Warning: This chapter contains excessive amounts of a certain swear/curse/cuss word.

05 – It's cruel

Hanabi Seikadara* was just the common thug with little-to-no noble reason for living in this shitty world. It was as though he and his group were less than side-characters in someone else's oh-so-lovely fairy tale. He was just one of many who had lived a life full of dark and shitty clichés.

Shitty appearance? Check. His efforts in a tough-appearing body were destroyed by the colourful sparks and mini fireworks created by his shitty Quirk.

Shitty childhood? Check. Apparently having fluorescent sparks come out of your body was a shitty and dangerous thing. At least he had learnt how to control it to some extent by the time he was a teen.

Shitty wife leaving him because of his shitty anger issues and swearing problem?

Fuuuuucking check.

That basically summed up his thirty seven years of living. Shitty. So, so, so shitty. And really, it was no surprise that a guy as shitty as himself had ended up as some kind of shitty gang boss.

It did come as a surprise when he and his gang had ended up being approached –recruited, no less!– by some apparently powerful yet secret villain organisation. Really, why would anyone want to recruit someone as shitty as him?

But in the end it didn't matter why they were recruited- they had been guaranteed protection from the law in exchange for their full cooperation. Which, given their fear of pro-heroes, was more than enough to make them all agree.

Such was the shitty reason for Seikadara's current location. Sitting in a small bar that was seemingly hidden on the first floor of a shitty apartment building and drinking a beer the recruiter –Kurogiri, wasn't it? He hadn't really been paying all that much attention when the man had introduced himself– had served him.

The world was shitty, but at least the beer was good, it helped him forget all the shitty things in life.

The two sat quietly, Seikadara waiting to be introduced to the –most likely shitty– leader of the organisation that now basically owned him and his group. Hearing the door open he looked up, attempting to put on his most terrifying expression as he forced his Quirk to go out, intent on leaving a shitty impression on the one he assumed was the leader.

When a kid with not-so-shitty green hair walked in, a smile on his face as he sat down a few barstools away, Seikadara froze in shock.

A. . . an adorable kid like this was the leader. . . ? No, that couldn't be it. . . Working with them, then? Being forced to work with them? Bribery? Threats? A hostage? Shit, that's shitty.

If there was one thing Seikadara hated, it was children being forced into villainy. He had a daughter, after all. A daughter that had run off with his shitty wife, admittedly, but a daughter no less. He still loved her and the thought of her smiles kept him going.

"The U.A entrance exam is next week. . . What should I do, Kurogiri-san?"

Seikadara blinked, processing the child's anxiety filled words as he clenched his fists. Were they using this radiant, innocent, adorable, completely-not-shitty boy as a way to infiltrate the hero ranks?

"I'm sure you'll do fine, Izuku. You've put a lot of effort into preparing for this, you'll make a great hero." Kurogiri. . . encouraged!?

Seikadara glanced between the apparently aspiring hero and villainous bartender. Wait- so the child –Izuku?– really didn't seem like he was being forced to do anything. And. . . Kurogiri was encouraging Izuku to become a hero?

"What. The. Shit?" He couldn't prevent the words from leaving his shitty mouth as he stared at the two in complete, utter, confusion.

Izuku looked at him in slight surprise before smiling, seemingly not noticing his 'intimidating' and shitty aura as the boy moved over to sit next to him.

"Are you a friend of Kurogiri-san's? I'm Midoriya Izuku, it's nice to meet you."

Seikadara nodded dumbly, feeling a warning, insane and shit I'm dead if I say something wrong glare directed at him as soon as someone else entered the bar.

"Ha. . . Hanabi Seikadara." He managed to stutter as a red-eyed glaring man made his way over to them, grabbing Izuku's attention slightly before the child turned back to him.

Izuku smiled, seemingly oblivious to the silent glares of death Seikadara was getting from both Kurogiri and the other man. Shit, the insane-looking guy was probably the leader –Shigaraki Tomura or something like that, right?–

"Ah, Tomura-nii!"

Yup, definitely the leader, Seikadara realised as he wiped the nervous sweat from his forehead.

. . . Wait. 'Tomura-nii'? Was Izuku his new 'boss's' younger brother or something? He hadn't been told anything about relatives beforehand, and the child had a different last name. . . Shit. What in the name of fucking shit was going on?

"Kurogiri-san, Tomura-nii and I are going to get some Take-Out. Would you like anything?" Izuku asked the bartender, sounding dejected? at getting fast food.

Kurogiri, on the other hand, sighed in relief –what? Why was he relieved? Take-Out did shitty things to the body!– before replying; "Just the usual."

Izuku nodded, gaining some enthusiasm before turning to Seikadara. "Hanabi-san, is there anything that you'd like?"

"A burger. . . ?" He more-so asked than told, earning a nod from Izuku before he continued, "and call me Seikadara, Hanabi is a shitty name."

Izuku blinked, nodding once again with an apologetic look before the still-glaring Tomura dragged the child out of the bar. Seikadara sighed, relaxing as the feeling of the silent threats disappear along with the two.

"Thank you," Kurogiri spoke after a long moment of silence.

Seikadara stared at the bartender, scowling. "The kid has no idea what you guys are doing, does he?"

Kurogiri appeared to shake his head, "no, he does not know."

"Well shit," Seikadara swore, "do you have any idea how fucking cruel your being? You're encouraging him to become a hero for shits sake!"

Unsurprisingly, he didn't get even the shittiest of a reply.

05 – Its cruel: End

*Character Profile

Given Name: Seikadara – 'Seika' taken from Seikatsu, meaning 'Life' & 'dara' in this case being a part of 'Kudaranai'- meaning 'Shitty/Trashy'.

Family Name: Hanabi – Translating into 'Fireworks'.

Age: 37

Quirk: Firework – The ability to turn parts of his body into different types of fireworks. (Note: Has trouble controlling it.)

Likes: Sweat potatoes, his daughter, the word 'shitty' and his gang.

Dislikes: His ex-wife, fireworks, himself and the world.

Note: I'm not all that fond of OCs in general, but I felt the need to at least cover something like this- that being the reason it took a while longer to put this chapter up. I was putting off writing it 'cause I had no idea how to go about creating an OC, and I'm pretty sure I completely screwed up. Yeeeeeah, not all that proud of this chapter. . . But I still wanted to show the P.O.V of a minor thug villain. It doesn't really have anything to do with the plot, although I did slightly foreshadow something hidden, but yeah. . .

Anyways, I hope that this chapter was enjoyable to read. . . ? Hopefully. . .

Again, thanks for all the reviews!

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