Ok, with ME Warlord done, I now have a new slot to add a new story! These are the ones that I have, so the one with the most votes gets written. But I will ask you all to vote for two in case the first one doesn't get much traction.

Halo Warlord:

The Chief wakes up from cryo after Halo 3 to discover the UNSC is gone.

C&C the return of Yuri:

Three commanders come together to stop a threat that only they can see.

Warlords of Borderlands:

Maya didn't die in B3 (seriously WTF she was a way better character) but gets transported to an alternate world where a war has enveloped the six galaxies and no one has heard about the Vaults.

Fable (Name yet to be decided):

Novelisation of the three fable games, my take on them.

Avatar Warlord:

Korra get's thrown overboard as she tried to head for Republic city, only to end up frozen for 50 years and the world getting turned on its head.

N7 Avatar:

After being asked by someone to travel to another world, Korra returns to her world with no memory of being the Avatar.

Star Wars Warlord:

After being trapped in carbonite for 20 years, Anakin, Obi-wan and Ashoka have to navigate a galaxy run by power hungry warlords.