping Hand

"NOOOOOO!" Roland's voice echoed along the corridor. It seemed that this one scream was what took up the rest of the world, the only sound left for people to be haunted with. Anyone who heard it would have caught the unmistakable fury and shock behind it. But, as it echoed through the corridors and the world beyond it, shaking the Earth, it seemed, like a tidal wave of grief, not a soul but the four inhabitants of that hall could hear it.

Flavio had unsheathed his brother's knife from the pale neck it had been piercing. It was drenched in blood and the blonde Italian brother looked at it like it was a treasure, tilting it this way and that in the light. Below him, Gilbert's body rested in a heap, having fallen to the floor in the pain and fatigue the loss of blood had induced. The sounds of his struggling breath could barely be heard over Luciano's maniacal laughter, who was bent over himself like he had just been told the world's funniest joke.

It didn't take long for the laughing Italian to make his way over to Roland who was still lying on the floor, watching with wide eyes as Gilbert writhed on the ground. His voice was hoarse from the scream he had been bellowing. He couldn't recount how long he had been there, but when Luciano bent over him to watch his pain etched face, a renewed fury replaced his desperation and he spit in the Italian's face.

Rage wiped the grin off of Luciano's features in less than a millisecond and he kicked Roland in the stomach. The dull pain in the nation's back where he had been stabbed flared, but it still seemed like a far away feeling to Roland, as did the strike to his gut he had just received. He struggled to get up, to go to Gilbert across the room and maybe stopper the bleeding in his neck as much as he could, but Luciano pushed him back to the floor. His vision blurred for a second and he feared that this would be the end - that Luciano was tired of playing around with him and would go terrorize his Prussia instead.

Because that is what Luciano would do. He would not kill Roland or even kill Gilbert. His aim was to put Roland through as much agony as he could. Roland desperately blinked his eyelids, trying to eradicate the glazed film that surrounded his vision, but it seemed every time he blinked it only made it worse. He began to panic, seeing an indistinguishable figure approaching the other end of the corridor from Flavio's left. When had Luciano gone over there? Why couldn't Roland see anything? Where was Gilbert?

"No! Don't hurt him!" Roland thrashed around, still watching the approaching shadow. He felt his eyes water, but blinked it away, knowing that knights couldn't very well cry and attempting still to clear his sight. Then Flavio, or the figure he had been suspecting was Flavio, stilled. The knife in his hand that he had still been examining clattered to the floor and another figure that Roland had just caught sight of spun to face him from the other end of the room.

"Flavio?" That blur asked, shock tracing his voice. It was the voice of Luciano… but if that was Luciano then who was…

The figure behind Flavio reappeared as the one in front fell to the floor. Roland's hearing was beginning to grow fuzzy as well, but he strained to hear what the figure said.

It was an arduous task though and he became light-headed through the difficulty of it.

Have to… Roland blinked rapidly… Stay awake… His head knocked against the floor from where he had been attempting to lift it for a better look of the room. The flooring was cool against his cheek and the room became brighter and brighter as he began to black out. What a strange oxymoron there. If he hadn't been panicking over the destiny of the crumpled figure across the room at that moment, he would have found the thought amusing.

But, as the mirrored Austria became distant from reality, he could only hear a strange buzzing in his ears, feel the shaking emotions swirling in his chest, and see the motionless body across from him as the world faded to nothing.

"Roland, wake up!" Someone was shaking him, but his body was slow to respond, "ROLAND!"

He jolted awake, looking around like something had caught on fire or for anything of equal danger. He barely took in anything about the room he was in though, until the voice in front of him shouted again, shaking him with too much force for waking someone up.

"Finally, you lazy ass! Now come on, we need to get going!" The voice belonged to a woman and, as Roland focused, he saw that the delicate face before him had an angry crease to her eyebrows and a worried look in her eyes. Her high ponytail had strands of hair loose from it other than the ones that normally were and she looked quite disheveled.

"Erzsébet?" Roland asked groggily, wondering what was going on, having his mind not caught up with the situation yet.

Erzsébet stood impatiently, planting fists on either side of her waist and glaring down at Roland. Her malice wasn't as strong as it normally was though and she seemed distracted. She glanced behind her for a second then turned back. "It's Gilbert." Her voice shook a little, though her expression did not change, "We don't think he's going to make it."

Roland immediately launched to his feet, the world tilting as these words settled on him. He stepped around Erzsébet to be greeted with the sight of Gilbert on the floor, bleeding profusely from some tightly wound bandages around his neck. His head was in Lutz's lap who was pressing at the wound hesitantly, for the bandages couldn't do their best work when winding them to their tightest extent would only cut off Gilbert's breathing. Lutz seemed unsure as to if his pressing on the wound was hurting the man below him.

A few feet away Kuro was kicking a wall. "DAMN IT!" He shouted to no one in particular, "Dammit dammit dammit!" He shouted every time his foot impacted with the cracking wall. Next to him was a fainted Flavio and, another few feet away, a fainted Luciano. Roland couldn't bring himself to be impressed even when the situation obviously called for it. His attention was on Gilbert who he then raced over to, forgetting his own wounds and everything else.

"Gilbert?" Roland asked the unconscious Prussian below him as he kneeled across from Lutz, "Gilbert!" He nearly shouted this time, only for a hand on his shoulder make him pause.

"He's alive." Erzsébet assured him, "But only just. His breathing is becoming weaker."

Roland wrenched his shoulder from her grip. "We have to do something." He panted, his breath coming in sharp gasps as the situation filled him with hysteria.

"He can't survive in our world, Roland."

"Then we'll take him back to his!" Roland shouted, turning abruptly to face her, rage and a mad look in his eyes.

Erzsébet did not back down, but instead straightened. "And what if we're too late? Is the portal even open? Can we get him there in time before he completely bleeds to death?"

"We have to try!" Roland snarled, head dizzy with the thoughts of every odd stacked against them.

"And what then?" Erzsébet asked, clearly not done, "Say we get there in time. He still isn't a nation! What if this is it? What if he can't hold on anymore? What if this is what happened to Klaus - he couldn't hold onto the world after his dissolution. Gilbert's strong, but for how long can he last here?"

"Don't you dare talk about Klaus." Roland said with contained fury, no longer shouting. "Don't you dare think you can still say his name after you forgot him. After you continued with life as if he had never even been there! I was the only one who remembered before I told you all about the other world! I was the only one who cared before Gilbert came along!"

"I didn't care about Klaus, is that what you think?" Erzsébet was starting to get truly angry, "You think that I didn't mourn his death, that I wouldn't give ANYTHING to have him back?!" Her face was contorted in outrage, tears pricking the corners of her eyes. "I think I should be the one to say 'Don't you dare, Roland Edelstein. Don't you dare think you have any right to say that you were the only one who cared about Klaus because, before you came along, he had so many others who cared about him too.'"

"I knew him when we were both kids - we grew up together. Lutz was his little brother - Klaus loved no one before Lutz. Hell, even Luciano and Flavio cared about Klaus before you even met him! Whatever he was to you or you were to him doesn't just cancel the rest of us out!"

"I carried on because that is what Klaus would have wanted! He wouldn't have wanted any of us to become what you have - to shut ourselves off from the world because he was gone!"

By the time she was done she was breathing heavily. Whether it was an attempt to control her flaring indignation or because all of that shouting had really taken it out of her, Roland didn't know. What he did know was plain and clear though.

Roland straightened. "We have to save Gilbert." He said simply and Erzsébet's eyes filled with some emotion Roland couldn't place because of his blind drive to help Prussia - whether it be Gilbert or Klaus or any other Prussia out there.

After staring Roland down for a few more seconds, Erzsébet spoke to Lutz without even taking her eyes from him. "Lutz, carry Gilbert. We're going to the portal."

Roland nodded once to Erzsébet and went to help Lutz before she grabbed his elbow. She leaned in close and spoke in a low voice. "Your loyalty is your fatal flaw, Roland." She warned, "And you know what they say about fatal flaws…"

"They will be the end of you."

By the time they had arrived at the room where the portal had previously been set, Gilbert was an unnatural shade of white. The paleness of his skin was sickly, whiter than his normal pallid look. The blood loss must have doubled from the travel of the winding corridors and everyone took turns ripping off parts of their clothing to create rags to absorb the copious amounts of blood. Roland wouldn't stop watching the Prussian with worried eyes and Erzsébet viewed this with displeasure. The devotion Roland had to Gilbert -and to Klaus when he had been alive- was rather unhealthy and Erzsébet feared how this would affect the Prussian in the long run.

If Gilbert were to survive, that is. They had to save the former country first in order for Erzsébet's worries about Roland to become of importance. For now, they had more paramount things to consider as of the moment.

"Where's the portal?" Kuro asked when they got there, having been fidgeting the whole way to their destination. Erzsébet was surprised he hadn't kicked a wall since they had departed but suspected she wouldn't have to wait long for another one considering this turn of events. "Where's the fucking portal!" He shouted and smacked the door frame with the palm of his hand.

"Oliver was with the first party, but shouldn't he have left some way for the second party to get through?" Erzsébet asked, eyeing the room for clues. Her search was interrupted though by the voice of someone not in their little Team Gilbert group and she, and everyone else, immediately stooped into fighting stances.

"Oliver isn't the only one with magic in this world though." A dark voice cut in and, in a dark corner of the room, a figure emerged.

"What the hell, Vasska. Why are you murking there like some creeper? Don't you have a life?" Kuro asked, only to receive a wave in reply.

"I go where I'm needed. And it seems where I'm needed is here creating a portal for a group with a member on the verge of death." Vasska said, seeming to be reminding them of the urgency behind their visit. Roland stepped forward.

"Create the portal. Now." He commanded and the Romanian narrowed his eyes.

"I do what I please and that is not in service to you, a magician who cannot do half of the things Oliver, Loki, and I can do."

"How come we got stuck with you, the only moody person of the magic trio…" Roland mumbled. Erzsébet had the feeling he did not speak up fully because he knew he needed the other's help. Vasska was right after all. Roland couldn't create that portal without one of those three.

"I will require payment, of course." Vasska smirked to the others' amazement.

"We're trying to save this guy's life!" Kuro protested, gesturing wildly to Gilbert's form, curled into himself in Lutz's arms.

"And I do not care." Vasska rolled his eyes, "I only helped in the first place to create the link between our worlds because of Oliver's will to do it. I have no care what happens to this other-worlder."

"Why you-" Kuro began to advance on the magician only for Erzsébet to stop him with an arm held out.

"We don't have time for that." She warned Kuro then directed her voice to Vasska, "What is it you want?"

Vasska smirked, "Simple…" Slowly, he turned to face Roland, lips still quirked in their dark grin, "Roland's magic. I want it all."

Roland's jaw slacked and his eyes grew wide. He was speechless.

"Every ounce in and out. Your spellbooks and potions. Wands, artifacts, inborn talent and acquired. I want you to have nothing left."

Erzsébet watched Roland as this demand registered in his mind. Magic, something the nation had had much longer than he had even known Klaus, something he had relied on for practically everything, was the price at stake for Gilbert's life. Erzsébet knew he was desperate, but this desperate? Could he? Could any rational person give up the one thing that had protected him for centuries?

But, then again, Roland was no rational person. Since he had grown attached to Klaus, since he had discovered Gilbert, Erzsébet doubted he could even be considered sane.

"There has to be something else." Erzsébet cut in. She and Roland may have bickered constantly, fought regularly, given each other black eyes and broken bones. They may have been arch enemies, for lack of a better term, but she did not want to see him like this - at his very last whim. It was pathetic to know that he would probably do it.

And do it he did.

"Okay." Roland spoke in a dark voice, one that slightly shook with the weight of this life-altering decision, "You can have it. Have it all. Just create the portal so we can save Gilbert!"

Vasska paused for a moment. He was possibly the most shocked in the room. Lutz and Kuro didn't quite see the extent of this decision for Roland and Erzsébet was already resigned to the fact that Roland was unstable enough to do so. Vasska quickly let the shock slide off of his face. He had never been one to let his emotions show for long.

"Alright then!" Vasska clapped his hands together. "I assume you want to get this over with, so step over here."

Roland's steps seemed heavy, like he was struggling for foothold on the moon. Finally, he was in front of Vasska.

"Get ready." Vasska warned, "Also, I get a binding spell that you'll hand over all your magical items when you get back."

Roland nodded and looked over at Gilbert. Erzsébet knew he must be reminding himself why he was doing this. Somehow, this comforted the Hungarian. This sign that he was having second thoughts showed he wasn't completely blind by his need to protect Prussia. Perhaps he wasn't as insane as Erzsébet thought.

Then he turned back to Vasska and Erzsébet reminded herself not to go soft. Of course he was as insane as she had thought. This was Roland she was talking about.

Then Vasska placed his hands on either side of Roland's head, resting on his temples. Roland glared, but Vasska didn't pay attention to this. Instead, the Romanian closed his eyes and hummed. The room around them hummed in reply, energy crackling like static electricity.

The three other conscious occupants of the room looked about, wary of the magic around them because of their inexperience in the unnatural. They returned their attentions back to the two main attractions when Vasska began to mumble. Because of the noise of the room and the low voice Vasska used, no one but the two magicians could hear what Vasska said, but at one point Erzsébet thought she saw Roland nod to something he said and reply in a mumble of his own.

This must be the promise Vasska mentioned. Erzsébet thought. Then, upon thinking this, the energy of the room seemed to go wild, making as much noise as it could and forming winds around the room that knocked everyone this way and that. Roland and Vasska remained unfazed though.

Then, at the point where Erzsébet was sure she wouldn't be able to hold her ground any longer and knew Gilbert must have been getting worse under the struggling arms of Lutz's hunched figure, the wind completely stopped. The noise around them focused and Erzsébet looked back at the pair in the center of the room in time to watch as Roland was thrown backward with a Pop! Vasska stood for a moment as still as could be then opened his eyes with a genuine smile, though not one that Erzsébet would have liked to ever see again.

"Thank you, Roland." Vasska said, now that the room was silent. With a wave of his hand he let his newly found power open a portal that would have taken minutes of focused silence to create. Erzsébet could see a field with yellow flowers dotting the hillside and hazy grey mountains in the distance. She had no idea where this was or even if it would be where they emerged on the other side, but it reminded her of home. Perhaps this other world wasn't so different after all. "My work here is done." Vasska said and snapped his fingers. He was gone and they were left alone with the portal.

"Heya, Roland." Kuro spoke up, "You alright?"

Erzsébet turned her head towards the Austrian to see that he was shakily picking himself up off the ground. She frowned as Roland lost his balance and fell again to the floor.

"Uuummm…" Kuro spoke up again, "Maybe someone should help him?"

Erzsébet looked around and sighed. "Fine." She growled and stalked off to help the Austrian. "I'm helping you but I'm not happy about it."

When Roland attempted to snarl at her, Erzsébet saw just how weak the nation was. He was almost as pale as Gilbert and he could barely stand on his feet even with assistance. He had to heal, but the only way he could do that was in this world. He would be useless in the other.

"Roland-" She started only to be cut off by Roland's hand in front of her face.

"Don't-" The Austrian started to say only to wince from the effort. He breathed, then finished, "...say it." His eyes were clenched shut and his teeth were glued together to keep him from, what Erzsébet had deduced, screaming.

"You idiot. You won't be any help to him in this state." Erzsébet argued.

"I won't help him from here either." Roland ground out through a tight jaw. "Why do you care anyway? Let's go through and save Gilbert!"

"You'll only drag us down, you idiot. Besides, if you die I won't have anyone's ass to kick." Erzsébet answered angrily. How could someone just throw away their life like that? She cared about Gilbert too, but, damn, Roland was just irrational. There was no way he could do anything in the state he was in -it would only slow them down.

"Find someone else's ass to kick!" Roland argued.

"Like hell!" Erzsébet exclaimed back.

The two continued to stare each other down and bicker until Lutz stepped in, holding the limp form of the man they had come all this way for -that they had done all of this for. "We must go through the portal." Lutz said, "Now."

Roland stared at Erzsébet one last time then nodded his head in agreement with Lutz. Erzsébet stayed silent, watching the two in their consensus. She knew Lutz didn't care one way or the other if Roland accompanied them but it still felt like a betrayal. Lutz stepped towards the portal and, without stopping to see what the others would do, disappeared within. Erzsébet watched Roland follow them with wide eyes. She could see his desperation to follow after.

Roland would die if he went. From the loss of his magic here or from protecting Gilbert over there, the odds were against Roland and Erzsébet knew she couldn't let him accompany them. So, she watched as Kuro followed after Lutz and also disappeared into the portal then Erzsébet dropped Roland, letting him support his own weight which eventually drained him and caused him to crumple to the floor.

"She-devil!" Roland cursed her and she looked away, already making her way towards the portal. If Roland couldn't walk on his own, what business did he have for following them into a world where they were mortal and he could not heal at the rate of a country? If he couldn't follow on his own, he had no right to protect Gilbert in this other world.

Erzsébet strode towards the portal, listening to the shouts of indignation from the Austrian behind her. Her heart almost hurt for the nation, but she knew that had to be impossible. Even when she thought about it - that Roland had lost Klaus, his magic, certainly his sanity (so Erzsébet thought) and now he probably thought he would lose Gilbert too - Erzsébet knew she couldn't actually be sympathizing with this nation whom she had been foes with for centuries.

So, without a backward glance, Erzsébet left the shadow of the nation she was saving for whatever reason and, as she walked through the portal, she pretended not to hear his wails.

Every caster has their own way of making portals to the other side of their world. In Oliver's case the portal acted as a general place where the group could land and then proceed to find what or who they were looking for using their own methods. In Vasska's case, however, his portal acted as a kind of magnet towards his travelers.

In other words, Kuro and company landed near to where their counterparts could be found. In a much shorter version, they were now separated from each other.

In a very much shorter version, they were screwed.

"What the fuck?! I'm in Japan?!" Kuro shouted at no one in particular when he saw a glimpse of Tokyo tower from where he was standing. It was a small blessing that he was standing alone in an alleyway at night. "Wait I'm Japan. Shit! I'm inside of my counterpart's country!" but if he would not lower his voice then sooner or later someone from the neighborhood would surely send the cops on him. That was not his first priority though so he could care less about it.

"Hmm…" he thought for a moment as he tried to assess the situation. Sadly, he remembered the last words he just said, "Huh, inside my counterpart. Now that is something I didn't expect for me to say. That sounds really inappropriate." despite his words Kuro was smirking in his own creepy way but his current problem stopped him from continuing his thoughts, "Ugh! Now is not the time to take down the dirty mind route!...I wonder if I can do the nation hop thing here…"

It might not be that obvious in Kuro's expression since he was one of the personifications with the weirdest mood swings but right now he was really concerned for their kidnapped/rescued albino. Sure, the reason he joined the 'Team Awesome' was to pissed off Luciano and to get back at the Northern Italian from all the worst shenanigans he had pulled off on Kuro during the WWII. Also Kuro just really hates Luciano's bossy attitude. Until now Kuro was still mad for not being the leader during their axis days.

When Kuro met Gilbert for the first time he thought the albino was just another oblivious idiot from the 1P world. His opinion drastically changed though when Kuro accidentally spilled that the other 2Ps visited Gilbert's world for some needed judgment day towards their own counterparts.

Oh, the sinister glare that Gilbert sent to everyone that time when he was demanding answers. The ex-nation was prepared to lash out only to fall back immediately to sleep when Roland blew a yellow dust straight to Gilbert's face.

Something tugged on Kuro's nerves when he saw the conviction in those ruby eyes. The look that says 'give me the answers I need or I swear I will make your life a personal hell created by me'. It was something that Kuro used to see from the others from his own world but never from Klaus. Yeah, Kuro and Klaus were not really close compared to Luciano's and Flavio's relationship with the eldest Beilschmidt but from the brief time they had interacted and from the stories of others, Kuro was 100% sure that Klaus never had such an expression painted on his face. Or at least not very similar to the one that Gilbert gave to Roland.

"Ano…excuse me but may I ask you to stop creating such a loud ruckus? You are disturbing the neighborhood."

Kuro turned around when he heard the voice talking to him (he was sure they were asking him because he was the only one making the said disturbance) only to come face to face with his counterpart wearing his indoor clothing.

"Oh…" was the only thing Kiku managed to say when he saw the face of the man he was asking to be quiet seconds ago.

"Oh, indeed." Kuro smirked a bit before moving. In such a short amount of time he was pinning Kiku on the ground with the sharp end of katana just a few millimeters away from his throat, "Now, I need you to be the submissive little shit that you always are and take me to Germany."

Precautions never hurt anyone after all.

Elizaveta had never been shamed to this extent in her entire life. There was an unspoken rule among their kinds that even if they were in war the female nations would be respected as much as possible. The reason was there were only a minimum number of females in their own kind and they did not want to take their chances. Also, who said that chivalry was already dead? Even Prussia himself was not that rough when she faced him in battles compared to when the albino was fighting against Austria.

But now? Now this woman who bears such a scary resemblance to her and strapped her on a chair with minimum amount of fabrics to cover her body? Elizaveta was not very happy.

And how could this woman in front of her move with such agility while wearing that frilly attire? Did each frill have a hidden weapon inside? She would not be surprised if that was the case for her enemy just pulled out a lot of blades that could rival Natalya's.

"As much as I would like to make you suffer further I am in a hurry here. So for both of our sakes, I need you to take me to Germany."

"Huh, and what makes you think I will help you? You just attacked me minutes ago."

Wrong answer.

She was not able to stop the scream that escaped her mouth when two sharp objects found a place deep within her thighs. To show no mercy further the woman who was having a grand time hurting her twisted the knives making much deeper wounds.

"Did I say I was asking? Oh, I'm sorry sweetie, it seems you are much of an idiot than I initially thought."

Pulling the small knives without care was twice painful compared to when it was embedded.

"I can go to Germany in my own actually but I need an insurance that I will get what I want once I get there."

"So…I am…your hostage…" Elizaveta managed to say in between ragged breathes.

"Exactly! See? You're getting our situation here!" the woman smiled with sickening joy in her tone, "Also, you have a much stronger connection in this world than me. But one wrong move and I will kill you."

"In case you don't know…I'm…immortal…"

"Oh, I am aware of that." Elizaveta received an amused face from her attacker, "Also I'm one of the few beings that can kill you permanently if I wanted too. I'm your counterpart after all!"


Torturing her counterpart was not in the priority list of Erzsébet actually when she landed in the other world. But when she specifically landed just outside of her counterpart's bedroom and saw the other Hungary humming happily while holding a picture of the Austria of this world she just saw red.

Being in a place faraway from Gilbert to help and adding the fact that there was still a lingering feeling she wanted to get rid off when she left Roland…it just all add up and she finally snapped.

How could this woman be so happy when Gilbert was now close to death's door?

How could she be content playing to be the perfect housewife?

How could she love the Austria of this world when the man himself only used the word 'marriage' just to protect his own lands?

Maybe it was not true when she said that she could kill this world's Hungary anytime for Erzsébet was her counterpart.

Maybe it was true, Erzsébet was not sure for she hasn't tried it before but now? She was willing to try.

But first things first, she needed to get where Gilbert was and help them. She had this nagging feeling that Luciano and Flavio would find a way to chase after them.

Erzsébet didn't trust Lutz to be able to defend their injured-close-to-death member of 'Team Awesome' against the Italian Brothers (which were both out for blood). Also, if her conclusion was right, Kuro was not with them.

Erzsébet has a certain Romanian to kill once all of this fiasco was over.

They…they left him? They left him…just like that? They…they just tossed him aside when he was the one who paid for their ride? A very expensive price but he still had paid nonetheless just to save Gilbert.

Why was this happening to him? He failed.

He failed.

He failed.

He failed. Again.

First he had failed to protect Klaus and now he had failed to protect Gilbert?

History always repeats itself.

He didn't hear his own wails, he didn't feel how much his throat burns from all the shouting he was making, and he didn't feel the ache on his knuckles when he kept pounding the floor. He just screamed and screamed and screamed. All the miseries, all the failures, all this crushing and numbing glasses that pierced his heart…all of it was just released like a broken dam. Poisonous water came pouring out and nothing at the moment could stop it.

He was useless now, without magic he was as useless as his counterpart who always relies to the help of his allies.

Roland was so useless and he could not do anything.

He knew that the she-devil was right in leaving him behind but he still resented her in doing so. Roland was prepared to die in order to save Gilbert.

Oh god… what if it was too late? What if even though Gilbert was now in his own world the inflicted wound was fatal enough to kill him?

Why did he allow Gilbert to have such freedom in the first place? He should have just locked Gilbert in his own mansion, that way Roland could prevent the Italian Brothers from attacking his 'Princess'. Like the story of Rapunzel, he should have just hide Gilbert in a faraway tower where no one could reach him.

That's right…he should have just trapped Gilbert somewhere that he could call a safe sanctuary.

But…it was already too late now.

The worst thing that could happen was for Gilbert to finally meet his end.

How did this mess started? Roland had no answer for it anymore. He was slowly…so slowly…losing his own mind.

Maybe there was a supreme being who took pity on him after all for when he shifted his position and stared brokenly at the ceiling he suddenly heard a body hitting the ground. Yes, Roland knew how a human body sounds when it hit the ground, next time you should ask him how a human bodied sound when being pierced by countless bullets.

"Hi, Roland!" Loki, one of the members of magic trio and the Nordic five, peered down at him with a goofy smile and covering his view of the ceiling.

"Oh…hi, Loki." He giggled, giggled, from the listless response he got from Roland. How could Denmark stay sane while having Loki in the same house? Simple, lots of meditation and coffee. Also, quick reflexes helped because Loki just adores pulling pranks with the help of Sweden.

"So, so, Roland~ a little birdie told me you got in an unfair exchange a few minutes ago~"


"Damn you Loki! Get me out of these infernal chains this instant!"

Didn't Vasska left them already? Looking to the side, Roland saw the magician who required his magic as payment for a portal bound in…well chains wrapped around his body. When Vasska kept spouting curses towards Loki was the moment Roland saw that Denmark was with them and pressed a foot down on Vasska's lungs.

"Now, now, Vasska~ You have been a naughty kid~" Loki straightened his back only to bend forward again in order to look down at the chain bound nation on the floor, "We have to set things right before it's too late you know?~"

"G-gah! Get your damn foot off me!"

Denmark just rolled his eyes and put more pressure making Vasska to squirm in pain, "Oi, Norge, can we make this quick? I still have a lot of things to do."

"Hm…Okay!" Loki started petting Vasska's head as if he was a cat throwing a temper tantrum, "You see, Vasska, what you did earlier really upset the balanced of magic distribution."

"You…gah! Will you let go!" Vasska gave a hateful glare towards Loki (who was still smiling like an innocent child), "You have no proof of what I have done."

"Ahaha! Silly Romania, you always have the funniest jokes."

Loki's right hand started to fumble on the chains and every place that his skin passes by emits a faint blue glow that Roland later realized were runes written in Norway's old language. The more runes started glowing and the brighter it got was the more Vasska's features started to get paler, as in sickly close to death pale.

"Stop that! Are you trying to—gah!—kill me?!"

"Just want to make a point~" Loki giggled again. Why did he keep giggling? Sometimes he was worse than Oliver. After that the human personification of Norway resumed on petting Vasska's head.

"Oliver asked me to keep an eye out in this building in case something happened. He feared that a naughty Romanian might take an advantage if worse comes to worst. And now we are here! Also, did you really think I will not notice you stealing Austria's magical abilities?" He made this sound like he was scolding a child who was caught thieving a cookie from the jar, "Remember Vasska~ Magic is similar to alchemy~ we should follow equivalent exchange!"

At this, Vasska tried to appear confident, "Too late, you can't make me return to him what I have taken, unless I give it back willingly."

"Hm, you're really funny!"

"Romania, if I were you I will just follow what Norway wants you to do."

In truth, no one really knows the extent of Norway's powers. Well, no one besides from the Nordics, even Oliver and Vasska had no idea how powerful Loki could be. For Denmark to say such an ominous advice…it was enough to make Romania to be cautious of his next words to speak…or maybe Denmark was just itching to go back from what he was doing before.

Still, it was better to take the risk. At least that was what Romania told himself.

"Heh, what would you do to me if I say 'no'?" it was clear that Romania was trying to appear strong despite all the pain slowly being inflicted upon his body.

"Let's see~" Loki pondered with a sing song voice, "I can always try to douse you with sulfuric acid! Or, I can let my fairies do what they want to you! Although you know my fairies are not the good type unlike the ones who always hang out with Oliver~ But I doubt physical harms will make you do what we want. So~" Loki tilted his head to the side, almost appearing as if his neck was snapped from the bone, his eyes turned a glowing red, and his mouth was wide open and showing something aching to a smile albeit it was not in the intent of making someone comfortable.

"I can just control your mind, body, and soul~"