Made for a friend, my original characters mixed in with some of the nickelodeon avatar characters. Hope you guys like it!


A century has passed since the nations have been brought together. The last avatar died only a few months ago, and a new one has to be found. As the order goes, the next avatar should be in the fire nation. A small child of six was found air bending and fire bending with some monks in the area. This is where the story of the next great avatar begins. Avatar Blaise, the Fire bending avatar.

"This is the child who is supposed to be the next avatar?" A guard of the capital says poking the child

The small raven haired boy laughs uncontrollably as the large guard rises to his feet. The child immediately stops laughing once the strange man had stopped poking him and sets his shoe on fire. The guard shouts as he races outside the house into a nearby stream of water. Another accompanying guard laughs at his colleague.

"You asked for it." The second guard said gruffly as he bends down to take a look at the child cowering behind a monk's cloak. The old monk seemed fragile due to his old age. He had grown a magnificently long white beard in his lifespan, while atop his head was not a single strand of hair.

"You see he showed up here on our doorstep." The old monk explained as he nudged the boy out of hiding, "He was a baby when we discovered him. His parents are unknown and we are unsure they are even alive. We've kept him here at the monastery for the time being."

The second guard nodded as the first one came back from his trip to the stream.

"You little brat…" The guard spat as the child stuck his tongue out and dove back behind the caring monk

"That's it! Avatar or not I'm going to teach that brat a lesson!" The infuriated guard cried out as he chased down the boy who raced around on air

Ignoring the commotion, the monk continued the conversation with the saner guard, "I would appreciate it if you could train Blaise here in the monastery until he is of age to venture out."

"Yes, of course." The second guard replied as he saw the child speed past him followed by his colleague. The second guard grabbed the other and dragged him out as he called out, "We're off to report to Republic City Council. We will return within a few days with trainers and begin then."

The boy looked at the two guards, then to the monk, somewhat puzzled. The old monk turned to the boy and smiled warmly at him as they headed back with the walls of the monastery.