That hurt feeling lingered in Lily long after the discussion ended. Lennox tried to brush it off, making it seem like there was nothing wrong, but Lily knew that Lennox was well aware of the tension she was feeling. Optimus hadn't expressed anything else afterwards, and Lily made no attempt to communicate with him. Once the trio made it inside the base, the young girl decided she'd focus her attention on the interior rather than what Lennox was saying. It didn't matter if she was being petty or anything, she was going to make them understand just how much their claims and accusations made her feel. If it made them uncomfortable, then so be it. If it pissed them off, it didn't matter in the slightest.

"Lily, c'mon, will you just listen?" Lennox was pleading at that point. Lily had been ignoring some of the things he was saying, she even ignored Optimus as he transformed behind them.

"Why should I?" she snarked. "Will I do something that to ruin your trust? To show 'disloyal' behavior? Or am I going to be distrustful?"

The look that swept across Lennox's face was almost heartbroken. Lily snorted at that. Crossing her arms over her chest, throwing him a nasty look before looking away.

"We just wanted to know for sure...," he tried justifying.

"Know for sure?" Lily barked. "Know for sure?! Are you kidding me? Are you both kidding me! After everything I've done to make sure you guys don't get found out, to protect you" — she pointed to Optimus — "and the Autobots! You guys think I'll just tell everyone 'cause I feel like it? Are you out of your goddamn mind!" The stunned looks on Lennox's and Optimus' faces were almost priceless, in Lily's opinion. They'd never witnessed her snap like that, and it was almost terrifying for them. Almost. "Why don't you guys think for a moment on how ridiculous that sounds," Lily suggested.


While Optimus did regret the previous conversation he and Lennox had with Lily, Prime knew that he didn't mean any harm behind it. But Lily saw it as an insult. She had been more than supportive of the Autobots, doing everything in her power to ensure that their secret never be exposed. Optimus had to keep in mind that for someone like Lily, it wouldn't be easy keeping a secret of that magnitude. But she somehow managed to do so thus far. But hearing her snap and bark at him and Lennox was startling — he'd never seen behavior like that on her before, not that kind of aggression.

Lennox had decided that he'd give Lily the tour of the base and lead her to her room, and the tension the young femme was radiating was borderline uncomfortable. Neither males were really expecting much positivity from that little discussion, but they assumed Lily would be a bit understanding. Shaking his head, Optimus let out some compressed air, the sound similar to a sigh. He'd have to make it up to her somehow; him and Lennox both.

"I take it Lily's in a bad mood." Epps' voice snapped Optimus out of his thoughts, the human male looking up at Prime with a semi-forced smirk on his face. Epps had a tendency to sit back and observe in most situations. He'd get involved when he had to, or when he felt he needed to, but for the most part, he found himself at ease with just watching. "What'd you say that got her so pissed?" Epps asked.

"Lennox and I informed her of something she found offensive," Prime sighed. "She did not take kindly to what we had to say."

"I'd feel more sympathetic if I knew what you guys said."

"We informed her of the importance of her trustworthiness and loyalty in keeping us a secret."

A grimace swept across Epps' face. "Really?" he said. "Optimus, you should know better than to say something like that. You and I both know Lily's one of the last people who'd rat us out to anyone."

Epps was right. Lily had demonstrated more than once that she was capable of keeping secrets. She didn't rat him or the Autobots out to Simmons after they had been apprehended. She didn't go around telling anyone about the true nature of the Mission City attack. Lily knew what and what not to say. So maybe he felt a little guilty — OK, yeah, he felt very guilty — so that probably meant he'd have to figure out a really good method to cheer Lily up.


By the time Lily had been shown to her assigned room, in a section of the base where all the other female soldiers resided, Lily wasn't pleased or dissatisfied with the way it looked. It was a standard military barrack; nothing more, nothing less. In all honesty, Lily assumed it would be like that. She couldn't go around assuming she'd get some kind of special treatment or anything.

"The bathroom's not far from here," Lennox instructed. "Take a left from where your room is, and you'll see it right there. Any questions?"

"I'm sure I'll do just fine," Lily responded, a hint of sarcasm beneath the words.

With a sigh, the older man ran a hand through his hair before nodding. Lennox left without another word after that. Once he was gone, Lily really took the opportunity to study her room. It was very organized and tidy, she expected nothing less regarding neatness. The bed was very neat, there was a small table off to the side on the opposite wall from her bed, there was even a lamp on the table. Lily found a small closet area on the farthest wall in the room, and she hoped it'd be big enough for her clothes. She may not have brought a lot of personal belongings, but she'd still feel a tad awkward if she brought too much.

Placing her things on her bed, Lily placed her hands on her hips. She'd do just fine, indeed. She'd try and have a steady routine, that way things would run smoother and she would feel less pressure. It would have to work in the meantime.


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