Today's The Miss Morningside Pageant, I started to get dressed and pack up my bags and head to the Embassy Suites in a town that i've never even heard of! Then I drove off in my deceased parents car and before I left, I brought Bobgoblin with me to the pageant which means ROAD TRIP! Are we There yet, Scroogette? When are we going to get there? I really need to go to the bathroom! Finally I had no choice but to stop at a gas station a few miles before our actual exit! Then I opened the back seat door and Bobgoblin flew out the door like a rocketship blasting off to space and went barging into the shelf but that didn't stop him! So he finally finds the bathroom but the line was too long for him to wait so he peed on the floor and his pants just making things worse we were kicked out of the store, How Embarrassing I sobbed! So we ran back in the car running for our lives while angry people threw trash at us and calling us ridiculous names and we drove off and hit the highway again! Finally after thirty minutes have passed by and we arrived in Morningside so we decided to go eat at IHOP for Dinner since the restaurant was right close to the hotel! Since It was December, I ordered the gingerbread pancakes with sausage patties and Hashbrowns while Bobgoblin ordered the bacon temptation omelette with hashbrowns and a side of buttermilk pancakes! Luckily, some stranger wanted to pay the check for us which was really awkward for us because nobody has given us that much kindness in our lives! When we went to say thank you, the mysterious stranger disappeared out of nowhere making people shocked in awe including us! Who's that guy? a young lady asked me then I heard a little boy say Wow, that was awesome! Impossible how does this mysterious stranger know how to teleport only crystal gems and crystal guardians can do that! It was getting late so we went to our hotel room and watched a VHS and went to bed! Strangely the stranger seemed to be familiar to me could it be a crystal guardian who saved my life eight years ago from the terrible twin towers from killing me, but my parents didn't survive that sad tragic day! The Next time we see him or her, we are going to thank whoever paid for our meal and ask for an autograph! Mom, Dad Look out! Sweetie get away from the city as quickly as you can! But Mom, Dad what about you two? Just go don't worry about us sweetie now just run! Hey, Kid this place isn't safe for you just follow me! Who are you and why are you helping me? No time for questions just don't let go of this rope ok! Beep beep beep beep! Not that annoying alarm clock, that's it I'm throwing it out the window! MEOWCH! HEY, WHO THREW THIS ALARM CLOCK AT ME! Quick close the curtains before he sees us! WHO'S UP THERE? SHOW YOURSELVES AT ONCE! Aaaaaaaaah, Everybody run there's a giant monster on the loose! Finally, we're announcing the winners of the Miss Morningside please come up when we call your number the announcer happily announced! (Background music One in a Million-Bosson) Then They announced the Grand Supreme which I didn't win which made me very angry so I attacked the girl who won and beat her gluck and I also attacked the host and the judges! The hotel was shaking like crazy before I finished the girl off so we packed our things and began running out the door! We didn't know what made the hotel shake like crazy then we ran to the car to go the airport while listening to Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eyed Peas on the radio! Traffic stopped as we were trying to get to the airport so we took a U-turn to the toll bridge which took us to a desert in the middle of nowhere we still felt the car shaking then we went to a city known as Las Vegas then suddenly the car started to run out of gas! So we jumped out of the car and ran for our lives when a giant sneaker was about to crush the car! FEE-FI-FO-FUM! WATCH OUT EVERYONE, HERE I COME HAHAHAHAHA! That's the biggest shoe I've ever seen and it's going to crush us all run! Everyone ran the opposite direction so we went left instead and we were followed by a giant who is big as the Empire State building which was not possible! So Bobgoblin and I ran away from this cursed town never to be seen again!