Genres: Humor, Family, Friendship, Hurt & Comfort.

Characters: Izuku. And pretty much everyone else at some stage as well.

Warning: Somewhat crackish, possible OOC, some swearing/cursing/cussing.

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01 – When befriending an insane man-child, don't forget to bring cupcakes!

The building didn't stand out all that much, being somewhat new but also a little rundown at the same time– a small apartment complex with two stories of which the first floor was almost completely taken up by the landlord's personal choice of business and hangout –a bar? – along with one living area. The apartments were small, one roomed and clearly not of the expensive kind. Yet they were also well-kept and welcoming.

This was the place one Midoriya Izuku would be living in from that day forth and the fourteen-year-old couldn't help but gulp nervously as he stood outside the building, the entrance of the bar area in front of him. From what his mother had told him, the boy would find his new landlord on the other side of the door and he felt obliged to meet and thank them for allowing him to stay without having met prior.

Throat dry Izuku gulped and shifted nervously, mindful of the large container he held uncomfortably in both of his hands as he let determination drown out his worries. He was going to become a Hero! Having started his training with All Might just a month earlier his body ached, but he was still determined to inherit One for All and become a Hero.

But before that –before he could meet up with All Might at the junk-covered beach– he was going to introduce himself to his new neighbours if anyone was there and give them the batch of cupcakes his mom had baked before she sent him off with a tearful smile to live on his own.

Pushing open the door with his shoulder and entering the bar Izuku looked around –definitely a bar–, taking in the silent surroundings while heading over to the counter.

The only other person in the bar was a man with grey hair, red eyes and Izuku couldn't help but worry about the state the man's face and lips were in. It must hurt, he realised, a lot. . . He made a mental note to look into something that'd help the man. Perhaps his mom would know some kind of product for chapped lips? He'd have to ask when he called her in the evening.

"Who are you?"

The voice held malice –it was worse than with Kacchan!–, sounding bored and more than slightly insane and Izuku couldn't help but jump in fright as he realised the question was directed at him. A large part of his mind pleaded for him to get far away from the speaker as possible.

But no, he couldn't run! He was going to become a hero and heroes don't run from their –most likely– new neighbour just because of a few simple words and something in their gut telling them to make a run for it because shit this man is dangerous. Or maybe they did? No- Izuku had never heard of a hero running from their neighbours under such circumstances.

So, rather than doing what every fibre of his currently Quirkless being was telling him to do, Izuku shakily –hesitantly– put the container in his hands down on the counter, taking a seat next to the man and gave the biggest, brightest (and freaking adorable) smile he could in attempt to mask his fear.

"I-I'm Midoriya Izuku," he introduced with as much confidence he could muster, "I just moved here today so I was hoping to meet the landlord and the other people who live here and- ah! I forgot to ask your name."

The man stared for a moment, seemingly bewildered at the way Izuku was smiling so kindly –so innocently– at him even though it was obvious that the boy was afraid. It was unusual for anyone to behave in such a way around him.

It took a short while with Izuku growing more and more nervous, but eventually the man spoke.

"Shigaraki Tomura. . ."

Izuku beamed at his words before opening the container on the counter. "Shigaraki-san, w-would you like a cupcake? My mom made them."

Tomura accepted the Butterfly Cupcake wordlessly. After all, it wasn't every day someone would offer him a cupcake- let alone with the innocent smile Izuku was giving him. Him!

Kurogiri had seen quite a few things in his villainous life as a bartender. He had also seen a lot of how one Shigaraki Tomura behaved, knowing just how much the mentally unstable man-child was. . . well. . . A mentally unstable man-child.

As such, when he walked out of the storage room and saw said mentally unstable man-child talking with some overly cheerful kid sitting next to him –although it seemed as though the boy was doing most of the talking– while also munching on a cupcake, it was safe to say Kurogiri almost fainted from the shock. A part of his mind wondering if his Warp could send him into alternate dimensions- no, his Quirk couldn't do something like that.

On closer inspection, Kurogiri noticed the resemblance the boy held with the woman he had interacted with no more than three times –Inko if he remembered correctly–.

Ah, so this is her son then. He realised. Midoriya Izuku.

Honestly, Kurogiri was at a loss on what to do in the current situation. Introduce himself to the boy, most likely, but Izuku was so absorbed in his conversation with Tomura –Tomura! – and both seemed to genuinely enjoy the conversation they were having. He didn't want to interrupt the two.

Thankfully, after a quick glance in his direction, Tomura alerted the boy to Kurogiri's presence before taking another cupcake from a container while Izuku turned his attention to the bar owner/landlord.

"You're Kurogiri-san, right?" Without waiting for a reply Izuku continued speaking, scratching his cheek nervously as he did so, "I'm Midoriya Izuku, I just moved in today- oh, but you'd already know that! I wanted to say 'hi' and thank you for letting me stay here and my mom made cupcakes for you but Tomura and I ate most of them and-" Suddenly, Izuku halted in his rant, standing up as his eyes widened in realisation. "I'm sorry," the boy apologised with a slight bow, "I just remembered that I need to meet up with someone."

Kurogiri seemed to nod in understanding. "That's fine, it was nice to meet you Midoriya. I hope to see you again?"

"Ah, yes!" Izuku nodded, "It was nice to meet you too, and Tomura as well."

Tomura rolled his eyes, smiling his haunting smile as Izuku left in a hurry to wherever he had to go- the boy waving as he exited the bar, seemingly not all that disturbed by the smile directed at him.

Kurogiri opted to ignore the man-child as Tomura pulled a hand –his father's hand– out of his pocket before resting it so it covered most of his face. He couldn't, however, ignore what Tomura said next, nor the overprotective tone he spoke in;

"I think I have a little brother now."

It took a moment for the words to sink in but when they did Kurogiri's mind short-circuited from the shock, his last thought being: Well, the kid is adorable.

01 – When befriending an insane man-child, don't forget to bring cupcakes!: End

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