It wasn't long after his journey had ended that he developed this world-weariness that should have had no place in a child's mind. Everyone – his parents, Professor Birch, May, other Pokémon League members, even Steven Stone himself – believed that he would go on to do things even greater than before. And for good reason. After all, he was the newly-crowned Champion of Hoenn, the beloved hero who had (nearly) singlehandedly stopped Team Magma and kept a meteor from blasting the whole region out of existence, taming not one, not two, but three Legendary Pokémon in the process. And somehow during all that, he'd managed to complete the Hoenn Pokédex too. There was no question that if he put his mind to it, he could do anything he wanted.

But where could he go from here? Conquer other Leagues? Surely whatever he did next would pale in comparison to what he would be remembered for. He was not yet a teenager and he was already considered one of the greatest Pokémon Trainers in history. Arguably his accomplishments were even greater than those of Red, the quiet boy from Kanto hailed in the news for ending Team Rocket's crime spree.

No, Brendan refused to do anything more. He was twelve years old and tired. Tired of being thought of as this superhuman boy, as this unflinchingly brave soul who never backed down from a challenge, as someone to be held in high honor by all. Early on in his reign as Champion, he had come to despise the restraints of the role.

Did anyone consider that he had feelings other than courage? That he was human too?