NOTE: Not sure what you guys think about Misha. Hope you like this final chapter.


The castle was busy with goblin servants cleaning and changing out Jareth's old emblems for Misha's new ones. They glanced at the covered man, but no one stopped him. It was odd enough to make Jareth's flesh crawl with anxiety. He quietly made his way to the throne room. A few ogres lurked about at the throne room pit, but they were busy talking with each other.

Jareth slipped past the throne room, thankful for going unnoticed by the few ogres and trolls in the castle, and began feeling for magic. It was one of the most basic abilities for anyone who possessed magic abilities. Jareth held his hand out from under the brown drop cloth and walked until he felt the slight tingle at his fingertips that signalled foreign magic.

He wasn't overly surprised that it would be in his endless room; those from Aboveground occasionally refered to it as the Escher Room. Jareth put his gloved hand on the heavy door and pushed.

The room beyond had changed. There were no longer stairs and doorways. It was simply a small ballroom in burgundy, lit by candles. Jareth let his brown drop cloth fall to the floor quietly as he watched Misha forcefully twirl Holly about the room to some old tune. Jareth frowned at them and let anger cross his face. With soft, cat-like movements, Jareth took one of the many candlesticks, pinching out the flame, and held it at his side.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything" Jareth said. The music carried on, but Misha and Holly stopped abruptly. Misha sneered at Jareth and stepped towards him.

"Jareth" Misha growled. He noted the bloody area at Jareth's side and hoped that it was deep enough to stall his foe. "Aren't you dead yet?"

"I am not easy to kill" Jareth replied. "You, on the other hand, will be exceptionally easy to be rid of."

Misha gestured with his hands, forming a half dozen crystals that swirled before him. He made a large gesture, sending them hurdling towards Jareth. Jareth's ability to make simple bubbles came in handy, allowing him to bring the crystals to a halt. Misha watched the crystals and Jareth took advantage of the momentary advantage. The candlestick swung and connected with Misha's temple. The hit laid him on the ground. Jareth hit him again and again with the heavy candlestick until his face was bloody and his body unmoving.

Jareth retreived his pendant and stepped away from Misha. "Every new person watches the crystals."

He felt his magic returned to him as soon as he put the pendant on. He felt whole and he felt more powerful than before. With a long wave, Jareth made Misha disappear. He then turned to Holly, who was watching with wide eyes.

"Dancing with the enemy?" Jareth asked.

Holly swallowed before answering. "He forced me to dance-I thought you were dead."

"If I hadn't reacted, I probably would be" Jareth replied. He looked at her green dress. It wasn't terrible. "Are you alright?"

Holly's bottom lip twitched and she nodded. She burst into tears and she lunged forward, hugging Jareth. "I'm so sorry! I don't know why I did that to you. It's like I couldn't stop myself."

Jareth pushed her away and tried not to look too appalled at her actions. He passed his hand over her face and felt a slight tingle. He dissolved the magic. "I think you'll be fine now."

"You're not angry?" Holly asked.

"It was not the most ideal way to get myself here, but your presence here allowed me to get rid of Misha" Jareth replied. "We will just call us even."

"Where did you send him?" Holly asked.

"To a particularly nasty bog" Jareth answered. Jareth took her hand and pulled her out of the room. "Let's get things back to normal around here."

As soon as they stepped out of the room things began to change. Goblins spotted their rightful king and turned on any nearby ogres and trolls. With the way goblins talked, it took nearly no time at all for the entire Goblin City to be in a full riot. Jareth had pulled Holly to the throne room. Dispatching of the few ogres in the pit was nothing for Jareth. Crystals hit them and carried them out of the large throne room windows. Jareth formed a large viewing crystal and kept an eye on the events going on in the city below.

"It's a war out there" Holly said in awe. A goblin in make-shift armor ran into the throne room.

"Your Highness!" The goblin cried out. He saluted. "Orders, sir!"

"Send in those blasted Redcaps! Tell them, no holds barred" Jareth ordered. The goblin bowed and ran out of the room. Jareth sunk into this throne and watched. As soon as the hideous Redcaps entered the battle, the death toll grew and the intruders were stopped.

"I can't believe all the blood and death" Holly finally said. It was like a car wreck that you just couldn't look away from. She watched as two Redcaps, named for their blood red skullcaps, removed the head of a large troll and dredged their caps in the mess. She felt a little sick and stepped away from the crystal. "What happens now?"

"I will rebuild my kingdom and restore it to it's former glory" Jareth replied. He watched as a few goblins were taken down by ogres, only for the ogres to be taken down by the Redcaps. He shifted in his throne, sitting upright and facing Holly. "I suppose you wish to go home?"

"I...yes. I wish to go home" Holly said. Jareth easily formed a crystal that turned into a vial of pink liquid. He handed it Holly.

"Drink that and you will find yourself back home" Jareth replied. "I appreciate your efforts here, Holly."

"Will I ever see you again, King Jareth?" Holly asked. Jareth smiled and stood up.

"I am Jareth, Goblin King and Ruler of the Labyrinth" Jareth told her. "If you wish to see me again-" Jareth took the vial from Holly and opened it for her, urging her to drink. "Simply wish away an unwanted child."

Holly nearly choked on the liquid in horror. "What? A child?"

"Nothing is ever as it seems" Jareth told her. His voice faded. The room faded to black. Holly felt as if she were terribly tired and floating in a warm pool of bathwater.

Holly woke up chilled and stiff. She pushed herself up from the dirt trail and found that she was at the stump where she had started. It was dark and it smelled like rain. Holly plopped onto the stump, confused. She was surprised to find that she wasn't in the green dress, perhaps more relieved than surprised.

"Sorrell?" Holly called out. She shook her head and stood up, making her way down the trail. She made around the bend and found her coat hanging from a branch. She snatched it down and plunged her hands into the pockets. Her keys, her knife, and her flashlight were all there. She pulled the coat on and hurried down the trail. "Thanks."

Holly hurried to her vehicle. She wasn't sure what had happened.

What a night.

From somewhere above her an owl hooted and watched her until she was tucked away in her vehicle.