Our Legacy - Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters nor profit from their use - I merely toy with them for my own amusement.
Summary: A gate accident strands Jack and Sam in the year 2034, when the SGC is under the command of General Samantha Carter. But all is not as it seems, and to get home, they first need to save the world.

Jack was trying really, really hard not to scowl at how close Narim was standing to Carter. It wasn't like she was encouraging the Tollan man after all, and he couldn't really fault the guy for his taste. But was it really necessary for him to walk them to the gate and then get right into Carter's personal space to say goodbye, all puppy-dog eyes and bleeding-heart adoration? For crying out loud, they were only going home for a few hours!

Daniel and Teal'c hadn't even bothered coming to see them off. Jack and Sam were just needed back for a quick briefing with Hammond, and then they would return and continue the informal discussions they were having with the Tollan council about an alliance.

He sighed inwardly and turned away, staring up at the gate. Being of Tollan construction rather than the usual Ancient fare, it was slightly different in appearance, with a thinner frame and sleeker design, the material a paler hue of grey. He knew it was a trick of the eye, but the thinner ring made it look from below as though the top was further away than usual, and spared a thought to wonder if it would matter if it was slightly bigger or smaller.

He heard Carter laugh, her diplomatic laugh rather than a genuine one, and turned to see her extract herself from Narim's attentions with her usual polite grace.

"We won't be long." He said to Narim. "Keep the lights on for us."

Narim inclined his head with a smile, and attended to Tollana's version of a DHD. The wormhole blossomed to life, and Jack gave Narim a half wave in farewell as he keyed in his iris code on his wrist-mounted GDO.

"Thank you, Narim. We'll be back soon." He heard Carter say, and she fell into step beside Jack as he headed for the gate.

"Do you think they're serving dinner in the commissary yet?" Jack asked just as they reached the event horizon.

They stepped into the gate, and the cold, wrenching, rushing sensation of gate travel absorbed him for a moment, before ejecting him on the other side onto the SGC's ramp.

"I think they –" Sam's reply to his question was abruptly cut short when she noticed the multitude of weapons pointed at them.

"What's with all the ordnance?" Jack asked loudly in the general direction of the control room. He could see technicians in there through the glass, but no Hammond.

The left door to the gate room slid laboriously open, and there was a sound of high heels on the concrete floor, before a tall woman in dress blues appeared through the sea of armed airmen.

"Identify yourselves." She ordered crisply. Jack's mouth dropped open, and he heard Sam gasp beside him.

Because the woman in front of him was 5'9, with eyes the colour of an active stargate, and – although clearly well into her sixties – had a face he'd recognise anywhere, at any age.


This was certainly not the first time Sam had come face to face with herself since joining SG-1 four years ago, but it was the first time they hadn't at least looked the same age when it happened.

The older Sam – Lt. General Samantha Carter by the look of the three stars on each of her shoulders - was looking at them both with deep suspicion.

"I said, identify yourselves." She ordered again.

"What, you don't recognise us?" Jack asked incredulously, earning him a glare from the General.

"Major Samantha Carter, US Air Force." Sam responded to the General's request, frowning. "And this is Colonel Jack O'Neill. But then you already knew that, didn't you?"

"You're from the past?" General Carter asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Funny, I was about to ask you the same thing." Jack said. He turned to Sam. "Carter?"

Sam tore her gaze away from her sixty-something year old doppelganger and glanced around the gate room. There were differences, now she stopped to look. The décor had been updated somewhat, the airmen currently taking aim at them were holding weapons she couldn't immediately identify, and their uniforms were unfamiliar.

"I think we've travelled to the future, sir."

"I thought after our jaunt in 1969 we fixed the gate protocols so we wouldn't accidentally time travel again?"

"We fixed our gate." Sam explained. "And the Ancient's gates have protocols of their own to prevent it, but we just came through the gate the Tollan built."

"You've gated here from Tollana?" General Carter asked. "What year are you from?"

"2000." Jack answered. "Why, what year is it here?"


Jack gave a low whistle. "Any chance you can send us back?"

General Carter shook her head, perplexed. "I wouldn't know where to begin."

She seemed to suddenly realise that the airmen were still aiming their weapons, and gestured for them to lower them. "Stand down."

"When we travelled too far into the future after leaving 1969, Cassandra met us here and sent us back with a handheld device." Sam said. "That was June 30th, 2049. I don't suppose you have that device yet, do you?"

General Carter shook her head. "No, not yet."

"Can you predict solar flares?" She tried again.

"Not with the degree of accuracy you'd need to travel back to your time, no."

Sam took a deep breath and sighed. The colonel looked at her and raised his eyebrows. "Carter?"

"We're stuck here, sir."